Your Guide to Buying Wheelchair Accessories

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Your Guide to Buying Wheelchair Accessories

The world is becoming more wheelchair accessible by the day and it is easy for wheelchair users to get around fairly easily. Some day to day tasks can still be a bit of a struggle when the person in the wheelchair is on their own.

There are a good range of wheelchair accessories available to make tasks easier and less time consuming.

When it comes to buying wheelchair accessories it is important to take into account durability, comfort, appearance and practicality to really make general tasks easier to do. There is a large range of easy to use wheelchair accessories available in the Mobility, Disability & Medical section on eBay.

Types of Wheelchair Accessories on eBay

There are some great wheelchair accessories that can really make a difference to a wheelchair user’s everyday life. When looking for a wheelchair accessory it is important to take into account what tasks you find difficult and looking for an accessory from there. Be sure to take a long look at the range on eBay and think about what is needed in terms of practicality, comfort, appearance and also storage.

The following wheelchair accessories can be found by clicking on the Mobility, Disability and Medical link in the Health and Beauty category on eBay.

Radar Key

These keys enable wheelchair users to access all public toilets specifically designed for disabled users via the National Key Scheme (NKS). Radar Keys can be bought with a small head for easy storage or an extra wide head to make sure it doesn’t get lost. These keys are specifically designed for wheelchair users, and the scheme is growing in popularity.

Wheelchair Seat Belt

These easy to use length adjustable wheelchair seatbelts come with a buckle for additional strength and durability and will fit most wheelchairs with relative ease. Wheelchair seat belts are great for preventing the user from slipping forwards in the seat, therefore increasing their comfort.

Wheelchair Seat Bag

Seat Bags are specifically designed to attach to the side arms or the backrest of all wheelchairs and mobility scooters. They come with lots of zipped pockets for easy storage of everyday items and are perfect for carrying things like drinks, food and essentials like mobile phones.

Blue Badge Wallet

Easily store and display a UK disability badge and time card with a Blue Badge Wallet. They come in various materials and colours and allow the user to present their UK disability badge in style. They have a few transparent pockets so the badge doesn’t need to be removed at any time.

Wheelchair Lap Table

Lap Tables easily attach to the wheelchair to provide a flat surface to eat or write on. Made of smooth plastic it is easy to clean and the corners are rounded for safety. Wheelchair Lap tables attach to the wheelchair underneath the arm rests and are easily attached and detached.

Wheelchair Rucksack

Rucksacks are generally more spacious than wheelchair seat bags and they are simple to use and very durable. Wheelchair rucksacks attach to the handles of the wheelchair and have a large front pocket and netted side pockets. These rucksacks are perfect for a quick trip to the supermarket and have enough space for items of a small shop.

Foam Wheelchair Cushion

Firm foam wheelchair cushions are great for added comfort and will help the wheelchair user to slip less. These cushions are normally great value for money and are very easy to attach to the wheelchair. The cushions are extremely durable as they have an easy to wipe cover and are fully waterproof.

Crutch and Walking Stick Bag

Keeping hold of any walking stick or cane whilst using a wheelchair can be a bit of a pain. However, there are crutch or walking stick bags available on eBay. These bags offer great protection for the walking stick or crutch and are suitable for most wheelchairs as well as mobility scooters. They tend to be quite spacious and can hold two walking sticks or two crutches.

Threshold Ramp

These ramps make it so much easier to get through doorways with small steps in front of them. Threshold ramps are made from aluminium and are very strong and lightweight so it is easy to carry around. They have a non-slip surface and built in carry handles so they are easy to keep with you. There are a few variations in sizes for different levels of steps and range from 3cm to 15cm.

Wheelchair Water Bottle

Manoeuvring yourself around in a wheelchair can be hard work when on a long trip to the shops so it is important to stay hydrated. You can keep up to 1 litre of fluid with you with Wheelchair Water Bottles that attach to the wheelchair arm rest for ease of use. Usually made of plastic and will have a corrugated straw attached, these water bottles can hold any cold beverage and can be stored in most bags when not being used.

Wheelchair Umbrella

Wheelchair umbrellas are strong and can be folded very easily to most wheelchairs and can give protection to both the rain and sun. These umbrellas are generally very lightweight and easy to store so you can keep it on you at all times whatever the weather.

Wheelchair Users Fall Alarm

You can never be too careful when it comes to safety and it is always useful to have a Wheelchair Users Fall Alarm. The alarms can be easily mounted on to the wheelchair and then clipped to the users clothing. When the cord and clips become separated, the alarm will go off. The alarm can be set to a quieter or louder tone. Wheelchair users with an implanted aid such as a pacemaker may not be able to use this product as the clip incorporates a magnet.

There is so much to choose from when it comes to wheelchair accessories that are designed to make the wheelchair users life a lot easier. When purchasing wheelchair accessories from eBay, be sure to read all of the information on the listings you like to make sure they will help with what you want them to. If there is any information that isn’t on the item listing, you can ask the seller a question in order to find out what you need to know. The above items can all be found in the Mobility, Disability & Medical section on eBay.

How to Buy Wheelchair Accessories on eBay

There is a massive range of wheelchair accessories on eBay. Type ‘wheelchair accessories’ into the search bar at the top of any eBay page and many different wheelchair accessories will be shown on the search results page. Wheelchair accessories can then be bought in the one of these ways on eBay:

  • Bidding- Just like you would an auction; you can bid for the accessories with a best offer for that particular product. You can increase bids at any time during the auction and the customer with the largest bid will be the owner of the item. Winning bidders will only pay 1p over the bid of the second placed bidder so you don’t pay much more than is needed for that item.
  • Buy it Now’- If you don’t want to wait for the auction to finish, use the ‘Buy It Now’ to instantly buy the wheelchair accessory. With both of these methods of purchasing the accessories, be sure to factor in shipping costs as well.

All item listings can be narrowed down by using the advanced search page. The results can be sorted by “All of these words," "Any of these words," or "Exact phrase." Search in “All Categories” to open up the search further as well.

When buying wheelchair accessories on eBay it is important to find as much information about the seller and the item as possible. Customers need to feel secure about all online purchases of any items, so find out as much as you can such as:

  • How good is the seller’s feedback rating?
  • Have previous customers submitted good comments about the seller?
  • Has the seller completed many transactions?
  • Many eBay sellers operate just as a bricks and mortar store would do and have return policies for their customers. Do they have terms and conditions and are they easy to find?

All purchases made on eBay are covered by eBay Buyer protection and will cover the cost of the item and the shipping of the item if the items aren’t as described in the listing or doesn’t arrive at all.


When choosing a wheelchair accessory on eBay, there is a lot to consider like type, size, comfort ability and practicality. The accessories shown above will help to make those everyday tasks that much easier. When looking for that perfect wheelchair accessory be sure to read the item listings carefully to ensure that the product will serve its purpose on your specific wheelchair and always ask the seller questions if you want clarification on anything regarding the accessory they are selling. Take a look at the large range of wheelchair accessories in the Health and Beauty category on eBay.

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