Your Guide to Buying Warhammer 40K Figurines

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Your Guide to Buying Warhammer 40K Figurines

The world of Warhammer is an extensive one and potentially limitless in terms of the figurines that can be purchased as part of the series of tabletop miniature Wargames. Although some shops on the high street specialise in selling these Warhammer figurines and accessories, the online market is extensive and provides a more balanced view on the broad range on offer.

eBay is useful in this respect, offering standard Warhammer figures at a price potentially more affordable than in shops and also where rarer and more collectable models can be found.

What is Warhammer 40K?

The Warhammer 40K series is a popular tabletop strategy game where players compete against each other with their own miniature figurines, assembled in the form of armies. Each player starts with an army of similar size and takes turns to build strategies and attacks using dice, pre-designed tables or specialised playing cards. The figurines that players use in Warhammer are future representations of soldiers or creatures that use various weapons and special powers to try and defeat their opponent. Battles can take place over a number of days depending on how many players are competing and how many soldiers have been assembled.

Getting Started

For new Warhammer players, the first step of assembling a few characters into a complete army is a difficult one. There are different kinds of armies to choose from and a vast number of variations of each army. Each one will have their own historical background and suit individual styles of play. This is matched to suit whoever is in control of them and also who they will come up against. Think about this before attempting to assemble a new Warhammer army to compete with.

Conversely, some buyers will simply take pleasure in collecting the figurines for personal enjoyment rather than battling others in a competitive environment. Looking at all the models relevant to your interests can make a purchase a successful one.

Types of Warhammer 40K Figurine

The prefix of the Warhammer story, set in a distant future time period, is that the Imperium of Man civilisation is at war with a series of alien races. Each race has many different cells incorporated into it which adds a massive possible variation to the possible conflicts for players to embroil themselves in. Some of these original alien races include:

Whilst more modern versions and popular with the game players include:

Before beginning to start a collection of Warhammer figures, look into the historical background of each type of army and also all the separate factions that incorporate into them. For example, the ‘Sisters of Battle’ and ‘Imperial Guard’ units are designated as loyal to the Imperium of Man flag, whilst the ‘Skeleton Warriors’ make up the core units of the Tomb Kings faction.

Buying Considerations for Warhammer 40K Figurines

Due to the boundless nature of Warhammer 40K - aswell as the complex histories, rules and strategies for the characters - looking at every figurine and army in detail goes beyond the capabilities of this guide. Personal research must be carried out about the game and its armies further before coming to make a purchase of Warhammer items, especially if looking to participate in serious competition against others. However, this section will look at some of the more simple considerations buyers will need to think about when scouting the market.

  • Firstly, consider which level the Warhammer will be used at and who it is for. Buying for younger children will not necessarily require complex or expensive models to be bought, whilst those in serious competitions will suit Warhammer figurines that can be used against others.
  • There is no need to worry about the sizing of Warhammer 40K as they are all the same, using a 28mm scale. This adds to the realism of the battles as the characters will be sized in relation to each other. This applies to the setting backgrounds too for such accessories as nature environments (grass, trees, etc) and buildings.
  • Consider if the figurines being bought are painted or not. Although painted models are generally more expensive to buy, DIY jobs can be tricky. Look out for specialised paints such as Army Painter on eBay that have been manufactured with miniature figures in mind. For those who wish to pursue their Warhammer 40K hobby more seriously though, painting the figurines can offer a fantastic way of personalising armies in your own style.
  • Cost is an important buying consideration for Warhammer 40K collectors. Brand new models are not necessarily expensive to buy, but to assemble a complete army along with the necessary background settings and painting equipment will steadily push the overall cost up. Consider how seriously the hobby will be taken up for and realistically how long for – children for example may grow out of their Warhammer 40K models quite quickly so it may not be worth spending hundreds of pounds for models that may not be used too often.
  • Choosing a Warhammer 40K box-set is a smart way to get going or to add to a collection. They will provide many pieces that can be used to compete with immediately or personalise in your own style.
  • The Warhammer Company manufactures figurines in both metal and plastic so consider which type will be more preferable. If concerned about painting an expensive metal model and getting it wrong then a smart idea may be to invest in a low-cost plastic set to practice on beforehand.

Where to Buy Warhammer 40K From

If unsure of whether to make the purchase of the Warhammer figurines from the high-street or online then the table below will look at the advantages of both. 

Advantages of Buying Online


  • The main attraction of buying online is that any item will be delivered to the front door. This can save a lot of time and effort usually associated with high street shopping.
  • The exact item can be pinpointed and searched for at the click of a button. It may be hard to find exactly what you are looking for from a selection of shops, and there is also the worry that it may be less expensive in another shop down the road. Buying online can reduce that worry as different products can be compared next to each other.
  • It is usually more cost effective to shop online than on the high street as companies look to keep prices competitive. Some sites also present discounts or special offers for new customers.
  • Some great deals can be found for second-hand items on auction sites such as eBay, which will be much more affordable than in shops. Remember, just because an item has previously been used, doesn’t mean it will be inadequate.  Advice from the seller can also be sought if required about their personal experience of the Warhammer 40K figurine.


Advantages of Buying In-Store


  • Perhaps the main gripe people have with buying online is that the item can’t be examined first-hand. An element of trust is needed in this case. In the case of Warhammer models, they can’t be examined properly from all angles and compared to currently owned figurines.
  • Some online outlets and eBay sellers may not offer a returns policy, something which is often needed when buying from a website. The hassle involved with returning an item – including repacking and paying for the return delivery - is also an unwelcome distraction in people’s lives.
  • Having a purchase delivered to the home is usually not free so the extra cost of this can push the overall price higher. In the case of delicate Warhammer items, postage will not generally be too expensive due to their small size, but they will need to be packaged carefully to protect them during the journey.
  • Things can go wrong with the delivery service and some items are known to get lost in transit. Delays in the delivery time are a concern also for online shoppers also so take this into consideration if the Warhammer model is needed in a short space of time.

Using eBay to Make a Purchase

  • When shopping online then make sure to check out eBay before making a final decision of what Warhammer figurines to finally buy. Researching the many external websites dedicated to Warhammer figurines and the different armies is advisable before making a search. Typing the desired model into the eBay search bar will bring up all the relevant results in one place and they can be reviewed against each other to find the most suitable. Using the preference menu on the left hand side of the results page can help narrow down the results however if unsure of a specific figurine.
  • Also consider the option of using the auction facility on eBay to potentially buy the figurines at a more affordable price. A lot of second hand models are up for sale all the time and some great deals can be found. Remember, when shopping on eBay to use the website safely and efficiently by reading all the details of the item thoroughly and checking out the seller’s previous history.


Playing and collecting Warhammer 40K figurines is a complicated and sustained pastime for many expert collectors, although the models can also be bought to be enjoyed ornamentally.

When coming to make a purchase, collect information from different Warhammer websites along with fan pages, to receive a more balanced view of their suitability and price.

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