Your Guide to Buying a Kids Leotard on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying a Kids' Leotard on eBay

Leotards are functional and fashionable items that kids need from time to time during childhood. However, grown-ups who want to purchase these items are often confronted with very diverse offerings of kids’ leotards. Which type of leotard is appropriate for which setting, and where can a consumer find these leotards?

The online marketplace presents a great resource in the form of eBay, where one can access a wide variety of leotards. Kids’ leotards fall within several categories, including leotards made for modern dance, jazz, and tap. Gymnastics leotards, ballet leotards, and even leotards that are worn as fashion accessories are also part and parcel of this category of activewear. One can ease the process of looking for and settling on a leotard that is appropriate for a purpose by familiarising oneself with the offerings on the market. It is also important to determine the right size of leotard before embarking on the purchasing process.

Shopping for a Kids’ Leotard on eBay

There are a few useful approaches you can take to begin your shopping excursion for a kids’ leotard on eBay. One is to run a search using the search bar found at the top of any page on the website. If you want to get an ideal of the overall range of leotards available, run a general search with a term such as "girls leotard". If you already have a specific item in mind, you can run a search with a narrower term, such as "pink girls sleeveless leotard".

Of course, before starting your search on eBay, it is helpful to have a clear idea of what a leotard is, its function, and the types of leotards available in today’s market.

An Overview of the Leotard

A leotard is a one-piece, skin-tight garment that is traditionally worn by dancers and other athletes over the torso, leaving the legs free. Leotards can come in sleeved and sleeveless varieties and feature a range of necklines. They are typically made of synthetic blends that allow for stretch and comfort.

A Brief History of the Leotard

The original concept for the leotard was championed by a nineteenth century acrobat and trapeze artist in France named Jules Leotard. After making a name for himself as a performer, Leotard’s name became synonymous with the skin-tight garment he wore to execute his tricks and athletics.

Applications of the Leotard

The leotard holds a particularly prominent place in the worlds of ballet and dance. In ballet, a leotard is always worn for barre practice and floor exercises. Leotards are also worn in gymnastics, with long-sleeved varieties sometimes being worn by ice skaters during practice sessions. Leotards have also established a place for themselves in fashion and are sometimes used as a staple in outfits.

Types of Kids’ Leotards

The following is a list of the main types of leotards that adults can encounter in their search for a kids’ leotard on eBay. This section looks at each category of leotard in terms of structure and use, and it lists the disciplines in which that leotard is typically used.

Modern Dance, Jazz Dance, and Tap Leotards

Leotards worn in modern dance, jazz or tap often have a sheen to them and come in a wide range of colours not found in ballet. Nylon and lycra blends create the shine and elasticity of these leotards, which can come in any number of sleeve lengths, including short sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, and long sleeves.

Ballet Leotards

Classical ballet leotards typically come in a narrow range of colours as required by most ballet academies. Pink, white, and black are usual uniform colours that can be found in these leotards. Ballet leotards often feature a matte sheen and a lighter, more cotton-like construction than modern dance equivalents.

Gymnastics Leotards

A leotard worn in gymnastics usually has a long sleeve and a tight scoop neck. Gymnastics leotards can be plain for practice and more decorative for competitions, where they may feature a bedazzling element or dynamic stripe, for example. Gymnastics leotards come in a range of colours and are not restricted by colour standards as in ballet.

The Skirted Leotard

The skirted leotard is a leotard with a short skirt element affixed at the hips. This type of leotard, sometimes called a skate skirt, is commonly worn in ice dancing, as the flow of the skirt can complement a skater’s movements over the ice. This leotard can also be seen in some dance classes, although it is not typically worn in a classical ballet setting.

Fashion versions of the skirted leotard are popular amongst young girls as dress-up or play items. These skirted leotards feature dressier, more ornate designs and can sometimes be found as an element in a fancy dress costume.

The Tutu Leotard

The tutu leotard is very similar in structure to the skirted leotard, except that the skirt element is constructed from a stiff tulle that usually sticks out from the hip area. Tutu leotards are often found in fancy dress, but they can also be worn in performance by younger dancers. These items should not be confused with a real tutu from the ballet world which works with a basque and bodice and is a much more structured article of clothing.

Boys’ Leotards

Boys’ leotards are sleeveless, lycra-blend garments that are widely used in gymnastics. These leotards follow a tank silhouette at the top and can be usually found in black, red, white, or some shade of blue. Boys who take ballet do not typically wear leotards; rather, they wear dance shorts paired with a white T-shirt or tank top.

Sizing a Kids’ Leotard

When shopping for a leotard on eBay for a child, it is important to find the right size of leotard. The correct size is essential to the comfort of a child during dance or practice. Most leotards come in dual children’s sizes such as 7 to 8 years, for example. The following chart lists the average measurements for both boys’ and girls’ dual sizes. Boys’ and girls’ sizes follow rather parallel measurements until puberty. This chart offers a Boy and Girl measurement at the ages of 13 and 14.

Dual Sizes

1.5 to 2 yrs

2 to 3 yrs

3 to 4 yrs

4 to 5 yrs

5 to 6 yrs

7 to 8 yrs

9 to 10 yrs

11 to 12 yrs

13 to 14 yrs (G)

13 to 14 yrs (B)

Height (cm)











Chest (cm )











Waist (cm)











Hip (cm)











This chart provides an average standard for boys and girls sizes and should only be used as a general reference when purchasing a kids’ leotard. It is important to note that sizing can vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. When buying a kids’ leotard on eBay, consumers should ask sellers about the sizing of their products to ensure they get the right fit for a leotard.

Special Note on Sizing Gymnastics’ Leotards

Gymnastics’ leotards can sometimes be sold based on chest measurements. To get a child’s chest measurement, take a tape measure and measure the child’s chest across the very middle of the chest. Make sure that the child is not inhaling deeply and expanding the chest cavity. This measurement can then be used in finding a correct size.

The Buying Process on eBay

Once you have decided to focus on a specific type of leotard for purchase, you can begin looking at auction listings on eBay in detail. If you run a search, and an item catches your eye, click on its title to reach its detailed information. On the item’s page, you can find important details such as the payment methods a seller accepts, shipping costs, shipping time, and other relevant information.

Take the time to review all the details associated with a product. The page may provide such essential talking points as the material used in the leotard, notes on sizing, and even comments on washability and maintaining the leotard in the long term. By reviewing these items in detail, you can ascertain how well a kids’ leotard addresses the needs.

When shopping on eBay, it is important to take the time to get to know the vendors from whom you may purchase an item. On an item’s listing page, you can also access essential information on the seller. Clicking on the seller’s name on the page takes you to the seller’s page, where you can access feedback submitted from other customers. Researching the seller ensures that your experience on eBay is a positive one.


Buying a kids’ leotard on eBay is an easy process once a consumer has done some research about the product category. Understanding that the requirements change with the type of activity, whether it is dance, gymnastics, or classical ballet, is the first step in finding the right kind of kids’ leotard. By using this guide to select an appropriate leotard and then find the correct size for a child, parents can be better prepared in the purchasing process.

Then, by leveraging the extensive catalogue of kids’ leotards on eBay, sorting through and reviewing listings, and finally, vetting potential sellers, consumers can find and buy just the leotard they need. Parents can even use eBay to find fun leotard options which a child can use to play dress-up or wear as a fashion item during the day. With eBay, buying a leotard for a child is a seamless process that provides consumers with a truly comprehensive and user-friendly way to shop.

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