Your Guide to Buying Used Lawnmower Parts and Accessories

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Your Guide to Buying Used Lawnmower Parts and Accessories

A fresh, green lawn is the beautiful frame to a home, providing curb appeal and a healthy place for family enjoyment. A lawnmower makes it easy for people to maintain their lawns. Grass that is cut cleanly with a well-maintained lawnmower is healthier and less prone to disease, pest infestation, or death. With regular use, lawnmowers and their many parts are prone to normal wear and tear. If the operator runs the mower over objects such as bottle caps or stray toys, parts in the lawnmower are likely to be damaged and must be replaced to restore proper, safe operation.

Spare parts for lawnmowers are available from many brick-and-mortar garden stores, hardware stores, and department stores, as well as online outlets. eBay offers a wide selection of used lawnmower parts for many kinds of mowers, allowing the consumer to maintain his or her lawnmower safely and economically. Accessories to enhance the buyer's lawnmower are also available in stores and from eBay. By researching the various types of used parts and accessories available, consumers can make informed decisions regarding purchasing appropriate items to keep their lawnmowers well maintained.

Types of Lawnmowers

Lawnmowers have evolved well past the traditional manual cylinder push mower. Utilising manpower instead of petrol or electricity, the manual cylinder mower remains a simple and reliable choice for many consumers. As convenience increases, so does the need for more frequent and complex maintenance routines as well as regular replacement of the mower's parts.

For convenience and ease of use, powered push lawnmowers are a good choice for those who would rather not mow the lawn manually. Powered by petrol-based internal combustion engine and then by electricity, early deck or reel mowers cut the grass with a cylindrical set of blades similar to those used by manual push mowers.

As the technology advanced, the rolling cutting blades gave way to a single, rapidly spinning horizontal blade powered by a rotary motor. This blade is encased within a deck that is designed to contain grass cuttings and loose objects, preventing them from being hurled across the lawn and creating a safety hazard. Most deck mowers feature four wheels, with the motor placed above the deck. Two-cycle motors utilise a petrol-oil mixture, and the more powerful four-cycle motors utilise petrol alone and feature an independent lubrication system. Lawnmowers with electric motors are propelled by rechargeable batteries, a power cord, or solar power.

Hover lawn mowers are similar to deck mowers in that the operator pushes them, but they are propelled on a cushion of air rather than on wheels. Covered by a housing, an electric motor drives an impeller fan that draws in air and then forces the air out underneath the mower. This process produces an air cushion, which allows the mower to hover above the grass and creates space for the rotating blades to cut the grass. Electric hover lawnmowers are less labour-intensive for the user to push since there is no friction between the blades and the grass. In many powered lawnmowers, a grass box is connected to the deck to hold the grass clippings that are collected while the operator pushes the mower. Mulching mowers feature specially designed blades that reduce the grass clippings into smaller pieces that are used as mulch.

For those who have larger lawns and property on hilly ground, or for those who prefer not to walk while mowing, larger powered ride-on mowers are a good choice. Also known as lawn tractors, these are more complex machines with many more parts that need to be maintained and replaced.

Used Lawnmower Parts

A lawnmower of any variety can operate better and last longer if the parts are replaced on a regular basis or when a part is damaged or worn. Many consumers prefer to buy used replacement parts for their mowers as a cost-saving measure or to have a spare or two in the event an existing part fails mid-operation. Regardless of the type of lawnmower, it is important to be able to assess the condition and quality of a previously used spare part. To select the correct part for any mower, it is vital that the consumer include the brand and model number of the mower in his or her search, as well as part numbers that identify the component itself. If the purchaser does not possess the technical skill to install the replacement parts, it is important that he or she seek the expert help of a repair professional.

Manual Cylinder Lawnmower Parts

Manual cylinder mowers rely heavily on the integrity and sharpness of their blades. Dull blades tear at the grass blades, resulting in a ragged, uneven look. Moreover, when grass is torn rather than cut cleanly, it is vulnerable to diseases, weeds, pest infestation, and drought. If the top of the grass blades are split after mowing, it is time to replace the cutting blades.

Other parts of a manual cylinder mower include rollers, pinion gears, main wheels, and the axle. These parts are found online either as standalone purchases or from an intact mower that the original user is selling for "spares or repairs".

Petrol-Powered Deck Lawnmower Parts

With numerous moving parts, petrol-powered deck mowers are more complex than manual mowers and require more detailed inspections by the owner. Whether a petrol-powered deck mower operates smoothly is largely determined by the condition of the spark plugs, the spark plug wires, and the air filter. These essential items should be inspected and replaced every year. Previously used spark plugs should be assessed closely, and the prospective buyer should confirm that the spark plugs have been cleaned and gapped appropriately. Air filters should be clean and intact. Other important components include the carburetor, motor, pull crank or electric starter, throttle control and cables, and various belts and pulleys.

