Your Guide to Buying a Faux Fur Rug

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Your Guide to Buying a Faux Fur Rug

Faux fur, also known as fake fur, has many of the qualities of natural fur. However, no animals were harmed for the purpose of making stylish soft furnishings. Some manufacturers have shifted their production to accommodate the growing pressure from organisations such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). In 1988, PETA launched its no fur campaign, dedicated to establishing and protecting the rights of all animals. Since then many celebrities and fashionistas around the world have stopped buying natural fur. As more people become aware of animal rights and what happens during the production of fur items, there has been a greater shift from natural to faux fur. Due to this, real fur has seen a decline in popularity. Faux fur is a popular alternative not only for supporters of animal rights, but for those looking for an less expensive option.

When purchasing a faux fur rug it is useful to consider the features, advantages and disadvantages of faux fur, the various shapes and sizes of rug, and how to properly care for the material. Faux fur rugs can be bought from carpet shops, homeware and department stores, as well as online retailers such as eBay..

Features of Faux Fur Rugs

The quality of faux fur rugs varies greatly. The highest quality rugs have an appearance that is difficult to differentiate from the real thing. Buyers should search for fur that does not release a lot of its hairs when stroked. The best faux fur rugs tend to be made of fine acrylic fibres that are dyed to mimic the colours, textures, and patterns of specific animal hides. These rugs come in various styles such as fox, leopard, zebra, tiger, bear, mink, and chinchilla.

Although it may seem difficult to differentiate between the two, buyers should consult the product's label for a complete listing of materials. If the label does not mention any animals, the product is deemed to be faux fur. Although the products may be advertised as faux fur, some may still contain animal fur, mostly from cats and dogs.

Faux fur rugs come in a wide array colours and designs. Buyers hoping to mimic a natural fur rug should search for a faux fur with an animal print. While the type of rug is ultimately based on personal preference, buyers should also consider their interior decor. The faux fur rug should complement a room’s style and match the colour scheme or form a contrast.

Advantages of Faux Fur Rugs

Besides the fact that no animals were harmed during the production, faux fur rugs are also easier to maintain, often washable, and do not require protection against the cold to prevent early signs of wear. Faux fur rugs are resistant to moths and are hypoallergenic. They also have excellent fire retardant qualities. Most faux fur rug designs are made of acrylic materials with a cotton backing. This allows the material to breathe, unlike natural fur. The rugs can be found in a wide array of shapes, as they are easily cut from the original material. They can also be found in a greater variety of designs including long, short, or brightly coloured: natural fur cannot be dyed. Faux fur rugs are more affordable than natural fur rugs.

Disadvantages of Faux Fur Rugs

One of the disadvantages of faux fur is its limited warmth. Natural fur provides greater heat production, offering comfort in extreme weather conditions. Also, faux fur is susceptible to frost in colder climates, whereas natural fur is able to withstand harsh conditions. Faux fur is also less environmentally friendly: acrylic and modacrylic polymer blends are derived from coal, air, water, petroleum, and limestone. Conversely, natural fur is biodegradable. The marked difference between faux and natural fur should also be accounted for. Natural fur is known for its smoothness, whereas, faux fur tends to be more coarse and may feel similar to cotton.

Shape of Faux Fur Rugs

Buyers must decide on a shape for the rug. Faux fur rugs can be found in geometric shapes such as a circle, oval, square, or rectangle. Circle and oval rugs are measured by diameter, while square and rectangular rugs are listed by width. Geometrical shapes work well under dining room or coffee tables and should match the shape of the table. Alternatively, buyers may prefer a more amorphous rug that mimics the shape of an animal with long narrow curves at either end and four smaller curves at the corners to represent the legs.

Size of Faux Fur Rugs

When searching for a faux fur rug, buyers should consider the amount of space available where the rug will be laid. This helps to determine the appropriate size. Choosing the right rug size can mean the difference between a well-balanced room and a disproportionate one. Many faux fur rugs fall under the accent rug category. These rugs are usually smaller and can add warmth to a bare hardwood floor or softness and visual interest to carpets. Other faux fur rugs are better described as area rugs and are used as the centrepiece in a room. For the most appealing look, the rug should be large enough to reach the furniture around the edges of the room.

Caring for a Faux Rug

Cleaning a faux fur rug may require special instructions. Buyers should keep this in mind as they choose a rug. In order to keep the rug looking smooth and free of debris, buyers should brush the faux fur rug with a soft bristled brush at least once a week. Hard bristled brushes can damage the fur’s lining and material. To prevent bunching the fibres, or even removing them, it is best to brush along with the grain of the material.

Buyers should always consult the faux fur rug’s care label for instructions prior to laundering. Faux fur is often labelled as dry clean only, but with proper precautions, buyers can launder the rug at home using an approved cleaning solution. The cleaning solution should be specially designed to clean faux fur in order to reduce the possibility of damage to the fur’s material. It is best to avoid soaking the fur in water as this can permeate the lining and ruin the material’s lustre and fullness.

Where to Buy Faux Fur Rugs

Faux fur rugs can be found at various bricks and mortar carpet shops, and homeware and department stores. These retailers offer a wide variety of faux fur rugs, ranging in size, price, and style. Alternatively, buyers can choose to purchase a new or pre-owned faux fur rug online. For buyers looking to pay a competitive price or who want a specific type of faux fur rug, eBay offers a large selection of items to choose from.

Buying Faux Fur Rugs on eBay

Buying a faux fur rug online offers buyers a wide variety of choice in a price range to meet any budget. Buyers can search for faux fur rugs by using eBay’s keyword search. Buyers can type in any related key terms such as faux fur rugs.. This is likely to render a long list of results. For a more limited search, buyers should type in specific key terms such as sheepskin faux fur rug..

Alternatively, a buyer can use eBay’s advanced search function. This allows shoppers to limit their search by category or price. Buyers can also limit results to those sold by Top-rated sellers. Top-rated sellers are recognised by the eBay community for their high levels of customer service. These sellers have received consistent positive feedback ratings from past buyers. Sellers must use standard terminology to describe the condition of their items, as outlined in eBay’s guidelines, and each listing includes a brief definition of the item’s condition in the item specifics section. It is a good idea to check whether the seller has a returns policy in the event that the rug is not appropriate. If the buyer has any questions, then they should contact the seller directly using the “Ask a question” link.


Faux fur rugs are a great alternative to natural fur, offering many of the same qualities. They are not only less expensive, but also no animals are harmed as part of the fur’s production. Buying a faux fur rug should be considered carefully. To get the maximum lifespan, buyers should not compromise quality for an affordable price when choosing a faux fur rug. Look for a rug that matches or complements the interior of the home.

Buyers should also make sure that the rug is proportional to the room’s dimensions. Faux fur rugs that are too large overpower the room, while a rug that is too small makes the room look unbalanced. Rugs are available in geometric shapes, or designs that look like the hide of an animal. If looking for a good deal, buyers should consider buying their faux fur rug outside of the cold season, such as in summer or spring. eBay sellers stock a wide range of faux fur rugs to suit any room.

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