Your Guide to Buying a Long Sleeved Wedding Dress

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Your Guide to Buying a Long Sleeved Wedding Dress

When a bride-to-be contemplates what dress to wear to celebrate the greatest day of her life, the range of styles she has to choose from is immense. Involved in the decision is the enjoyable dilemma of whether to buy a dress with long sleeves or not. Although sleeveless dresses are far more popular, there are still a lot of choices among long sleeved dresses. Long sleeved dresses provide an appeal and old fashioned sense of style that many brides to be are looking for. When it comes to finding the perfect long sleeved dress, the options may seem a bit overwhelming in the beginning without any guidance. With the right guidance and information, buyers are more capable of making a well rounded, informed decision on what to purchase. This guide can help prospective buyers to look at the different long sleeved options for wedding dresses, so that buyers are not going into the buying process blinded and unfamiliar with the choices out there.

Introduction to the Long Sleeved Wedding Dress

Reasons of decorum, climate, taste and nostalgia might dictate the decision to opt for long sleeves for the big day. The sleeve can be a major statement if, for example, a vintage wedding dress is chosen. Sleeves can gently caress, can hang down to create folds, or can be close fitting.

There are name designers who each use their own trademark touches to stamp their particular designs with individual personality. They often use long sleeves as a highlight, a part of the dress that, far from hiding the arm, emphasises its feminine curves and its delicate wrist. A designer long sleeve wedding dress need not cost the earth. Lace sleeves, broderie anglaise sleeves, sheer organza sleeves - these are just a few of the types.

The Full Length Sleeve

A demure and at the same time alluring bridal image is projected by a long-sleeved gown. The belle of the wedding exudes a special princess-like aura as she passes among her guests, each of whom feels, in her presence, specially chosen. Long close-fitting lace sleeves which just lap the back of the hand with a tracery pattern look very classy. Contrastingly, on a satin dress, full length sleeves which billow down until cinched into a cuff with a row of closely packed pearl or fabric-covered spherical buttons recall the glamour of the 1970's

Different Types of Wedding Dresses

While virtually any shape of wedding dress can have long sleeves, except for the strictly strapless ballgown version, there are some models of long sleeved wedding dresses that are just stunning. Sleeves can give a certain air of formality and are sometimes also a good choice for the more mature bride. Sleeves on a wedding dress can also signal modesty, an attribute which in many cultures is considered appropriate for a bride to display. Some styles of long sleeved wedding dresses that appeal to many brides are that of the bateau neckline, the low cut ball gown, the tea length dress,the grecian style, and the vintage style wedding dress. In order to understand which to choose from, below is a detailed description of each.

Bateau Neckline Wedding Dress

A stunning combination is the wide bateau neckline, rather like a slash neck if one were talking about sweaters, with full sleeves. The neckline exposes the top of the chest area and emphasises the collarbones as well as leaving the shoulders totally uncovered. When playfully combined with the demureness of long sleeves, it creates a really eye-catching effect. Sleeves are often of a single layer of lace, but may be of sheer fabric, such as organza.

Low-Cut Ball Gown-Style Dress

The hugely popular low cut ball gown silhouette with its echoes of old 1930s movies and its full exposure of the upper back, shoulders and cleavage, is not for every bride. However, this shape but with the bare areas filled in with sheer lace which then extends to full length, close-fitting, quite sculptural sleeves can transform the look while still leaving a screen goddess impression. This clever solution can make all the difference to the impact the bride’s appearance makes on all present on the special day.

Tea Length Long Sleeved Dress

Whereas full-length wedding dresses have always dominated the scene, a rival shape is the tea length dress, derived from the idea that afternoon tea is taken in a knee length frock. The look carries a faint hint of the 1940’s. It is a good decision for brides who want to show off shapely legs, and those pins get even more emphasis when, contrastingly, the arms are covered. A tea length wedding dress can look equally good with lace or chiffon sleeves, or even with the more conventional option of using the same close-weave fabric as the dress itself.

