Your Guide to Buying Used Ford Escorts

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Your Guide to Buying Used Ford Escorts

The very first Ford Escort entered the UK market back in 1967 and eventually replaced the company's Anglia model. During the 32 years it was in production, the Ford Escort was the best-selling car in the UK, selling over four million units. Today, this vehicle is still popular on the second hand market and those looking to buy such a car should do the necessary research before making any purchase.


Age and Mileage

When buying a used Ford Escort, age and mileage are two important considerations. Generally, newer cars are the better option, as these often have a better technology and less wear. However, a low-mileage car might indicate that the previous owner did not use the vehicle much and thus does not have as much wear and tear. The important thing for buyers to do is to try and strike a balance between the two and find a car that's in good shape overall.


Do a Visual Inspection

Buyers should perform a visual inspection of the vehicle before making any purchase. Check the body for major damage and rusting, as well as the undercarriage. Look at the interior and see if it requires any major repairs. Inspect the wheels for major cracks and rusting, and the tyres for worn treads. Of course, this isn't always possible when purchasing online, so buyers should ask the seller for detailed pictures if necessary. Any good seller who wants to make the sale should be able to oblige any reasonable requests.


Check the History Report

Every vehicle made or imported into the UK has a Vehicle Identification Number or VIN, V5C (logbook), service history, and MOT certificates. The seller should have this handy and it is easy enough for the buyer to go to the proper government agency to find out the car's history and inspections. The VIN number or V5C should provide the car's description and engine rating, which would mean that the car is has had the proper inspections done.


Ask for an Expert Opinion

Before making any purchase, the buyer should have a mechanic he or she trusts inspect the car. An expert can tell if a vehicle is road-worthy, or requires additional work and money. They should be able to tell if the previous owner took care of the vehicle properly and perhaps even warn the buyer about future problems. It might not be possible to bring a mechanic when inspecting used vehicles or the buyer may not know anyone who can help them. In such a case there are some companies and organisations, such as the RAC, who offer such services and it might be a worthwhile investment to pay for an expert opinion.

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