Your Guide to Buying a Flattering Skirt for All Body Types

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Your Guide to Buying a Flattering Skirt for All Body Types

A skirt is a one-piece garment that allows the legs to move freely. It is a versatile piece of clothing and women often have more than one skirt in their wardrobe to fit different occasions. The designs, fabrics, and lengths vary, so when choosing a flattering skirt it is worth considering its suitability with your body type. There are women with thin, boyish figures, as well as others with pear shaped figures and it is unlikely that they could wear the same skirt and look the same in it. So, the body type makes a huge difference to the kind of skirt worn. If chosen correctly, the skirt hides the flaws and flatters the figure.

Skirts can be bought from department stores and many high street clothing shops, as well as online auction sites, including eBay. Before making a purchase, you should understand the different styles of skirt in order to decide which one flatters your body type.

Styles of Skirt

The first step to finding the most flattering skirt for your body type is to familiarise yourself with the vast range of skirt styles available. Then, the next time you see a skirt you can identify its particular style and know right away whether it is perfect for you.

A-Line Skirt

The A-line skirt is fitted at the waist and flares at the hem. So, the A-line skirt traces the shape of the hips and thighs. Godet skirts belong to the A-line category and have triangular fabric inserts that provide more volume at the hem. They slim the wearer by drawing the attention to the hem rather than the waist or hips.

Gypsy skirts are also a variation of the A-line skirt. They are long, reaching all the way to the ankles, and consist of horizontal panels, which may be ruffled. Gypsy skirts usually come with an elastic waistband that makes it easy for them to fit a range of sizes.

Panelled A-line skirts have vertical fabric panels that are stitched from the waist to the hem. These panels could be made of the same fabric as the main skirt or from another fabric to create contrast.

Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is fitted from the hip to the knee, and it tapers at the hem, hugging the figure. A pencil skirt hides the thighs and accentuates the hips. Usually pencil skirts have slits in the back to make them easier to walk in. Pencil skirts look stylish and can be worn at work or transformed into a party outfit with a few accessories.

The tube skirt is a variation of the pencil skirt. It is longer, reaching the calf or ankle. Tube skirts are made from a single piece of fabric that is either knitted or elasticised. They do not have darts or other tailoring. They fit tightly and emphasise the bottom and thighs.

Straight Skirt

The straight skirt has the same width from the waist to the hem and comes in many different lengths. Slits at the front, sides, or back are usually included to allow the legs to move freely when walking. The straight skirt is a good choice for showing off well-toned legs.

Mini Skirt

The main feature of the mini skirt is its shortness. It reaches far above the knees to somewhere in the middle of the thigh. The mini skirt comes in many shapes and reveals a lot of the legs. Therefore, the mini skirt is suitable for women with courage who are comfortable with their bodies.

Bubble Skirt

The bubble skirt is voluminous and has hems at regular semi-circular intervals all around the skirt creating a balloon-like effect. The best fabric for the bubble skirt is satin because it flows well.

Asymmetrical Hem Skirt

The asymmetrical hem skirt has an uneven or unbalanced hem. Asymmetrical skirts flow well and are very feminine. In the summer they can be worn casually, but are also perfect for nights out.

Tulip Skirt

The tulip skirt resembles a tulip that has been turned upside down. Two pieces of fabric overlap like the petals of the tulip and show a bit of the legs between the layers. The tulip skirt is usually between mini length and knee length, and has a slimming effect.

Pleated Skirt

The pleated skirt has one or many folds that are attached with stitching or permanently pressed into the fabric. The accordion pleated skirt has many pleats with equal width. It resembles a foldable fan and adds volume to the body. The knife pleated skirt has wider folds when compared to the accordion skirt. Folds on the knife pleated skirt are pressed flat, facing the same direction. The box pleated skirt has sections of flat fabric in between the folds.

Choosing the Perfect Skirt for Your Body Type

Women have different shapes and each feature of their body influences what kind of skirt is the most flattering. As well as considering your body type, it is also worth emphasising individual characteristics, like long legs, and matching the style to that feature. Luckily, with so many designs available, there is something for everyone: small busted, plus sized, long legged, boyish, and pear-shaped women, as well as others.

Skirts for Pear Shaped Women

A pear shaped body has hips that are wider than the bust and narrow shoulders. The pear shape looks best in A-line skirts. The skirt should end at the knees. Avoid horizontal details at the hip area because that makes the hips look wider. The asymmetrical hem skirt also draws attention away from the hips.

Skirts for Apple Shaped Women

An apple shaped woman has a wide waist, so looks good in an A-line skirt that redirects the attention from the waist. Avoid elasticated skirts because they draw too much attention to the midsection.

Skirts for Hourglass Shaped Women

Women with hourglass shapes have wide hips as well as shoulders, but their waist is narrow and defined. The best skirts emphasise the stunning waist, such as the pencil skirt. A-line skirts also work well, while tight minis may not as they widen the hips.

Skirts for Inverted Triangle Shaped Women

Inverted triangle shaped women have wide shoulders and narrow hips. The A-line skirt visually enhances the hips, while bright and light colours draw attention from the shoulders, which are further minimised when dressed in a dark top.

Skirts for Small Busted Women

Women with a small bust can add some curves by wearing a tulip skirt or anything with ruffles that provide volume. Choose bright colours for the skirt and neutral tones for the top to draw attention to the hips.

Skirts for Long Legged Women

In order to show off long legs, pair them with a straight mini skirt. Knee length straight skirts are also great for highlighting the legs.

Skirts for Plus Sized Women

Plus sized woman look stunning in A-line skirts that make the waist look smaller. Accentuate the waist with a belt. Pencil skirts that hug the hips slim them too. Horizontal details, pleats, and stiff fabrics should be avoided as they broaden the body.

Skirts for Boyish and Petite Women

Women without curves who have a boyish or petite figure should wear a skirt that creates some curves. Ruffles, eye-catching details, and beading work well. Bubble and pleat skirts are some of the most flattering styles to wear as they offer extra volume. Some fitted calf-length skirts can also create the illusion of curves.

Buying Skirts From eBay

eBay is a large auction site that lists flattering skirts for all body types, available in many colours. As the selection is very wide, starting your search on the main page with the general term, "skirt", results in a long list of results. If you would like to narrow down the list, then first determine which kind of skirt flatters your body type and then search for that style. For example, "pencil skirt", or if you have a very specific idea then, "black silk pencil skirt". After the initial search the results can be sorted by price. You may also choose other features of the skirt, like the size.

The item listing should contain all the information that you need regarding postage and packaging, payment methods, and exchanges and refunds. If any details are not included then contact the seller before making the purchase using the "Ask a question" link.


Every women want to look her best and when choosing a skirt according to her body type, a flattering look can be found. Skirts are versatile items of clothing found in many women's wardrobes and can be part of a stylish and feminine outfit. In order to find the most flattering skirt, first be familiar with the skirt styles, so that the differences between the looks achieved with an A-line, pencil, tulip, mini, or asymmetrical skirt are clear. Once the styles have been considered, then identifying the body type is next. Then it is easy to pick a flattering skirt for the body type. As a rule of thumb, the skirt should accentuate the best features, whether it is the narrow waist or long legs, and hide any flaws, from wide hips to bulky thighs. Some skirts, such as the A-line or pencil skirt look good on almost any figure.

eBay, with its large skirt selection, helps you to navigate the skirt world. You can purchase a figure flattering skirt from the comfort of your home, as long as you know the right style for your body type. Brands such as Zara, TopShop and Next all have a great selection of skirts for all shapes and sizes.

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