Your Guide to Buying Yamaha Motorbike Parts on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Yamaha Motorbike Parts on eBay

eBay is an excellent resource when looking for replacement or upgrade parts for a Yamaha motorbike. Whether searching for Yamaha-brand parts specifically, or parts that would fit a Yamaha bike in general, buyers can browse thousands of items, with new listings added daily. And because eBay has over 100 million users, prices are kept competitive. Buyer can compare new and used items and find the parts they are looking for.

To facilitate the searching and buying process, buyers should begin with an understanding of the part or parts they need. The most common include brakes, filters, body and frame parts, electrical parts, and engine parts, although the range of choices extends beyond these categories. It is also imperative that buyers understand what is legal to add to their particular bike in accordance with local regulations. Finally, there are a few additional steps to take to ensure a positive transaction on eBay. All in all, it is a simple and relatively straightforward process to buy Yamaha motorbike parts on eBay.  

Common Yamaha Motorbike Parts Available on eBay

Listings on eBay for Yamaha motorbike parts extend from tiny hardware to entire engines, with everything in-between. While eBay's selection is too broad to list concisely, the following are generally the most frequently listed part types.

Yamaha Motorbike Brake Parts

A well-functioning brake system is essential for a motorbike's safe operation. Newer motorbikes have one of three brake setups: front and rear disc brakes; front and rear drum brakes; or front disc and rear drum brakes. Disc brakes are particularly common on Yamaha bikes. In this system, discs are mounted to the wheel hub. Hydraulic calipers house brake pads and when the rider applies the brake levers, hydraulic pressure is increased and the calipers squeeze the pads against the discs. The friction generated slows and eventually stops the wheels' motion.

In drum brake systems, used on some lower-power models, two semi-circular brake shoes are located inside a drum in the wheel hub. When the rider squeezes the brake lever, a cam inside the drum mechanism presses the brake shoes against the drum.

Yamaha Motorbike Filters

Filters perform the important function of removing impurities and debris from entering the engine. Air filters improve acceleration by purifying the air that flows to the engine. Oil filters trap sediment in the oil which could interfere with the motion of pistons and bearings, which have an extremely fine clearance.   

Parts for Yamaha Motorbike Body and Frame

Whether repairing a damaged part or upgrading a bike, there are plenty of body and frame parts available on eBay. Fairings are shells that are placed over the bike's frame to reduce air drag, and for that reason are particularly popular with racing motorcycles. Other common items include front fork, framework parts, windshields, and shock absorbers.

Yamaha Motorbike Electrical and Ignition Parts

A motorbike's electrical system is intricate and complex; it is responsible for ignition, for sending vital signals, and more. eBay has a wide range of listings, the most common of which are outlined in the following chart.




Multiple kinds of switches initiate important signals such as ignition, brakes, and lights

Spark Plugs

Create an electric spark, which in turn ignites the fuel

Ignition Coil

Induction coil that transforms the battery's low voltage to the high voltage required by the spark plugs

Starter Motor

An electric motor for starting an engine; rotates engine to initiate operation on its own

Starter Relays

Transmit electric current to the starter motor

CDI Units

Capacitor discharge ignition system; type of electronic ignition system used in many motorcycles

Regulators and Rectifiers

Contained in a single unit in motorcycles; regulators stabilise the amount of voltage sent to the battery; rectifiers convert alternating current to direct current

In addition to the above parts, there are many others related to a bike's electrical and ignition systems. On eBay buyers can search through comprehensive listings of everything from battery chargers to speedometer cables. 

Yamaha Motorbike Cables

Cables are an integral part of a motorbike's systems. On eBay, buyers can find all kinds of cables for their Yamaha motorbike, including clutch, throttle, speedometer, choke, and brake cables. 

Yamaha Motorbike Engine Parts

Most motorbikes have an internal-combustion engine, in which fuel is burned inside the engine, and as the resulting hot gases expand, they drive the motion of pistons. Carburetors have long been used to deliver fuel to the engine; however, newer models may feature more efficient fuel-injection systems. Engines are constructed of cylinders, and may have anywhere from one to four arranged in a variety of layouts. One of the most common engine specifications is displacement, often thought of as synonymous with size. Displacement measures the volume of air-fuel mixture drawn in one complete cycle, and is expressed in cubic centimetres (cc).

Other engine parts include valves and valve stems, clutch and transmission parts, and crankshafts.     

