Your Guide to Buying a Gold Pocket Watch

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Your Guide to Buying a Gold Pocket Watch

Classy, elegant accessories transform any outfit from boring to fashionable. Gold pocket watches are everyday accessories which are used to determine the time of day. Pocket watches are meant to be carried in the pockets, as opposed to normal wrist watches. There are numerous questions which need to be answered when buying a gold pocket watch. For example, the different types of pocket watches depend on what the buyer is looking for and the style in which he or she is interested in. There are four different types of pocket watches and two different movements that watches make.

Before purchasing a gold pocket watch, the buyer must examine the type of pocket watch that he or she would like to acquire. There are a few different aesthetic elements which greatly affect the way the pocket watch is used and displayed. It may seem like a gold pocket watch is an aged and outdated accessory, but if the watch is dressed in the correct manner, it is tasteful and sophisticated. An informed buyer can learn about the different styles and types of pocket watches while taking into consideration the different watch movements, dials, and scales of gold to determine which watch is most suitable for him or her.

Styles of Gold Pocket Watches

Styles are always continually changing but because watches never go out of style, their functionality is forever present. Depending on the buyer's preference, a gold pocket watch can be a luxurious accessory which details the watch owner's cultured lifestyle. A pocket watch can also be used in informal settings as well to show difference between typical wrist watch wearers. The style is determined by the buyer's choice in the different characteristics of the watch and the specific preferences the buyer has with other accessories.

Types of Pocket Watches

In order to make the purchasing process easier for the buyer, he or she needs to have a better understanding of the various types of pocket watches available on the market. There four different types of gold pocket watches including the open-face watch, the half hunter case watch, the full hunter case watch, the double hunter case watch, and the half-double hunter case watch.

Open-Face Pocket Watch

The open-face pocket watch is self-explanatory with a design which does not have a cover, and the time is read without any case or obstruction on the time piece. This type of pocket watch is read quickly and easily, but is accustomed to more wear and tear on the front crystal piece.

Full Hunter Pocket Watch

The full hunter case watch is designed with an engraved outer casing with initials or even a picture or photograph displayed on the inside. A potential buyer should be aware that timekeeping is oftentimes quite a hassle when the cover has to be open every time the user wants to check the time.

Half Hunter Pocket Watch

Because of the hassle in checking time on the full hunter style, the half hunter was invented. It features a cover that includes a hole which allows the owner to see the hands of the watch without actually having to open it. A half hunter pocket watch provides the user with maximum convenience with the best protection.

Double Hunter Pocket Watch

The double hunter pocket watch has many of the same features as the full hunter pocket watch, including the fact that front face of the pocket watch is covered with a protective lid, but the difference with a double hunter pocket watch is that there is a lid which opens on the back. It is designed so that the mechanical movements of the pocket watch are viewed, and this also makes the pocket watch easy to stand on its own, so that the time is easily be read.

Half-Double Hunter Pocket Watch

The last type of pocket watch is the half-double hunter case watch which is a combination of the double hunter and the half hunter pocket watches. It has all the features of a double hunter pocket watch, which includes having a front and back hinged lid that fully opens, but differs because it has a window on the front lid of the pocket watch which enables the user to view the dial to keep time without opening the cover.

Watch Movement

There are three main types of movements which are found in pocket watches today. These include quartz, automatic, and mechanical. A movement in watchmaking is when the device measures the passage of time and shows the current time. The owner can look at the specific details of the watch and it should state which type of movement is used. Overall, quartz watches are the most efficient and accurate with time. The only maintenance required for a quartz watch is a new battery every two to three years. The buyer of a gold pocket watch must compare all three types of movements by quality and price in determining which suits him or her the best.


Electronic watches contain little to no moving parts and operate from tiny quartz crystals that provide an accurate time. The quartz version is an electronic movement which does not need winding but cosmetically still displays the hand moving because that is what the watch wearer prefers.


Automatic watches are self winding based on the movements of the wearer's body. Self-winding watches can also be wound manually for when the user is either not wearing the watch or the user's motions are inadequate to keep the watch wound.


Mechanical watches are less accurate and sensitive to position, temperature, and magnetism. In addition, mechanical watches require normal adjustment and maintenance. These types of watches are more costly to produce and are often susceptible to failure.

