Your Guide to Buying Tickets for V Festival

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Your Guide to Buying Tickets for V Festival

Music festivals are an extremely popular summer pastime in England, not only for hard core music lovers but also for those who enjoy the experience and adventure of attending an outdoor event with thousands of other people. Music festivals across the United Kingdom range in size from very small with only a few hundred attending each day, to massive events that see over 100,000 people in attendance. One of the more popular music festivals that occurs annually in England is the V Festival.

The V Festival occurs every year in August and takes place over two days on a weekend. It is held in two separate locations each day and is one of the largest events held in England each year. For individuals who want to attend the V Festival, finding tickets at competitive prices from a trusted source is the right approach to take. Fans can purchase tickets directly from festival organisers, or they can try the convenient ticket search tools available on eBay to find the tickets that they want.

About the V Festival

The V Festival is unique in that it is held over two days in two separate locations. There are usually two main headliners scheduled to appear at the festival. One headliner appears in Staffordshire at Weston Park on Saturday, while the other headliner appears in Chelmsford at Hylands Park on the same day. On Sunday, the headliners and all the associated artists switch locations and perform at the opposite location. This allows the festival attendees to experience one group of artists one day and then camp at the location overnight. The next day, the artists that performed at the other location move in and gives the patrons a second show, without having to change locations.

The popularity of the V Festival is attributed to this unique arrangement of having bands rotated over a two-day period. It is also popular because it is held on a weekend, allowing more people to attend the festivities. The third reason that the festival is so popular is that nearly all of it headlining bands are commercial successes and well-known to the patrons who attend the festival. This makes the V Festival a commercially-based event that is in contrast to many events around England that host unknown or up-and-coming bands.

History of the V Festival

The V Festival is named after the Virgin Group, a British company that is known for companies that specialise in travel and the entertainment industry. The first V Festival occurred in 1996 on the 17th and 18th of August. The event took place over one day at Victoria Park in Warrington and two days at Hylands Park. The next year, the festival was moved to the larger Temple Newsam in Leeds. In 1999, the venue was moved again, this time to Weston Park, which has become its permanent home. Up until 2003, the venue was designated with a "V" followed by the last two digits of the year it occurred in. After 2003, it was simply referred to as the V Festival. The festival has provided a mix of various British and international groups as well as some newer musicians who have gone on to stardom.

Hylands Park and Weston Park

The Hylands Park venue of the V Festival is located south west of Chelmsford in Essex in South East England. The property holds 574 acres and had been privately owned since the early 1700s. After the death of its last owner in 1962, Hylands Park was purchased by the Chelmsford Borough Council in order to turn it into a park for public recreation. The main house on the property was known as Hylands House, and it stood empty and dilapidated for nearly 20 years. In 1985, the council began restoration of the Hylands House, an effort that took an additional 20 years to complete. The park was the site of the first V Festival in 1996 and has been host to the southern venue of the festival every year since. Hylands has the capacity to to hold 90,000 patrons each day, and many of these individuals take advantage of the on-site camping facilities that open on 10 a.m. Friday and close midday on Monday.

The Weston Park venue is located Weston-under-Lizard in Staffordshire, England. The property is over 1,000 acres and features the main House, which was built in 1671. In 1986, the grounds and the House were gifted to the nation by the 7th Earl of Bradford and is now operated by the Weston Park Foundation. The majestic setting of Weston has been the setting for high-level meetings of heads of state as well as English Royalty. The House is listed as a Grade I, giving it exceptional historical significance. Weston Park first hosted the northern venue of the V Festival in 1999 and has since become its permanent home. The grounds have the capacity to hold up to 90,000 patrons in the same manner as Hylands Park.

Attending the V Festival

Both Hylands Park and Weston Park are located in easy-to-reach areas that are accessible by car. The venues are also accessed by the Big Green Coach from 28 different locations and by shuttles that run between each venue and local rail stations every 15 minutes, beginning in the morning and resuming in the evening after the bands stop playing. For those who wish to drive, parking is available on site for a fee. Sleeping is not allowed in vehicles. Patrons have the option to camp for an additional fee; the campgrounds open at 10 a.m. on the Friday of the festival and close the following Monday. Camper vans are allowed in a separate field and have access to toilet facilities, showers, and water. Electricity is not available.

Different bands play at each location of the V Festival on both days. These bands are divided between four different stages, situated in different locations at both venues. There is also the Glee Club Comedy Tent located on site that features comedians performing throughout the day. Patrons can pick up festival programmes once inside that list the schedule for each stage.

V Festival Collectibles

Many patrons enjoy collecting items to commemorate their attendance at the V Festival. Some of the items are available at the festival, while others can be purchased online via sites such as eBay.




Available in a variety of styles and colours; also feature various logos; can be kept as a collector's item or be worn after the festival


Straw hats are very popular to wear at music festivals; outback hats protect patrons from the harsh sun


Posters list the bands that played at the festival along with the year; good keepsake for festival collectors and V Festival enthusiasts


Programmes from V Festivals act as a vintage memento of the event; collectors frame programmes

Collectibles and mementos are a fun way to remind festival-goers of the wonderful time they had at the festival. Fans who go to the V Festival year-after-year can amass quite a collection.

How to Buy Tickets for the V Festival on eBay

The V Festival has been around since the mid 1990s, and its popularity increases every year. In different years, the festival has been sold out early, so tickets can be hard to come by. If you are planning to attend the V Festival, you can look for tickets to either the day events or overnight camping by using the powerful search tools available on eBay. Simply navigate to the eBay home page, and enter a relevant keyword, such as "V Festival Tickets", into the search box. A list of available tickets is displayed that you can browse through until you find one that matches your needs. If tickets are not available at the time of your search, checking back frequently as you get closer to the festival dates can yield results.

Several sellers can mail the tickets to you, but some may insist that you collect them in person. Make sure that you review the background of the seller prior to purchasing tickets to verify that you are dealing with a seller in good standing on eBay. Also, take the time to understand the shipping and delivery options for the tickets you are purchasing.


Attending a music festival in England or the surrounding countries can be an enjoyable experience, but attending the V Festival in either of its locations can be something a festival-goer might never forget. The long list of well-known performers that fans get to see over two days creates a unique experience for festival enthusiasts. The fact that many of the performers at the V Festival are established commercial successes provides an incentive for festival enthusiasts, because they can look forward to watching and listening to the artists performing some of their favourite tunes.

Patrons looking for tickets to the V Festival can get tickets from the organisers. They can also take advantage of the shopping tools available on eBay to find and compare ticket prices from various sellers. Many ticket outlets charge fees above the cost of the ticket, so fans should be conscious of this practice. Sellers on eBay list their prices up front, and the website does not charge a fee or premium for the tickets.

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