Your Guide to Buying Used Golf Clubs

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Your Guide to Buying Used Golf Clubs

Anyone considering playing golf for the first time will probably not be in a position to spend the full cost that a brand new set of golf clubs will entail. That is fine - as there are plenty of options on the used golf club market.Used golf clubs can be bought in eBay's golf clubs section, where first-time buyers will be able to find their perfect clubs to fit their physique, style and budget.

Buying Drivers

The driver is the club that is used off the tee to launch the ball as far as possible in the direction of the hole, while keeping it on the fairway. These days, they tend to come with rather large heads, although the legal limit is 460cc by volume.

Once upon a time, all drivers were made of wood. In fact, many people still call them 'woods'. That's despite the fact that almost all golf drivers are now made out of titanium or carbon composite. These metals are lighter than steel and enable manufacturers to create a huge head with a gigantic sweet spot. The clubs tend to have a catapult effect, with the face of the driver 'trampolining' slightly on contact.

It can be hard to choose between the drivers from the top manufacturers, all of which are made to a very high standard. The driver that golfers ultimately choose will come down to personal preference. Quality drivers can be found from these manufacturers:

* TaylorMade

* Callaway

* Ping

* Mizuno

* Titleist

Every manufacturer likes to claim their drivers are the longest or most comfortable to use or have the biggest sweet spot. The most useful feature of these modern drivers, though, is the ability to opt for 'Offset', 'Draw', or 'Neutral' drivers.

This is the case because most players slice the ball (it goes off to the right, in the case of right-handed golfers). The manufacturer compensates either by putting weight (usually tungsten) inside the clubhead in the right place. The same applies for players who 'draw' the ball.

Buying Irons

Golfers are permitted to take 14 golf clubs onto the course, and irons form the bulk of these - usually ten, some of which can be sand wedges and pitching wedges.

The standard features of an iron are:

* Sized from a 3 to a pitching wedge, which refers to the degree of loft.

* The face of a 3 iron is at around 20 degrees and has the lowest loft. This means the ball stays low and hopefully goes a long way.

* A 9 iron or wedge, on the other hand, has a very high loft, will give the ball plenty of air and not carry it very far.

* For each size number of the irons in between, expect to hit around 15 yards shorter the higher numbered the clubs are.

* It is worth bearing in mind that lower-loft clubs are harder to control. That means that hookers and slicers will slice and hook even more when using 3 and 4 irons.

* Many players opt to swap these lower-loft clubs for hybrid or utility clubs. This is why used golf sets on eBay can be found without 3 and 4 irons.

These are huge advances on what golfers used in previous decades like the 80s and 90s. Then, irons came as thin blades, which were precise and effective in the hands of a professional, but difficult for club players to master.

Manufacturers recognised the problem and decided to put more weight around the perimeter of the head. This, they reasoned, would be more forgiving on shots accidentally hit from the toe rather than the sweet spot. These days, almost all irons are now perimeter-weighted. With plenty of weight at the bottom of the club, getting the ball flying is much easier.

Buying Putters

Putting is surely the main concern for weekend golfers. Three-putting (or worse) is a very stressful experience, especially when the green has been reached in two shots. But the famous expression is 'you drive for show and putt for dough', and it is the most important part of the game, score-wise. This is why it is important for every player to have a set of putters that they are comfortable with.

About half of the shots golfers play are putts and in the pro game it tends to be the player who putts most consistently who wins, rather than the one who can drive the ball 300 yards or more. So it is key to find a good putter that feels comfortable. This is an important choice which requires significant thought, as all putters are not the same.

Face-Balanced Putters

Lie a face-balanced putter on a table with the head hanging over the edge and the toe will face upwards. The centre of gravity is immediately below the shaft's axis. This means it straightens a putt on the forward motion.

Toe-Balanced Putters

With toe-balanced putters, more weight is in the putter toe. That means that the club opens up on way back to square and closes on the way through. If the toe-balanced putter is laid on the table, the toe will point downwards.

Which will be right for you? Trial and error is the best way to ascertain this. Any previous experience using golf clubs is valuable here, and if you can ask to borrow a friends' putters and take them out onto the practice green, this will give you a good indication.

The main thing to look out for is whether the putter feels good when held, confidence is a large big factor in golf. Face-balanced and toe-balanced putters are available both new and second-hand from a variety of sellers on eBay.

Buying Used Golf Clubs

So, having run through the various types and styles of club that are available, it is now time to look at the key factors to consider when buying used golf clubs, rather than new. If you find a local seller and organise a pickup for your purchase, you will be able to check these things upon collection.

Check the Clubheads

The main factor when buying second-hand golf clubs, either in your pro shop or on eBay, is wear to the club face. If clubs are old or are well used, they often end up with a worn, shiny spot in the centre. This is not a good idea because the face of the club will not hold the ball well enough. The edges of the grooves must be well defined. Any dents in the clubface can also alter the flight of the ball. Check the available photographs, or request a photograph that shows the club face from the seller before buying.

Check the Shafts

If the graphite shafts have worn areas or dents, this could make them weak. The torque can be tested by twisting the head and grip in opposite directions. There should be a lot of resistance. Look right down the shaft to ensure it has not been bent and forced back into shape. All the shafts in the bag should be from the same set, so that shots don't feel different when using the various clubs around the course.

Check the Grips

Grips are important, so check them for cracks and worn parts. If regripping the clubs is immediately necessary, this can add a lot of expense to the affordable golf clubs a player was hoping to buy.

Check Consistency of Set

The clubs should be lined up and compared for consistency. It's important to establish that they have always been one set of clubs. Different shaft types or models can play havoc with a player's game, especially where the loft of irons is concerned.

Check Alternative Prices

Having found used clubs that suit, it is now vital to check how much they sell for when new. It is possible that, on occasion, the price could be comparable to used golf clubs. This is because the second-hand seller might be selling clubs that are now being sold by the retailer as end-of-line models, or might need stockroom space. Deals like this are most likely to be found online, and it is always a good idea to check on eBay to get an idea of the best price available.

Ask for a Demo

Even if clubs look and feel great, there is no way of knowing how they will perform until they have been taken out to a practice range. Note that you can even do this when buying on eBay, as golf club sales tend to be local affairs, because of the weight involved in shipping. Simply arrange with the seller to call round and inspect the clubs.

Find Used Golf Clubs on eBay

Golfers should be familiar with precisely which clubs they are going with before placing a bid on a set of used golf clubs on eBay. As well as doing research on the type of clubs, it's also vital to look closely at the seller as well. Feedback should be studied closely and buyers must also read up on how eBay and PayPal provide buyer protection. In the case of golf clubs, there are unlikely to be postage and packing costs associated, even when bought on eBay, as they are a heavy item and local pickup will usually be the norm.


Golf clubs are a major investment - a good set can cost hundreds of pounds. As it is a significant investment, and a choice you may choose to revise as you continue to improve your game. it makes sense to buy used golf clubs. There are many different avenues for this, but buying used golf clubs on eBay is a great option because eBay offers such good protection for buyers, enables easy search functionality and allows to you simply compare prices and models in one space.

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