There are two varieties of petrol-powered deck mowers. Those that utilise horizontal cutting blades include components such as a spiral blade cylinder, which cuts the grass, and the bed knife, which is the stationary part of the cutting system. Rotary, or reel, mowers include a single mower blade that rotates parallel to the lawn. These mowers also consist of the blade mounting and drive system, which connects the blade to the motor via a crankshaft or belt pulley system; and the cutter deck housing, which contains the blade and drive system and which throws the grass clippings away from the mower or into a clipping box.

Electric-Powered Deck Lawnmower Parts

Similar to the petrol-powered deck mower, electric deck mowers are available in corded and cordless models. Corded mowers typically have power cords that extend between 30 m to 45 m. Because operators occasionally run over the power cord, this part is one that should be purchased for replacement. Cordless mowers are powered by 12-volt rechargeable batteries. With the exception of the battery and related accessories, these mowers utilise many of the same parts as those sported by the petrol-powered deck mowers such as axles, wheels, and handle grips.

Petrol-Powered Ride-On Lawnmower Parts

Petrol-powered ride-on lawnmowers, or lawn tractors, contain many of the same types of components as the petrol-powered deck mowers simply because the power source is the same. However, these more complex machines include transmission systems, fuel pumps, gear reduction units, and more involved belt assemblies. Additional parts include replacement decks, grass clipping boxes, mulching blades, and lawn rollers.

Hover Lawnmower Parts

Hover mowers are well suited for mowing terrain with steep slopes, banks, and dips. Because the air cushion created by the mower allows sufficient room for the rotating blades to cut grass, this mower does not need wheels or a horizontal axle. Parts that may need replacement include the brake cable, cutter disc, handle, and the circular deck.

Lawnmower Accessories

Mower accessories are a great way for owners to upgrade, maintain, or protect their lawnmowers and to enhance their capabilities. Popular accessories include edgers, blade sharpeners, spanners, petrol siphon pumps, and mower covers.

Considerations When Buying Used Lawnmower Parts

It is always a valuable practice to consult with professionals who are familiar with the specific lawnmower for which replacement parts are being considered. In general, it is important for the buyer to research the condition of the part, particularly the time in service, how often it was used, and whether the part remained idle for a long time.

In the case of metal parts that were not used regularly, it is important to determine if rust, spalling, pitting, or other deterioration has occurred. Blades should not be chipped, scored, dented, or gouged, and they should be sharp enough to cut grass cleanly. The seller should be able to disclose whether the part had been tested and proven to be operational, as well as whether the part was remanufactured, reconditioned, or previously used. Cords should be free from cracks and abrasions, and the insulation over wiring should be intact. The overall condition of a part must be sufficiently good and within design tolerances as to allow normal and safe operation of the lawnmower.

Further, it is vital for the buyer to determine whether the part is an original, or OEM, part or whether it is an aftermarket part manufactured for a particular brand of mower by a separate company. The buyer should determine whether parts such as fuel pumps, carburetors, cutting discs, and handle knobs include the required hardware or gaskets; if not, the seller should be able to provide the information so the buyer is able to obtain the needed accessories.

Buying Used Lawnmower Parts on eBay

Used lawnmower parts and accessories are widely available in brick-and-mortar home improvement, garden, and hardware stores. Online sources such as eBay offer the consumer a straightforward selection and purchasing process. Your search starts on any eBay page by entering a phrase such as "used lawnmower parts". Alternatively, "used lawnmower spares or repair" is a good search phrase if you wish to find mowers that are offered for sale so one is able to harvest numerous used parts at a time. If you need to narrow your search further, you may add the manufacturer name, model name, or the specific part, such as "used Briggs and Stratton starter". Be sure to confirm that the part number of the item being considered is compatible with your lawnmower.

Because some lawnmower parts and accessories are heavy or bulky, you may choose to buy your item from a local seller. By keying in your postcode and the maximum distance you wish to travel, you may see listings that are available nearby. A local purchase that can be picked up from the seller following the successful completion of the auction may allow you to save delivery charges.


A neatly trimmed lawn can be a wonderful feature of a home, offering an inviting space for family and friends. A properly running lawnmower is a vital tool in maintaining a well-groomed lawn, and when the time comes to replace a worn or broken part, eBay is a great source for such an item. After identifying the manufacturer, model, and part number of the needed item, the prospective buyer should communicate with the seller to ensure that the part being considered is the correct one for his or her specific mower. Moreover, the condition of the part should be confirmed to ensure it is in safe operational condition.

eBay allows consumers to buy with confidence, providing them with extensive information about each seller, including buyer comments, feedback ratings, the seller's policies, and the ability to contact the seller with questions. Because new listings are added daily, eBay is a versatile, budget-friendly way to search for and purchase used parts and accessories for many types of lawnmowers.

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