Grecian Style Long Sleeved Dress

With their high waistlines and straight folds dropping to the floor, Grecian-style gowns generally adopt the column silhouette and are most often sleeveless. A more demure take on this style is prettily embellished with soft sleeves. These may be in sheer chiffon with a split either from wrist to elbow or all the way to the armpit, the split turning the sleeve into a piece of fine drapery.

Vintage Style Wedding Dress

Vintage style wedding dresses for a wedding can create a memorable spectacle of regal proportions The pageantry of courtly dress lends itself to such themed weddings and a bride in renaissance period dress can look amazing. Long sleeves form a striking part of medieval and tudor bridal costumes, the sleeve design often being a feature in its own right. The sleeves on renaissance and medieval gowns, often favoured for pagan weddings, cling flatteringly from shoulder to elbow the open in a bell shape, cascading down over the hands, and typically have a contrast trim around the wide bell opening.

Factors to Consider With a Long Sleeved Wedding Dress

While the perfect dress is always on the top of the mind of any bride-to-be, there also is the concern of the overall picture. There are a few different factors that should be considered by the buyer when looking for a long sleeved wedding dress


With the climate taken into consideration, the amount of time that is to be spent outdoors on the wedding day is an important factor influencing the amount of flesh the bride bares to the elements. If transport is to be open, such as in the case of a horse-drawn carriage, clothing decisions are likely to be affected.


A long sleeved wedding dress brings with it a sense of romance and simplicity. But let’s remember that while the dress is one of the main features of every wedding day, there are also other features that guest pay attention to. There is the matter of the bride’s bouquet, which needs to seem perfectly matched up and paired to the brides wedding dress, adding to the romantic appeal. 

Bridal Party

Since the wedding group will be the subject of many of the wedding photos (as well as being the focus of attention of all the guests present), it is a good idea to have a strong vision of the overall look, including the bridesmaids’ dresses. A good idea is to maintain a theme; hence, settling for long sleeved bridesmaids’ dresses to complement the bride’s covered arms, can overcome any imbalance in the overall appearance.

How to Buy Long Sleeved Wedding Dresses on eBay

Marriage continues to be the life choice of vast numbers of couples, and where there is a wedding, there is a dress. Brides in long sleeve wedding dresses radiate elegance and self-assurance. On eBay, the bride-to-be can choose from a multitude of long sleeved gowns, all easily searchable. Just typing into the search field the basic description, for example ‘wedding dress long sleeves size 10’, will reveal a tantalising array for the buyer to choose from. Narrowing the search by introducing specific wishes, such as ‘vintage style’.

By taking the hard work, and especially the legwork, out of all these tough decisions, eBay is a much appreciated treasure trove. For this purchase, sellers who understand the immensity of the decision are all too happy to respond to questions from a prospective buyer. A great many of the sellers offer made to order wedding dresses, and consequently close personal attention is given. Brides can browse through a wide selection of sleeves or can oten, if they wish, contribute to the design of the sleeves, thus enabling their own personal requests to be accommodated.


The long-sleeved look conveys great elegance and need not be an especially bold statement. In fact, acres of bare arms can be quite distracting. Long sleeves, particularly delicate lace ones of a narrow-fitting design, can gently draw greater attention to the dress’s main silhouette. Making the decision to buya long sleeved wedding dress on eBay takes care of one of the more stressful aspects of planning a wedding. With a simple click, the eager bride has a glorious display of items to look through. The made to measure route is equally possible using eBay to source an experienced dressmaker. For bridesmaids’ dresses, too, the flexibility of dealing directly with the gowns’ creator is one of the less well known benefits of sourcing online, on eBay. While visiting eBay’s website, the future bride can also select or reject all kinds of wedding accessories, from ribbons to decorate the venue to favours to give to the guests, deciding at her leisure what seems most appropriate.

As for ‘That Dress’, depending on whether her tastes extend to full, frothy wedding dresses or to svelte close-fitting gowns, for the event of her lifetime, no woman needs to feel she has given herself too little choice. Browsing in comfort, a regret-free decision can be made and the pleasure of anticipating the big day then takes over.

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