Your Guide to Buying a Battery Powered Chainsaw

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Your Guide to Buying a Battery Powered Chainsaw

If you're looking for a chainsaw of any kind, you probably already have some experience on the subject. Even the lighter, battery powered chainsaws are not meant to be handled by amateurs. That being said, there is not much sense in explaining what a chainsaw is and how a chainsaw works, so we'll focus only on the features within the category without stating the obvious. The ones that have no previous encounters with this tool, should seek introductory advice on how to handle power tools of this type.

One of the main things that all should remember about the battery powered chainsaw is that it's meant for gardening work mostly. It can cut a branch or a two by four, but it can't be used for more challenging tasks than that. It's a lightweight chainsaw with limited capabilities that can still prove to be a useful tool well worth the money spent.

Usually when selecting a chainsaw most buyers go with a model produced by a company they already know and trust. Features of each model within the category are often overlooked and that's a big mistake. The choice should be made by assessing your needs and the a thorough analysis of all the features offered.

What to Consider Before Buying a Battery Powered Chainsaw

Having your own chainsaw can be a convenience, but it can be a burden too. It depends mainly on how often you find yourself in need of a chainsaw. If it's only for a season trimming that happens once a year, it might be a better idea to borrow one, or hire a worker to do the job. Also, a chainsaw requires maintenance and maintenance also costs money. Leaving a chainsaw unattended can lead to corrosion which might make it unsafe to use. The battery also might deteriorate in quality over time, so it's safe to say that in order to get your money's worth you need to use it more than a few times per year.

Another thing to consider is whether this type of saw will be up to the tasks. A battery powered chainsaw won't make you a lumberjack. If there are tasks that require a more powerful saw, a petrol fuelled one is a better option. These are all factors that predetermine your needs of a chainsaw.

Features of Battery Powered Chainsaws

When deciding which battery powered chainsaw you should purchase, it's important to figure out what type of features you are looking for. There are many different features to consider before you purchase a chainsaw.

Chain And Motor

The chain and the motor are the two most basic elements that define a chainsaw. The power of the chainsaw is expressed in volts and the chain can vary both in length and quality of material. The power of the models within this category ranges between eighteen and thirty six volts, More volts means more power.

The length of the chains is between twenty and thirty five centimetres. Pay close attention on the combination of power and chain length. A longer chain should be paired with a more powerful motor. Also, a longer chain allows more tasks to be performed with the chainsaw.

Automatic Bar Oiler

Having an automatic bar oiler is a very convenient feature as it cuts time spent on looking after your chainsaw. Many accidents happen due to insufficient amounts of oil applied on the chain and mechanism, so having it done automaticly is not a bad idea at all. The price won't affect your judgement as this feature doesn't add a lot to it.

Battery Type and Life

Battery life is amongst the most important features of a chainsaw of this type. It determines how long you can use your chainsaw before you need to stop and recharge. The specifications about how long a battery lasts have not been standardised yet, so it's a bit hard to compare without trying on the models themselves.

Battery Life

Some vendors provide the ampere hours of a battery, other express the number of hours a chainsaw can operate, and there are some that claim the number of tasks that can be performed before recharging. The best approach in assessing the life of a battery is to get an honest opinion from someone who already owns the model.

Type of Battery

The type of the battery also plays a large role. A lithium-ion battery is the best choice for a chainsaw. It provides a more consistent charge than the nickel-cadmium battery and it recharges more rapidly. A consistent charge prevents the power of the chainsaw from fluctuating which means that the chain will not run slower near the end of your battery life.

Recharging the Battery

The recharge speed is also a very convenient trait. Nickel-cadmium batteries might take up to twelve hours to charge while the lithium-ion takes one or two. When the recharge period is lengthy, it might take you more than one day to complete a task that takes not more than a few hours. If you have more than one battery, you probably won't have to wait to complete your task, but the recharge time stacks up so in order to have them all up and running you'll still lose a day.

Safety Accessories for a Battery Powered Chainsaw

When working with dangerous equipment, safety always comes first. There are all sorts of guards designed to prevent or minimise injury. Accident do happen, even when the most skilled operate with power tools. That's why you should never use a chainsaw without proper safety accessories.

The Chainsaw Itself

UK regulations prevent the sales of chainsaws that don't meet certain safety standards. All chainsaws must be equipped with a chain brake that stops the chain and prevents injuries caused by kickback.

Safety Helmet

Safety helmets are made out of plastic, and the ones used for operating a chainsaw have a protective plastic visor too. It would be foolish to suggest that a plastic helmet can protect you from a spinning chainsaw, but it can prove to be very useful against flying wood chips and debris while cutting.

Ear Protectors

An electric chainsaw is less noisy by default, but ear protectors are still needed. The noise might not be loud enough to bother the neighbours, but prolonged exposure to those levels of noise can still damage your hearing.

Chainsaw Gloves

Gloves are the most basic necessity when it comes to operating a chainsaw. The ones designed for this purpose are extra thick but still pretty flexible and non restrictive to movement of the fingers.

Safety Boots

The steel toe work boot is universal when it comes to safety equipment. The reinforced toe area can be a lifesaver when it comes to working with a chainsaw. They're also designed to protect you from slipping and provide you with excellent grip on all surfaces.

Chainsaw Trousers

The chainsaw trousers are very customised for the purpose of protecting against chainsaw accidents. No matter how thick they are, the trousers are no match for a running chainsaw, but they can slow the chain down and minimise injury.

Do The Math

The prices of all these safety accessories adds up and in the end might prove to be higher than the price of the chainsaw itself. However, it's nothing compared to a loss of a limb, so it's pretty smart to be well equipped. Buying the whole equipment at once can save you a pretty penny, but it's still a pretty big investment.

How to Buy a Battery Powered Chainsaw on eBay

When looking to buy a chainsaw, keep in mind that there aren't that many manufacturers out there. eBay does provide as much choice as possible and all major brands are available, but most chainsaws are either corded electric or petrol powered.

Don't expect a large number of results when searching for a battery powered chainsaw. There might be one page or two tops even with all the spare parts that a sold for these types of chainsaws. Battery powered chainsaws are so rare that finding more than one model from a same brand would be difficult. The models offered on eBay meet all UK standards which further diminishes the choice.

Best way to locate a battery powered chainsaw is by using the search bar. When the whole query is directly entered there, the results show all available saws of this type along with maintenance kits and spare parts available for them.

Entering just the word 'chainsaw' in the search and then using the filters to select just the battery powered types is also a good approach. That way the results will only show the models of chainsaws available. The same method can be implemented if we seek them out via the "Category" menu in the "Power Tools & Equipment&" section.


Buying a chainsaw should only be done out of necessity. All should carefully assess their needs before they buy one. The battery powered chainsaw is a good model for all gardening work. Tasks of that sort can be done with ease using a limited power chainsaw such as this one. If there are more challenging tasks at hand, a petrol powered chainsaw is a good alternate choice. It's also cordless but it packs a lot more power.

Amongst the features that the battery powered chainsaw possess, you should pay attention to the chain, motor and battery life. The chain and the motor largely define the type of tasks you can perform, and the battery is the one that limits the amount of time you can use it. Having an automatic bar oiler is also a good investment.

One should not operate a chainsaw of any kind without wearing protective equipment. All equipment pieces are not that expensive, but the price of the full gear might be as big as the one of the chainsaw itself. Still, working without protection is not an option so if you wish to save up some money you should buy a package deal.

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