Your Guide to Buying a Bicycle Seat Cover on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying a Bicycle Seat Cover on eBay

Bike riding is an excellent sporting activity that improves fitness and offers enjoyment. Cycling is a sport that can be engaged with by a wide range of people and different fitness levels. However, there is one thing that all riders need, whether professional or amateur, and that is equipment. Alongside the obvious necessities for bike riding, including bikes and helmets,, there are also many other accessories that are required. This includes bicycle seat covers..

As interest in the sport is increasing, there are many different places popping up where bike accessories can be purchased, including specialists’ shops, online sites and auction sites. eBay offers a wide range of cycling goods and accessories, making it the perfect place to go for a one-stop-shop for all required goods and equipment. This guide will offer practical advice on how to purchase a bicycle seat cover on eBay.

What Bike to Buy

Before it is time to purchase a bike seat cover, you need a bike. The type of bike required can be determined by the type of cyclist you are hoping to become. This can be ascertained by answering a few simple questions including:

  • Where are you likely to ride? Will it be to work and back, on developed roads, in the countryside or on specialist bike tracks?
  • Are you a frequent rider? How many times a week will the bike be used?
  • Are you an experienced rider? Have you owned a bike before?

The answers to these questions will help to point towards the appropriate bike for the occasion and individual.

Different Types of Bikes Available

Once the above questions have been answered, a greater understanding of the type of bike required to fit the needs of the rider will be established. Here is a list (not exhaustive) of the different types of bikes available on the market:

Road Racer

A road racer bike is designed for riders who mainly ride on paved roads. The bike is generally lightweight and agile.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are heavier than a road racer and designed to be used off road in rugged and uneven terrain. Generally they come with wide and durable wheels designed to handle bumpy surfaces.

 Children’s Bikes

A child’s bike is built specifically for a younger person. The age and height of the child, as well as their level of experience and confidence, often determines the bike’s design. When purchasing a bike for a child it is vital that adequate time and research is taken, as to ensure it is the correct one for the child who will be riding it.

Comfort Cruiser bike

Comfort cruiser bikes are multi-purpose bikes; they are great for that weekend getaway or for the casual commuter. They have a general design that doesn’t allow for extensive specific riding, (i.e. mountain biking or road racing) but as a general rule will be adequate for the occasional rider in most terrains.

BMX Bikes

A BMX bike is a specific design of bike that does not have gears. Mostly used to race around tracks and for stunt work, a BMX bike has a distinct frame that is easily identifiable.

Hybrid bikes

A hybrid bike is similar to a comfort cruiser in that it is a multi-purpose bicycle. However, a hybrid bike is more suitable for a rider who uses it for more than just the occasional ride. It is a great bike for riders who ride frequently on different terrain.

Tandem bikes

A tandem bike is a bike with two seats and two sets of peddles. It is designed to be ridden by two people at all times.

Bicycle Seat Covers

For some people, riding a bicycle for an extended amount of time can cause some discomfort and chafing. Thankfully, there are ways to ease this pain, allowing for many hours of enjoyable riding. The addition of a bicycle seat cover is one such way to decrease discomfort. The addition of this accessory offers extra padding to the seat. There are a number of different seat covers to choose form.

These include variations of padding provided by the cover. It is important to ensure that the cover fits the type of bike seat it will be serving. Always ensure that the seat cover is compatible with the bike seat. This is generally as easy as asking the seller before purchase, but in some cases it may be necessary to undertake additional research or measuring.

When looking to purchase a bike seat cover it is important to know the reason why it is required. By answering the below question this will help ensure that the correct cover is purchased.

What is the reason a bike seat cover is required? Some common reasons include:

  • Additional padding.
  • To offer protection to the bike saddle (seat)
  • To increase circulation.
  • To provide a heating pad to ease pain.


Most bike seat covers are made out of very similar materials. These materials include:

  • Foam
  • Liquid Gel
  • Fabrics

Generally speaking, a bike seat cover will vary in the thickness of material that offers varying degrees of padding.

Benefits of Using a Bicycle Seat

Some features of a bike seat cover are:

  • It can help increase blood flow whilst riding.
  • It can help to protect skin from friction and rubbing caused over a long ride.
  • It can provide additional padding for comfort on the saddle of the bike.
  • It can reduce vibrations whilst riding.
  • It protects the saddle from general wear and tear.
  • It will enhance the aesthetic of the bicycle.

Additional Bike Accessories and Equipment

Alongside a bicycle seat cover, there are other accessories and equipment that are needed to ensure safety when riding. These include protective headgear and helmets, gloves,, safety equipment, such as reflective lights and reflectors,, locks and chains,, bags and bike pumps and repair kits.. All of these products can be found on eBay and purchased at the same time as a bicycle seat cover.

How to Find Bicycle Seat Covers on eBay

There are a number of different ways to search on eBay. The three most common ways are via a ‘Category’ search, key-word search or an advanced search.

  • Categories: The categories list is found to the left hand side of the key-word search box. Here it is possible to click through to sub-categories that will assist in narrowing down the search to the desired product.
  • Keyword search: This search bar is found at the top of every page. This box allows any user to input a word or search term. Once enter is pressed, eBay will pull up all available products that match the inputted search term for general browsing. It is possible to hone the search even further via the categories and advance buttons.
  • Advanced search: This is found to the left hand side of the keyword search bar. By following the prompts it is possible to complete a detailed search for a specific product. This is an excellent tool when the exact product is known.


A bicycle seat cover offers comfort for all who enjoy biking ride as a hobby, sport or leisurely activity. Not just for professional riders, the occasional rider can get use out of a cover and it may even enhance the riding experience.

For most people, purchasing a bicycle seat cover will be purely for comfort reasons; however, they also offer a wonderful change of aesthetic. If your bike requires a much-needed makeover, simply adding a new bike seat cover can completely change its look.

eBay is not only an easy to use site, it is also a safe, secure and trusted company too. It is possible to shop on eBay from the comfort of your own home, meaning the purchase of a bicycle seat has never been easier. The package will arrive on your doorstep before the weekend, so you are ready for the next big riding adventure.

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