Your Guide to Buying Trousers for Plus-Size Women

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Your Guide to Buying Trousers for Plus-Size Women

Plus-size women sometimes have difficulty buying pants because finding the right sizes often proves to be a major issue. Some women resort to buying men's trousers to get a comfortable fit, which may work for some but looks awkward on others. The fact is, many stores only stock plus-size trousers that are plain and not very stylish, so women of a certain size often feel as if their options are limited.

Finding the right size is not the only problem, but it is at the forefront. Depending on their problem areas, plus-size women often find that the thighs and legs of their pants fit, but the waist is too big, or the reverse in which case, the waist fits fine, but the rest of the pants is too big or too tight. Many women usually resort to pants with elastic waists in order to find a pair with a comfortable fit. Women should consider their size, problem areas, style options, and the various alternatives before purchasing plus-size trousers.

How to Wear Plus-Size Trousers

It does not matter what style of plus-size trousers is being considered; there are a few basic things that women should keep in mind to avoid a plus-size disaster.

If plus-size women are looking to buy pants with back pockets, they should ensure that the pockets are not too big or far apart because that highlights the bottom and makes it look bigger. Women who have more of a problem with their thighs than their bottoms can consider bootcut pants or wide foot Capris to help balance out their figure.

Buying stretch pants is almost always a good idea even if the style does not require a body hugging fit. These trousers are best worn in black, navy blue, brown, or any other dark colours to produce a more slimming look. There are many trouser styles to choose from, such as skinny, bootcut, cropped and Capri; however, shorter plus size women should be cautious when considering cropped and Capri pants as this may make them look wider.

Additionally, plus-size women should wear their trousers with neutral-coloured tops that are neither too form-fitting nor too baggy. Solid colours, such as brown, nude, blue, and black, are great, and bright prints should be avoided when possible. If a plus-size woman plans to wear floral prints, the flowers should be small, and the colours should be primary. Bigger and brighter flowers draw too much attention to all the wrong areas.

Plus-Size Denim Trousers

Some plus-size women argue that buying denim trousers is harder than buying dress pants, while others claim the complete opposite. In regards to jeans, many women complain about how plain they are and their lack of style. However, plus-size jeans have caught on with the latest trends, and the more popular brand names have started to cater to women with a little more to offer. Women can now find brand name, plus-size jeans from Apple Bottom and Baby Phat to Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. Apple Bottom and Baby Phat plus size jeans are high-fashion trousers that are designed to be the highlight of a woman's outfit without over emphasising her assets. Classic brands like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren also provide high-fashion jeans, but they tend to be a bit more low key and versatile.

No matter what the occasion, women can now easily find fashionable plus-size denim trousers that fit their bodies and highlight their curves without accentuating areas that they would rather keep hidden. The aforementioned brands, as well as others in their league, take great care in making plus-size trousers, but they do not reduce the level of style or lessen the design factor simply because they are making plus-size clothing. Women are guaranteed the same great styles and designs as seen in all the regular sizes.

How to Measure for Plus Size

If a plus-size woman is planning to purchase her trousers online, she should pay very close attention to the seller's size charts and her own measurement details. She should have her measurements professionally taken or taken by a family member or friend. Women should not attempt to take their own measurements as this may corrupt the actual results. If her personal measurements fall in between two sizes on the seller's size chart, she should choose the higher of the two measurements. She could also send a message to the seller for more details and advice.

The size chart below can be used in the event that the seller does not provide one. Measurements are in cm. Sizes are estimated and can vary by brand and manufacturer.





73.66 - 78.74

101.6 - 106.68


81.28 - 88.9

111.76 - 116.84


91.44 - 99.06

121.92 - 127


101.6 - 109.22

132.08 - 137.16


111.76 - 119.38

142.24 - 147.32


121.92 - 127

152.4 - 157.48


132.08 - 142.24

162.56 - 177.8


144.78 - 157.48

182.88 - 193.04


157.48 - 172.72

190.5 - 205.74


172.72 - 190.5

208.28 - 220.98

If a professional seamstress is not being used, the guidelines below can be used to assist a friend or family member in taking the measurements.

Waist Measurement

The measuring tape should be placed around the smallest part of the waist; this should be roughly about 2.5 cm above the navel. A finger should be placed beneath the tape to add the extra space needed, but no additional centimetres should be added unto that.

Hip Measurement

The measuring tape should circle the widest part of the hips just across the hipbone and the centre of the bottom. This is roughly 18 cm below the waistline. When selecting a size, if the hip size is higher than the waist size on the measurement chart, the hip size should always be used as this is the wider area.

How to Buy Plus-Size Women Trousers on eBay

eBay is the perfect online store to find plus-size trousers for women. There are many styles, colours, and sizes available, which makes plus-size shopping a whole lot easier. To get started, you can simply search for plus-size women trousers on the eBay home page, and this will bring up a wide variety to choose from.

Searching through all the results may be daunting, especially if you do not already have an idea of the trouser type that you require. If you do know, instead of performing a general search, you could input specific criteria, and that search would narrow down the choices to only include the type of trousers that you are looking for.

For instance, you could search for "plus size women bootcut trousers" and filter out all the other trouser styles to only include bootcut pants. This would probably narrow down the search, which would make the selection process a lot easier.

Once you have launched your desired search criteria, you can narrow the results even further by selecting from a range of predefined filters. In essence, you can filter down to a specific price range, shipping method, and seller, and you can also select new or used items and decide whether you are willing to bid or buy directly. After all filters are in place, it is best to select more than one item and then contact the sellers to finalize buying details. This way, if one sale falls through, you will have at least one other option to consider.


Many trouser brands are now selling plus-size items for women, so there is no need for women with a little more to offer to look drab and dreary. All the latest styles are available in plus sizes; therefore, women just need to be more aware of and take advantage of their options. Many plus-size women simply buy male trousers, especially denim ones, because they would rather not deal with the hassle of finding the right size pants to suit their body.

When more plus-size women learn how to effectively choose the right trousers and pair them with the right tops to create a flattering and sexy ensemble, they will feel more comfortable shopping for plus-size trousers both locally and online. Shopping online is more convenient, but local stores often allow women to try the garments on before purchasing them, thus eliminating size issues. However, some plus-size women may prefer to shop online as long as they can be sure about their trouser sizes.

When shopping online, women should always utilize recent measurements and compare them with the sellers' size charts to avoid sizing issues. In addition, they should select more than one option to avoid any disappointments. Many online stores are limited, but eBay has a vast collection that can easily satisfy the preferences of every plus-size woman.

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