Your Guide to Buying Tickets for Indoor Concerts

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Your Guide to Buying Tickets for Indoor Concerts

Whether you prefer Beethoven or Bieber, there are concerts across the country to cater to your tastes. Indoor concerts occur all year round and prices vary considerably, according to the popularity of the act, venue, and seat location. Buying tickets can be a minefield for the novice or the unwary. If you plan to see a popular concert, it is best to book as early as possible to avoid the disappointment of the tickets being sold out. However, it is also possible to purchase last minute tickets for some concerts in the event of cancellations.

When purchasing tickets, buyers should consider whether they want the best seats in the house, VIP passes, or second best or budget tickets. The venue that you choose also impacts the overall price of the concert because, aside from the ticket price, travel and the possibility of an overnight stay must be taken into account. Tickets for indoor concerts can be bought from venues, authorised resellers, and online at eBay.

Factors to Consider When Buying Tickets for Indoor Concerts

When buying indoor concert tickets, there are numerous factors that you must consider to ensure that you have a successful and enjoyable experience. Simply purchasing the first tickets that you come across on impulse is not advisable.

Type of Ticket

Deciding on the type of ticket that you want and exploring all of the possible options is essential. Each concert and venue has a different layout and ticket prices vary according to quality. Quality is based on proximity and positioning in relation to the stage. For those on a tight budget, the least expensive tickets are further away from the stage and may have a partially obstructed view, but still allow you to experience the music and the atmosphere. Mid-range tickets have a slightly less obstructed view of the stage and better positioning. The best seats in the house are naturally the most expensive, with the least obstructed view and in an optimal position in relation to the stage.

Some concert performances also have the option to purchase VIP passes or ticket packages. These are more expensive than standard tickets and in some venues can include a private seating box, complete with food and drink. These premium tickets often include exclusive backstage access and a meet and greet with the performers. VIP ticket packages may also offer fast track entrance to avoid the queues, access to a premier bar and lounge, free merchandise, and VIP parking privileges.

Additional Costs

Aside from the price of the tickets, there may be other budget constraints to consider. Food and drink must also be taken into account because most concert venues do not allow you to bring your own, which means that you must buy from inside the venue. If the venue that you select is not in your local area, then you must add the cost of travel, whether fuel and parking, rail, or bus fare into your total expenditure. If it is not practical or possible to travel back the same night, then you must also make arrangements for suitable accommodation, which increases the total amount that you spend. If you are planning to stay overnight you must also allow room in your budget for meals.

Time Constraints

If you are buying tickets close to the date of the event, you must make sure you leave ample time for the ticket to arrive if it is being sent via the post. If the concert date is only a few days away when you purchase the ticket and the only delivery option is the post, then you should consider asking the vendor to provide a guaranteed next day delivery service, although this may cost more. This ensures that you receive your tickets in a timely manner. The best option is to get an e-ticket as this can be emailed by the seller straight after the purchase and printed off at home.

How to Ensure Your Ticket is Genuine

When purchasing indoor concert tickets it is vital to check that the tickets are genuine. Many of the major ticket sellers in the UK use a very thin and flexible layer of lamination on their tickets. Thick lamination or tickets that produce glare when viewed under a light are unlikely to be genuine. Some ticket sellers use a barcode on their tickets, which if genuine is clear, with sharp lines. Others use holograms, which should appear crisp and bright. When buying tickets online, ensure that the barcode is not displayed in any photos, because this can be copied to duplicate the ticket. For both paper and e-tickets, double check the times and dates printed on the tickets to make sure they are correct. Examine all the text; there should be no spelling or grammatical errors.

Popular Indoor Concert Venues

Many of the major cities in the UK have a large indoor concert venue. They all play host to many different musical acts throughout the year, along with sporting events, comedy acts, magic shows, and more.

Manchester Arena

Manchester Arena is the most popular concert venue in the UK. Until 2011 it was known as the Manchester Evening News Arena. It is located on Hunts Bank in Manchester and opened in 1995. The construction costs of this arena totalled £52 million. It has a capacity of 21,000, although this number may be reduced depending on the stage size and placement. The Manchester Arena offers a premium package known as "The View Experience". This includes pre-show entry to the bar, a complimentary glass of champagne, access to a VIP lounge area, and instant arena entrance, before the rest of the ticket holders.

O2 Arena

The O2 Arena, also known as the North Greenwich Arena, is located in The O2, which is the entertainment district in south east London. This large arena is sponsored by the mobile telecommunications company O2. The arena took four years to construct and finally opened in 2007. The O2 is on the site of what used to be the Millennium Dome. Depending on the event and the placement of the stage, the O2 Arena can hold 20,000 people. As of 2013, this arena is the second largest in the United Kingdom and is the third most popular venue in the world, behind the Manchester Arena and Madison Square Garden.

Some performances come with the option to purchase backstage passes to meet and greet the performers and access to a private bar and lounge area, as well as a hostess service with VIP packages. Being such a popular venue, many local hotels and other forms of accommodation offer discounted rates for concertgoers.

Echo Arena

The Echo Arena is in Liverpool and opened in 2008. It does not have an official sponsor and instead is run by the city council. The total capacity is 12,000 and concertgoers have the option to subscribe to the "Arena Club Class Premier", which has a whole host of benefits. It comes with a 12-seat private VIP box, complete with private balcony. Subscribers also get free drinks, a dedicated hostess service and pre-show and fast track access. Reserved car parking also comes with the subscription, as well as a large plasma viewing screen in the box. The Echo Arena it hosted the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards.

How to Buy Indoor Concert Tickets on eBay

Buying concert tickets on eBay is a very simple process. Simply search for the tickets that you want from the eBay home page and filter by selecting the appropriate category features. Tickets can be found for events right across the country at great value. It is possible to purchase last minute tickets, which are usually sold either more or less than face value, depending on the popularity of the concert. The full range of tickets is available, from budget to VIP packages.

Selecting a Seller

Before you purchase and pay for your concert tickets, check the feedback of a seller and the comments left by previous buyers. This ensures that the seller has a good reputation and that the buyer gets genuine tickets in plenty of time for the concert.


When buying tickets on eBay it is essential to make sure that they are delivered in a timely fashion. One way to ensure this is to ask the seller if they can provide a guaranteed next day delivery service. Be aware that a seller may charge more for this service to cover their additional expense. The tickets may be dispatched via the postal service or via a courier.


The experience of going to a live indoor concert in a large venue packed full of passionate music lovers is a joy to many. The electrifying atmosphere emanating from the crowd is just as powerful as the music itself. Often concerts sell out very quickly, leading to great disappointment for those who miss out. To ensure that you get the tickets that you want, book as early as possible. If you do miss out, look out for cancellation tickets, which can sometimes be found at less expensive prices.

When buying tickets you must decide on the price that you can afford, while taking into account travel, food, and accommodation expenses. Consider whether your chosen venue can offer a VIP package or whether you would prefer standard tickets and an immersive experience with the rest of the fans. To find great deals on indoor concert tickets visit eBay to make sure that you don't miss out on a once in a lifetime performance.

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