Your Guide to Buying Used Mens Activewear

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Your Guide to Buying Used Men's Activewear

Being active is a huge part of reaching health goals and maintaining a healthy body. Being active can include strenuous activities such as playing team sports, but it can also include more casual activities like hiking. Regardless of which activities a person chooses, it is important to have the right activewear to match the occasion. While there are various definitions of activewear, the term is generally understood to refer to any clothing designed for comfort while the wearer is engaged in sports or exercise. And even within this fairly narrow definition, there are a number of different kinds of activewear for men.

Finding the right activewear for various activities can be costly, if one is limited to what can be found in sporting goods stores. There are, however, many options in terms of used activewear for men that are available in thrift stores as well as in online venues such as eBay. When buying used men ' s activewear, there are a few things to consider, such as what kinds of activewear are available, clothing measurements, and what condition the clothing might be in. When these factors are considered, purchasing used activewear on eBay can be a simple and pleasant experience.

Removing Preconceptions About Used Activewear

For a large number of people, buying activewear that has been used by at least one other person may seem somewhat unsettling. For the most part, however, used clothing, including activewear has had a long and respectable history. Many different factors may have also driven many to discover that buying used clothing is a cost effective way to save money for other things and look good at the same time. Rather than being bastions of filth, used clothing stores are clean tidy places where individuals can find name brand clothing at lower prices. The same is true with vendors on eBay, who sell products that are worth purchasing and can be added easily to anyone's wardrobe.

Types of Used Activewear Available on eBay

Activewear is a broad category since it contains items for special purposes such as football jerseys along with general items like basic shirts and shorts. Before buying used activewear, it might be helpful to understand what kinds of items are be available to buy.


Tops can include anything from t-shirts to tank tops, along with long sleeve shirts. These tops can be made from a variety of materials such as cotton, nylon, or spandex. Cotton is a light, breathable fabric that washes and is made from very comfortable comfortable materials to cater to a number of different physical activities. Most workout shirts as usually made from cotton. Nylon, another fabric used, is a synthetic material that can occasionally be found in activewear, including professional sports jerseys. Nylon does not typically breathe very well, and may cause a person to sweat during physical activity. Spandex is another synthetic fabric, but it has the benefit of being able to conform tightly to the contours of an individual body. For this reason it is common in cycling shirts and surfing apparel. There are other materials for shirts, including sweat resistant materials that wick away moisture and reduce odours.


Shorts are one of the most common kinds of activewear and are primarily comprised of many of the same materials as most tops. There are cycling shorts that conform to the body and reduce wind resistance, and there are compression shorts that are often worn underneath other shorts. Compression shorts are designed to prevent chafing and will actually warm the muscles in the body during exercise, which can help reduce injury. Other people will also wear simple and breathable basketball or running shorts along with basic generic shorts that can be used for any purpose.

Trousers and Leggings

Like shorts, there are athletic trousers that can be used for many different sports along with more specialised offerings like track trousers that can be easily removed for an event and put back on again to keep the body warm in between performances. Leggings can also be found in this category and can be used for cold weather by being worn under other athletic trousers for enhanced performance. While leggings are often worn by women, there are even leggings made specifically for men as well.

Track Suits

Tracksuits are a common form of athletic wear and are designed to be worn over other clothing and removed for a track event. Track suits are, however, worn by some as regular clothing and are used for sports other than track such as basketball and football, along with other sports that may be played outdoors in colder weather.

Jackets, Sweatshirts, and Fleeces

Jackets, sweatshirts, and fleeces are useful for a number activities, especially outdoors during colder weather. Fleeces, in particular are often worn when hiking or walking as they can be quite warm while also being breathable. Jackets and sweatshirts often come with a built-in hood, allowing the wearer to keep their head covered during inclement weather situations.

Used Activewear Measurements and Sizing

When engaged in vigorous physical activity, it is important for clothing to be comfortable and move well with the body. This of course does depend on the general shape of a man's body, but each person should be aware if they prefer wearing loose baggy clothing that breathes or clothes that conform to the body and offer lowered wind resistance and increased warmth. For this reason, anyone wanting to purchase used activewear should be aware of what size they want. Measuring yourself is a good way to prepare for finding the right type of clothing.

Sizes vs. Measurements

There is a difference between what size a given article of clothing is and what measurements it has. This is especially true of used activewear, which can change size over time due to being stretched during vigorous exercise. Buyers of used clothing may often find that the tags are removed from otherwise fine clothing for various reasons. Without the tags, the clothing sizes are in doubt, which is another reason to be aware of the measurements of a specific piece of clothing. On eBay, it is common for sellers of used clothing to include measurements so that buyers are well aware of what they are paying for. This works out well for buyers of activewear since they can find clothing measured to fit their needs instead of just assuming that a certain size will fit them.

Used Activewear Condition

While most of the goods sold on eBay are in tip-top condition, it is important to evaluate the condition of individual items sold in order to determine whether or not they will meet the needs of the wearer. Evaluating individual items of clothing is essential when one is dealing with buying or selling items on eBay.

Examine photos

Most used activewear sold on eBay has photos that allow the buyer to see exactly what they are purchasing. When examining photos of used clothing, there are a few key areas to key in on a bit more than others. First, a potential buyer should examine the piece of clothing to see if there are any visible rips or holes in it. It is also helpful to see if there are areas of worn fabric where a hole may appear soon as a result. It is also important to look at the stitching to see if any portion of it will unravel after heavy use. Photos can be used to determine if clothing is stained or otherwise damaged and if zippers are functioning properly.

Asking Questions

If photos do not answer all questions a buyer may have about used activewear, they can be asked for clarification on an item, using their eBay username. This may help in cases where the photo is not sufficient to see everything or when there are questions about the colour and material. Sellers can respond to any reasonable questions in order to give the buyer a clear idea of what they are purchasing.

Buying Used Men's Activewear on eBay

Once a potential buyer has determined what kind of activewear they wish to purchase as well as what size or measurements they would find most comfortable, they are ready to go. While there is always the option of buying used activewear in a thrift store, the selection may be limited, especially for certain sizes. There may be a greater selection on eBay as there are sellers from many different locations, many of them offering brands and styles that may be unavailable elsewhere. To use eBay efficiently, it is simply a matter or entering the proper search term into the search bar on the eBay home page. A search term may be as general as "used men's activewear" or may include specific keywords referring to types of activewear, sizes, and materials. Once the proper item has been found, it is only a matter of evaluating it and making a purchase.


With the right activewear, a man can feel more energetic, comfortable, and ready to enjoy sports or just a long walk down a dusty trail. Since activewear is so common and useful, there is little reason to spend large amounts of money on brand new apparel when there are many options in terms of used men's activewear. This kind of clothing is available in many places, including thrift stores, but eBay offers a large selection of activewear as well. When buying used activewear, it is important to understand the various kinds of activewear that might be available as well as what size it might be in order to determine if it will be a good fit for a given individual. Along with this, it is important to evaluate the condition of a piece of clothing before buying in order to make certain that it will last for a long time. When all factors have been considered, purchasing used men's activewear is a simple task that can be highly enjoyable.

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