Yamaha Motorbike Exhaust System Parts

A motorbike's exhaust system channels burnt gases away from the engine via exhaust pipes, which release them into the air. A silencer reduces the amount of noise this process produces.

Yamaha Motorbike Wheels and Rims

Wheels for a Yamaha motorbike can be divided into two basic categories, spoke or solid. Spoke wheels feature a one-piece rim, with a lacework of thin metal spokes similar to those of a bicycle wheel. These are more common on off-road motorbikes. Solid wheels are constructed of one piece, making them stronger and more appropriate for heavier leisure bikes.

Proper sizing is crucial when replacing or upgrading a bike's wheel. Usually this information is engraved on the rim's underside.

Yamaha Motorbike Tyres

A motorbike's tyres require regular replacement. Even if not used often, their rubber breaks down over time, necessitating a new set. The choice of tyre depends on several factors. First, the kind of riding one does is important: for street use, standard tyres are best, while racing tyres should be reserved only for those who race, as they wear more quickly. Next, softer rubber grips the road for better traction, while harder rubber is more durable for those who cover a lot of distance. Size is another concern, since the wrong size may well not fit on the rims. Owners should check their current tyres for accurate sizing information, including width, profile, rim size, load rating, and speed rating.

Additional Yamaha Motorbike Parts

You'll find many other parts for your Yamaha motorbike on eBay, including lights and indicators, handlebars and foot rests, chains and sprockets, batteries, parts for the fuel system, and much more. In addition, there are many of the tools needed for repairing or replacing parts.

Be Judicious When Choosing Used Parts

eBay has a wide selection of both new and used motorcycle parts. For safety's sake, there are some motorcycle parts that should be purchased new if possible, whereas others can easily be bought used and save the buyer a good deal of money. Parts that generally get a lot of wear, such as gaskets and bolts, should be purchased new, as should tyres. Buyers should be very cautious when considering used petrol tanks, jugs, carburetors, front ends, lower ends, and transmissions. In this case, the product listing should be very detailed about the extent to which the item was used, and the reason for selling it. Shoppers should look closely at posted pictures, which should be of the part itself and not a stock image, inspecting for things like rust, dents, holes, scratches, chipping, cracks, or any other visible wear.

If bringing the bike in for service, buyers should verify ahead of time that their mechanic agrees to install the specific used part in question. 

Know What is Road Legal

Sometimes certain motorbike parts may be legal for some conditions or some models but illegal for others. It is the buyer's responsibility to understand what is legal for their bike, regardless of a seller's claims. One way to do so for road bikes is to review the requirements for an MOT, or with the local authorities wherever the bike is to be used.

How to Search for Yamaha Motorbike Parts on eBay

To search for your Yamaha motorbike parts on eBay, start off on the eBay home page. Locate the search bar and enter keywords into it, such as "Yamaha rims". More specific search terms yield narrower search results. Be aware that searching for "Yamaha" brings up listings for Yamaha-brand parts as well as compatible aftermarket parts. You can also select brands after the initial search, as well as price range, seller location, and other limiting factors.

Read About the Item and Seller

To learn more about an item, click on the listing to see full details. Always read the item description carefully, noting condition (new or used), important specifications, and seller conditions, including whether they accept returns. Also check whether there are additional postage fees. If you have questions, you can contact the seller through eBay.

When buying parts for a motorcycle, it is important to have confidence in your seller, so take a few moments to get to know a bit more about them. You can do this by looking at their feedback score, and reading comments left by past customers who bought similar items. Top-rated sellers have completed a high volume of transactions with excellent customer satisfaction. That said, sellers who work at lower volumes can still offer a high level of professionalism, so this need not be a deciding factor.


Whether looking to repair a Yamaha motorbike or improve its performance, eBay has an excellent selection of new and used parts. With new listings daily of both aftermarket and Yamaha-brand items, buyers are provided with a wide range of choices. Buyers can make informed decisions with some knowledge about the parts they are looking for, and it also helps to have a basic understanding of how to buy on eBay.

Some of the more frequently listed items for a Yamaha motorbike include brake parts, filters, body and frame parts, electrical and ignition system parts, cables, engine parts, exhaust system parts, wheels and rims, and tyres. Buyers should be aware of what to look for in used bike parts, as well as what is road legal for their particular vehicle. Finally, reading an item listing carefully and getting to know more about the seller help ensure a positive transaction on eBay.

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