Your Guide to Buying a Boys Cagoule

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Your Guide to Buying a Boy's Cagoule

Boys' cagoules are lightweight raincoats or rain jackets that can be easily rolled up and do not take a lot of space. Thus, many school administrators recommend them as suitable protective garments for young kids, whose bags are already jam-packed with school supplies. Cagoules come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, lengths, and designs. Depending on boy's specific needs, some cagoules are better than others.

Sometimes, parents who are looking into buying good cagoules for their little boys do not take the matter seriously. However, there is more to buying cagoules than simply picking up the first one in sight.

For example, some designs are better at keeping kids from getting drenched, while others are better at keeping them warm. The following sections discuss everything that parents need to know about cagoules, along with how to choose the best one for their boys.

The Design of Boys' Cagoules

The boy's cagoule may also be also spelled cagoul, kagoule, or kagool. These garments are commonplace in every kid's wardrobe collection. Introduced in the market in the early sixties, cagoules are the perfect solution to the UK's extremely unpredictable, flu-inducing weather.

The cagoule's basic design is quite simple: it is a lightweight and water-resistant jacket that does not take up a lot of space. Cagoules usually have a hood that can be worn as added protection. Moreover, the bottom hem extends to the waist, although it may also reach the knee for some designs.

Materials Used for a Boy's Cagoule

While the basic design of boys ' cagoules is the same for all styles and brands, these garments can be made from a wide variety of materials. Choosing the right kind of material depends on the type of weather where it will be worn and the preferences of the wearer. The most common fibres used to make boys' cagoules are polyester and nylon.

Polyester Boys' Cagoule

Polyester is the most popular cloth fibre used for boys' cagoules. It is water-resistant, lightweight, durable, and very easy to wash. Because young boys are usually hyperactive, parents like that polyester cagoules are very durable and do not wrinkle easily. Polyester cagoules are perfect to wear during the summer months, when the weather is usually warm enough and all that the boys need is some extra form of protection from occasional drizzles.

One-hundred per cent polyester fabrics can be made to be very thin, thus reducing their bulkiness and letting air flow freely through the fabric. However, these same qualities make pure polyester cagoules fall short of expectations in harsher weather, and that is where the other kinds of fibres come to the rescue.

Nylon Boys' Cagoule

Nylon is similar to polyester. It is also durable, water-resistant, lightweight, and resistant to wrinkles and stains. However, nylon is generally considered to be more lustrous and gentler texture than polyester. Moreover, nylon is more elastic than polyester, enabling cagoules made from nylon-based fabrics to survive being worn by playful children. Nylon serves as an excellent shield against rain and snow; however, it has poor insulating properties. That is why it is often used as an outer layer for cagoules, with an insulating fabric like wool or fleece as an inner lining. Nylon is also considered to be fairly resistant to flames, something that parents will most likely appreciate.

The next table contains a list of the textile fibres mentioned in the previous paragraphs, along with other fibres that may also be present in some cagoule designs, along with their main characteristics.

Textile Fibre




water resistant



easy to wash

poor absorbent

poor insulator


very durable

water- and wrinkle-resistant

easy care

poor insulator



good breathability

great absorbency

very commonly used

familiar texture

prone to pilling

not water resistant (better as inner lining)



excellent breathability

excellent absorbency

poor water resistance (better as inner lining)

potential allergen

Boys' cagoules are usually made from a combination of fibres, such as polyester as the outer layer and fleece or wool as the inner lining, or nylon as the outer layer and cotton as the inner lining. Shoppers can use the table above to help determine the best blend of fibres for boys' cagoules based on their needs.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Boy's Cagoule

The main thing to consider when shopping for a boy's cagoule is the type of weather the cagoule will be worn for. However, there are other important factors to consider, such as safety features, the price of the garment, and the boy's opinion.

Weather Condition

Boys' cagoules for summer are typically thin and lightweight, providing just enough protection from drizzles without being heavy or bulky. Polyester or polyester-cotton blends are perfect for this purpose. Nylon can also do the job, especially those designs that feature cotton lining to improve breathability. Meanwhile, cagoules with woollen linings are best worn in winter because they are excellent at preventing cold from permeating the garment, thus keeping the boy's body warm. A nylon outer layer is also ideal because it is resistant to moisture and stains, things that are inconveniently plentiful in the cold months.

Health and Safety

Parents should generally avoid buying clothes that have too many decorations, which may serve as choking or tripping hazards. Buyers should also check if the item has any loose buttons or broken zips. Moreover, they should make sure that the fabric has been treated with flame retardants. Although rare, some children may have allergies to certain fabrics; this is something that parents may want to watch out for. Children with such allergies typically develop rashes (contact dermatitis) right after trying the clothes on.

The Boy's Opinion

Parents should make sure that the cagoule they are buying is something that their children will like to wear. For example, younger boys usually want something that is both comfortable and colourful, while older boys lean towards more stylish choices. Thus, it is important to let the boys participate in the shopping process so parents can ensure that what they will buy is what their boys will wear.

Useful Features

There are some designs that feature extra pockets, which can be convenient for school-aged boys who have lots of items to carry to and from school. In this respect, it is also a good idea to choose stain-resistant fabrics because the child may store his pens or pencils in these compartments. Aside from extra pockets, the hoods of some cagoules also double as bags for the garment when not being worn, thus eliminating the need to clear up space in the boy's school bag.

Price vs. Useable Life

Kids grow fast, and that is especially true for school-aged boys. With this in mind, the buyer should weigh the price of the garment against the length of time that it will be worn. For example, seven- or eight-year-olds grow at a relatively slow rate, so it may take a year or two before they outgrow their cagoule. However, a boy who is undergoing a growth spurt can outgrow his clothes in just a matter of months.

How to Buy a Boy's Cagoule on eBay

eBay offers parents many choices when it comes to boys' cagoules. Just type 'boys ' cagoule' in the search box on eBay's home page to get a basic list. Since cagoule may also be spelled in other ways, you can also use those alternative spellings to find other cagoules for sale. For example, using the search terms 'boys' kagool' or 'boys' kagoule' may return a larger number of results compared to the original search term, cagoule. You may also add other keywords related to your desired size, colour, design, or brand in order to get more relevant results. You can then browse through the refined search results to choose your preferred item. Make sure you check any sizing information that comes with the product in order to buy a boys' cagoule that will fit your child. Lastly, before committing to buy any item, remember to read the seller's return policy so that you can return or exchange the product, if you need to. You can do this by selecting the seller's name, then clicking on the 'contact' link on the seller's personal page.    


Cagoules are perfect as protective clothing for school-aged boys because they are lightweight and do not take up a lot of space in their school bags. Cagoules may be made from polyester or nylon with wool, fleece, or cotton lining, or from a combination of these types of fabrics. Ideally, the outer layer of a boy's cagoule should be made from water-resistant fabrics, while the inner lining should be made from insulating material.

When shopping for boys' cagoules, the buyer should always take safety of the child into consideration. Parents should choose clothes that are fire resistant, especially since boys behave in very unpredictable ways. Parents should also look for extra features that may be useful to kids, like extra pockets that provide more places for boys to store their belongings. Lastly, children should also take part in the buying process because they are more likely to wear something that they helped choose.

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