Your Guide to Buying a Designer Bridesmaid Dress

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Your Guide to Buying a Designer Bridesmaid Dress

During the planning stage of a wedding, it is important to decide which type of bridesmaid dress is appropriate. There are many options for bridesmaid dresses. In order to choose the perfect dress, a bride should consider a varied selection of styles and colours before purchasing. There is a difference between a bride choosing the bridesmaid dresses, and the bridesmaids purchasing their own dresses. If the dress is purchased by the bride, there is less debate over the dress, but there is a chance of having a dress or colour that does not complement all of the bridesmaids. There are many etiquette pitfalls that can easily be avoided by following a few rules. These rules, if followed, can make being a bridesmaid a more pleasant experience. Designer bridesmaid dresses can be purchased from bridal boutique shops, wedding dress shops, department stores, and on the online auction website, eBay. Before purchasing a designer bridesmaid dress, women should consider the various styles, colours, sizes, and accessories.

The Wedding Preparations

As you choose the floral arrangements and the bride’s dress, it is a good idea to also choose your bridesmaids and the bridesmaids’ dresses for the wedding. This does not seem like a difficult decision to make, but matching dresses to your colour and style is not as easy as it sounds. After the colours for the wedding are decided, and the bridal gown is chosen, choose the dresses for the bridesmaids. You can browse through listings on eBay or search through brick and mortar stores for dress ideas.

Looking for the Dresses

When you begin to look at bridesmaids’ dresses, keep the bride’s gown in mind. Although the bridesmaids’ dresses do not have to be an exact match to the wedding gown, they should be similar in style. A bridesmaid’s dress should not be longer than the wedding dress, even in a situation when the bridal gown is short. Even though an exact match is not needed, it is possible to get the dresses close to the style of the gown. These days you may see dresses that look similar to each other, but are actually different dresses in the same colour and fabric. This used to be a faux pas, but is not anymore. Many tailors, designers, and brick and mortar shops carry a selection of matching dresses. If you are looking for a designer bridesmaid dress, try asking the person who selected the bridal gown for help with the bridesmaids’ dresses. Designers can be a valuable resource when deciding on these dresses.

Finding the Style of the Dress

It is a good idea to browse different colours, styles, and lengths of dresses before choosing one for your bridesmaids. Another thing to keep in mind are the bridesmaids’ height, weight, and style. Most people who have acted as bridesmaids have had experiences with dresses that are not flattering. A bride can fix this problem by either letting the bridesmaids select their own dresses, or by asking the bridesmaids for their input.

If they cannot be with you to choose the dress, try to choose the most flattering style for the bridesmaid that is most difficult to dress. Try to make sure the bridesmaid’s dress is comfortable. If your heart is set on a particular style, remember it is your wedding. If the bridesmaids cannot be there for the dress selection, take pictures of the different choices and show them to the bridesmaids. This provides valuable input on the dresses.

Finding the Proper Colour for the Dress

When the bridesmaids are choosing their own dresses, make sure that they have the colours that you want them to wear. Mismatched styles can be compensated for by adding accessories, bows, or belts to match the wedding colours. This ties the theme of the wedding into dresses of different designs.

Many people believe that the colours of the bridesmaids’ dresses have to match each other and the colours for the wedding. This is not strictly true. There are a lot of weddings that have matching bridesmaids’ dresses and a lot that have slightly different colours. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to dress colour.

The bride and bridesmaids should also take the season into account when choosing the dresses. If it is autumn, rustic colours are in order. If it is winter, then either dull colours or bright colours can be appropriate. Dull colours complement the season, while bright colours contrast with the season. Spring and summer dresses should be made of light, cheerful colours that represent the seasons.

If the colour of the dress becomes a problem, a bride can pick up paint design cards. The master colour is the primary colour chosen for the wedding, and then, by looking at the colours that accent, or complement, the primary colour for the wedding, helps to avoid having the bridesmaids’ dresses clash with the rest of the decor.