Scale of Gold on Pocket Watches

In gold pocket watches, there are different levels of gold which each watch contains and that is measured by the amount of carats that are in the watches. Typically, a gold pocket watches ranges from 10 to 18 carat gold. The higher the carat gold in the watch, the more expensive the pocket watch is.





100 per cent pure

Pure gold which is too soft to use for jewellery


91.7 per cent pure

Still too soft for jewellery, but used in certain parts of the world


75 per cent pure

Very popular; good balance of strength and value


58.3 per cent pure

Extremely popular; good balance of durability and value


50 per cent pure

Not used for jewellery


41.7 per cent pure

Lowest gold content which is legally allowed in the United States


37.5 per cent pure

Lowest gold content which is legally allowed in the United Kingdom

In various parts of the world, the purity of gold differs due to regulations and standards that the government imposes. To be considered "solid gold", the gold typically must be over 10 carats, and to be considered "pure gold", the gold must be 24 carats.

Other Considerations When Buying a Gold Pocket Watch

The buyer may want to analyse which type of dial and font he or she prefers for the face of the pocket watch. The dial is the area where the watch wearer reads the time. There are numerous types of dials such as, railroad dials, Canadian railroad dials, and Hamilton "Enameline" dials. The font is either in Roman or Arabic numerals.

Railroad Dials

Railroad dials tend to be simple and readable with an emphasis on functionality and readability. Railroaders preferred black numerals on a white background and did not typically use ornate and fancy dials with elegant lettering and scenic backgrounds.

Canadian Railroad Dials

Canadian railroad dials differ by having a second set of hour markers within the first. These numbers detail the hours from 13 to 24, because the Canadian Pacific Railway adopted a 24-hour time standard on their watches that were used by railroaders.

Hamilton "Enameline" Dials

The final type of dial is the Hamilton "Enameline" dial that used a kind of plastic called melamine, which was popular in the 1950s. This type of pocket watch dial lost popularity due to its defects in the cracking of the dials.

The right dial on a gold pocket watch oftentimes makes the difference in portraying the elegance and fanciness of the watch.

How to Buy a Gold Pocket Watch on eBay

When the buyer is fully educated on the specifications and the diverse characteristics of gold pocket watches, it is time to purchase one. eBay provides a vast selection of gold pocket watches. The easiest way to search for a gold pocket watch is to perform a keyword search. The buyer can begin the
search on eBay by using the search bar located at the top of every page. In the search box, simply type in "gold pocket watch", and a couple hundred options or more appear in the search results. If the buyer is looking for a more specific type of watch, he or she can alter the keywords to be more specific, such as using "18 carat gold pocket watch" or "open-face gold pocket watch".

The buyer can then go through and select a specific gold pocket watch and determine its quality by examining the description. To put the buyer at more ease when purchasing a gold pocket watch, there is an option to evaluate the seller's feedback. The seller's eBay history includes all the feedback ratings from buyers within the last 12 months. The feedback provides the buyer the information from past interactions with the seller, allowing the buyer to make an informed decision. The feedback is beneficial for the seller because it allows the seller to improve his or her service. It is important to leave feedback for a seller after the buyer receives the item because it is necessary to inform the eBay marketplace on the seller's cooperation.


Gold pocket watches come in a variety of types and styles. They also contain varying amounts of gold in them. It is ultimately up to the buyer to make a decision on what style of pocket watch to buy. However, there are numerous decisions that are necessary in making an informed choice on a gold pocket watch. The characteristics which need to be included in the decision are the style of the pocket watch, the type of watch, the different watch movements, and how much gold the watch contains. In terms of style of the watch, the buyer must consider what he or she is looking for and whether it is a more elegant taste or a standard pocket watch used for daily operation.

There are multiple types of gold pocket watches such as open-face, full hunter case, half hunter case, double hunter case, and half-double hunter case watches. There are also different watch movements which determine how the watch works. They consist of quartz, automatic, and mechanical and consistently, the quartz watches are more precise and efficient. In addition to movements, the consumer must decide the scale of gold which he or she wants in the pocket watch, ranging from 10 to 18 carats. By following this process of buying a gold pocket watch, the consumer can select whichever watch he or she prefers most. With the correct research, a buyer is able to easily conclude that he or she has made the correct decision in buying a gold pocket watch.

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