Your Guide to Buying Whiskey Bottle Coin Collectors

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Your Guide to Buying Whiskey Bottle Coin Collectors

Empty whiskey bottles are excellent to use for collecting and storing coins, and a filled bottle looks great in any room. The large variation of bottles for sale means that buyers are spoilt for choice when it comes to making a purchase. It is advised to buy one of the larger sized bottles however, as these are more suitable for coin collection than the standard bottles found in shops. Whiskey bottle coin collecting is a great way to store up all the loose change lying around the house.

Buyers are advised to search for the empty whiskey bottles on eBay, as the site has a large collection of larger bottles apt for coin storage. The following guide shall examine some of the more well known bottles used for this activity, and how to locate a suitable bottle on eBay.

Why Choose a Whiskey Bottle?

There are plenty of different types of moneybox to buy, and these range from the standard piggy bank everyone had when they were a kid, to the more sophisticated devices that react and make sounds and light up when money is inserted into them. However, people choose to use empty whiskey bottles for coin storage for a number of reasons.

  • The majority of bottles used for coin collecting are 4.5 litres. This is very large and allows for the storage of a large number of coins. An empty 4.5 litre whiskey bottle will hold a lot more coins than a piggy bank. People tend to acquire quite a lot of loose change in their everyday lives, and having large amounts of this dotted around the house can be frustrating. Using a whiskey bottle to store the coins will keep them all in one safe place.
  • The bottles used for this activity are typically fully transparent glass or else stained but still see through. This allows the buyer to see how much room is left in the bottle. Also, transparent glass bottles filled with coins are particularly nice to see, and add character to a room.
  • The weight of the bottle when filled with coins is quite heavy, and this will prevent the bottle from falling over and smashing. Large 4.5 litre whiskey bottles use thick glass in the manufacturing process, making them sturdy and hardwearing.
  • Using a large whiskey bottle will encourage saving, and it’s possible to accumulate a respectable sum from using one of these bottles. When the bottle is full the buyer simply has to unscrew the top, empty the coins and bring them to the bank and exchange them for notes and larger coins.

Types of Whiskey Bottle Used in Coin Collecting

Although there is no real limit as to what type of what bottle can be used to store the coins, it is a good idea to use a 4.5 litre bottle, as this will store a larger amount. Below are some of the most popular whiskey bottles used for coin storage today.

Bells 4.5 Litre Bottle

Bells is a brand of scotch whiskey that was established in Britain in 1825, and today is considered to be the most popular scotch whiskey in the country. Bells have made a large number of gallon bottles over the years, and these bottles make for excellent coin collectors. The glass is completely transparent allowing the buyer to see how far the bottle has been filled. Many of the Bells bottles sold on eBay still have their original labels and are in quite good condition.

Grant 3 Litre Bottle

Although a litre and a half smaller than the Bells bottles, many people choose the Grant 3 litre bottle for storage as a large number of the bottles come with their original stands. Grants are Scotland’s oldest distiller of scotch whiskey, and bottles originally came with a metal wire stand to hold the bottles in. This can add to the visual element of the coin collection.

Antique Whiskey Bottle

Bottles that were manufactured over the past two hundred years are also quite popular with buyers looking to store coins. The sizes of these bottles vary but tend to be no more than two litres. It should be noted that antique whiskey bottles are often more expensive than their modern counterparts, and will be much more delicate. However, these bottles often come with unique designs and can be made from a variety of materials other than just glass. A number of antique whiskey bottles are commemorative of special occasions and events, e.g. the birth of Princess Beatrice. 

Jack Daniels Bottle

Jack Daniels are extremely popular with whiskey bottle collectors across the world, and come in a variety of sizes including 375 ml, 750 ml and 1.75 litres. The bottles can also be made from plastic as well as darkened glass. People choose Jack Daniels bottles for coin storage because of the unique shape and the design of the label. There are many styles of Jack Daniels whiskey bottle from over the past one hundred years, so buyers thinking about purchasing a JD bottle for their coin collection should research into what’s available.

As whiskey bottles are often seen as collector’s items, buyers are advised to research into the various brands and makes available and decide which bottle would be best for them. Older bottles can sell for hundreds of pounds at auctions, but these types of bottle would not be suitable for coin storage. Instead, buyers should look for large but inexpensive bottles made by modern companies. It is ok to use a vintage bottle, but refrain from using expensive ones as the coins can damage the value of it.

Buyers should decide on the size of the bottle before they begin to browse. If the buyer is thinking about purchasing a larger bottle such as the Bells 4.5 litre then it’s a good idea to pick out a place that the bottle will be stored beforehand. It is not advisable to keep the bottle within reach of small children of pets, and if keeping it on a shelf then there must be ample support as a bottle filled with coins can be quite heavy.

Searching for Whiskey Bottles for Coin Collection on eBay

eBay has a large selection of whiskey bottles that can be used for coin storage, and these items are sold at very reasonable prices. To begin a search for a suitable bottle take the following steps.

  • Log onto and click on the Collectables & Antiques tab located on the left hand side of the page.
  • Next, scroll down to the Collectables tab and click on the Moneyboxes/ Piggy Banks link.
  • This will load up the Moneyboxes listings page, and from here buyers should type Whiskey Bottle into the search bar and press enter.
  • Alternatively, buyers can try searching the Bottles/ Pots listings. The link for this page is found in the same tab menu as the Moneyboxes/ Piggy Banks link.
  • If searching on the Bottles/ Pots listings page, then scroll down and click on the Whiskey title found at the bottom of the Categories list.

Searching Tips

  • Enter as much information into a search as possible to speed it up and list relevant items only. Enter in the size of the bottle needed, or the name of the company the whiskey was made by.
  • Using the adjustable price bar found in the filters table will list bottles that are within buyers price range.
  • Buyers can also choose to list new or used whiskey bottles, and listing used bottles will give them access to vintage and antique models.
  • Always spend some time browsing through the listings page, as this is the only way to find unique and unusual bottles. Buyers can change the amount of bottle listings shown per page by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on one of the numbered boxes. Buyers can list whiskey bottles in groups of 25, 50, 100 and 200.
  • Clicking on the title of a whiskey bottle listing will load the individual item page, and some time should be spent reading over this. The item page contains important information regarding the current bid on the bottle, the time left to bid and the location of the bottle. This page will also contain any additional details about the bottle, and these can be found in the Description box.
  • The Customer Support page will help buyers who are experiencing difficulty in using the site, and the Resolution Centre will assist with any problems that may arise between a buyer and seller.


Whiskey bottles are great tools for storing coins, and can help keep a house free from coinage clutter. There are plenty of bottles to choose from, and these range from small 350 ml Jack Daniels bottles, to large 4.5 litre Bells bottles. If thinking about buying a larger bottle, then make sure that it will be stored in a safe place that will be able to support the bottle when it is filled with coins. Research into the various brands available, and keep an eye out for unique and rare bottles.

All buyers are advised to search for empty whiskey bottles on eBay as the site has a large selection that cannot be found anywhere else. Buyers will also find that the site has unbeatable value, and a great opportunity to find exactly what they’re looking for.

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