Finding the Correct Sizes

If you are buying the bridesmaids’ dresses, it is a good idea to ask the bridesmaids to send their measurements. They can take their measurements with a simple tailor’s measuring tape. Ask each bridesmaid to place the tape measure around the widest part of the shoulders. Then, they should measure around their back, across the widest part of the bust. These two measurements are for both dresses with sleeves and strapless dresses. The next measurement is of the bridesmaid’s waist. This measurement is used for dresses that are tighter fitting in the middle. The last two measurements that they need to take are at the widest part of the hips and their height. After the bridesmaids send their measurements to you, give them to a tailor or dressmaker along with the bridesmaids’ dresses. Doing this well before the wedding helps alleviate some of the stress as the big day approaches.

Finding the Right Accessories

If the bridesmaids’ dresses are mismatched, then accessories can be used to tie the dresses into the theme of the wedding. The accessories can be anything from simple gold or silver jewellry to flowers and ribbons. When selecting accessories, keep the bridesmaids’ individual tastes in mind. The purpose of an accessory is to accent the bridesmaids’ dresses without detracting from them. Many brides wear a headdress, like a wreath, tiara, or hat. A few brides choose accents that a bridesmaid can wear after the wedding, such as simple jewellry. Some typical bridesmaid accessories include: pins, necklaces, earrings, and bits of thread braided into their hair if it is long enough.

Choosing a Designer Bridesmaid Dress

Many different designers offer bridesmaids dresses with their other fashion collections. Deciding on a designer has more to do with budget than it does the actual dress. A dress made by Gucci or Versace can put a significant dent in the wedding budget. Many bridesmaids may not be able to afford a high-end designer dress. In this case, the bride, or bride’s family, should be prepared to foot some of the bill, or to allow the bridesmaids to choose dresses that they can afford. Some of the less well-known designers are less expensive and may even help out with the cost of a designer dress if the wedding is high profile. Whether you choose a mainstream designer, a lesser known designer, or a local designer, making sure that the dress arrives on time and intact is important.

Big name designers often have a waiting list for their designs, while local or lesser known designers usually do not. The timeliness of your request, the number of dresses you needed, and the colours of the wedding should all be taken into account.

Buying Designer Bridesmaids’ Dresses on eBay

The popular auction website, eBay, is a good place to get ideas for a bridesmaid’s dress. It is also a good place to purchase these dresses with little or no difficulty. There are a vast array of bridesmaids’ dresses in different styles, colours, and sizes on eBay. The listings usually provide an idea of size, colour, if the seller has more than one in mind, and sometimes the history of the dress. Many sellers on eBay also carry accessories for these dresses.

It is a simple process to find designer bridesmaid dresses on eBay. Simply type in the search terms into the search box and click search. This gives you a list of designer dresses. You can also type in the name of a specific designer.

eBay’s seller feedback, star rating, and reviews can help alleviate some fears of purchasing online. Most sellers are open to questions about the dresses they are selling. It is important to ask any questions that you may have before bidding to make sure that it is the right item for your wedding. Most reputable sellers have positive feedback. They are also more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.


When contemplating how to buy a bridesmaid dress, a woman has to consider her wedding plans and colour scheme. If you have difficulty choosing a dress, do not forget that you can always ask your bridesmaids for their input on the dress, have them choose their own, or browse the varied styles of designer bridesmaid dresses on eBay. Remember that all styles do not look good on all body shapes, so first look for dresses that complement the bridesmaid with the most difficult shape to match, which narrows down your options.

To purchase a designer bridesmaid dress, make sure that you provide the designer with the style, colour, material, and measurements well before the wedding. Each of the steps to purchasing a bridesmaid dress refer to both designer and off-brand dresses. The style and colour of bridesmaid dress that is purchased depends on the wedding colours, individual style, and the body shape of the bridesmaids.

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