Your Guide to Buying a Nissan Navara on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying a Nissan Narvara on eBay

The Nissan Navara is the perfect pickup for anyone looking for a vehicle with style, comfort, performance, and functionality all wrapped up into one. Nissan made an effort to bring the best of all worlds to their mid-sized pickup buyers and they were more than successful in their endeavours. The biggest seller has been the ST dual cab 4X4 model that features a powerful 2.5 litre engine with around 197 horsepower. Although this model doesn't have the same amount of power as the V6 turbo diesel one, it is surprisingly fast and fuel efficient, and it doesn't empty the pockets nearly as much as the other engine does. Overall, Nissan offers so many versions of the Navara that there is one to fit each person's needs and budget, and there are also used Navaras to consider as well.

For most people, buying a new car ranks as one of the top most tedious and frustrating things to do. It is stressful trying to find something with in a specific price range, dealing with the sellers can be a pain, and driving around dozens of vehicles trying to find the right one gets tiring. If shoppers are looking for a used automobile, the process is even more overwhelming because there is always the possibility of getting stuck with one that has hidden problems. No matter what, there is a lot to consider when buying a Nissan Navara just like there is with any other vehicle.

About the Nissan Navara

In the last several years, pickups have transformed from the large, powerhouses that they used to be, to being more lifestyle oriented. They tend to be smaller and more fuel efficient now than they used to be. However, the Nissan Navara and its counterpart, the Frontier, have always been small pickups that were built for everyday life. Do not be fooled by its seemingly innocent appearance though, the Navara still packs a punch when it comes to power and performance.

Nissan Navara Interior

One of the nice things about shopping for a Navara is that the cabin has multiple cabin sizes. Buyers can choose a single cab with no rear seating or storage space, a king cab, with no rear seating but minimal storage space, and the double cab that has a rear seating area with a surprising amount of room. The double cab model can fit up to five people in it.

There are also options for upgrading the interior to comfortable leather seats, a built-in GPS navigation system, and a Bose sound system. It is definitely possible to ride in luxury with this truck. The layout and design of the dashboard panel is well done and does not feel cheap. The buttons are arranged and well identified, and there are plenty of little extra storage spaces.

Driving the Nissan Navara

The Navara has received the most critical reviews for its ride quality. The build seems to be based more on utility than luxury. The handling is a little rough and the truck has not proved itself to be a top-notch off-road vehicle like some of the others in its class. However, the steering is well calibrated, it still does okay on rough roads, and it is geared to tow more weight than the average mid-sized pickup.

The Nissan Navara Engine

The Navara has two engines that buyers can choose from and they are both diesel. The 2.5 litre, 4-cylinder one is a turbo diesel with plenty of pulling power and a decent 33 mpg rating. This is the most popular version because it is fairly affordable, has a good amount of horsepower, and the fuel economy isn't sacrifice too much.

The other option is the 3 litre, 6-cylinder diesel that gets around 30 mpg and only comes with an automatic transmission. This engine definitely costs more, but it has more power than the 2.5 litre, has a smoother ride, and it run quieter.

Determine a Budget

Deciding on a budget is the first thing that shoppers should do. Research has shown that people who. do not choose a price range from the beginning often end up spending more on a vehicle. It is easy to go shopping and end up wanting all of the expensive upgrades that really are not necessary.

One way to choose a budget is to use a loan calculator to estimate how much the monthly payments will be. Then look at the total monthly household income and expenses to decide how much can be allocated to auto loan payments. Once deciding on a loan amount, be sure to stick with it.

Next, do some research and figure out how to get the loan. Buyers who are finding vehicles from private sellers or websites like eBay will need to contact the financial institutions on their own for the financing. Be sure to call around to several different banks to compare their rates. However, do not forget to include tax fees and all of the other new costs associated with purchasing a new vehicle. Sometimes people need to include those in the loan so that they do not have to pay for it upfront. In some cases, those fees add another 10 percent to the purchase price.

Get the Nissan Navara Inspected

When buying a used vehicle, it is imperative that it be inspected by the shopper as well as a mechanic. When looking at a truck, visually inspect the engine to see if there appear to be able fluid leaks. Look at the top of the motor, the bottom of the motor, and at the ground underneath to check for any drippage. Fluid leaks often mean that the engine has not been well maintained over the years. Next, check the oil level and cleanliness. If the level is low, or the oil is overly dirty, the owner may not have been replacing the fluid as often as they should have been.

Next, inspect the body inside and out for dents, scratches, and marks. If there is an excessive amount of damaged caused by carelessness, the owner has not maintained the car well and there is a good chance that there are even more problems that are not visible.

If the truck passes the buyer's general inspection, it should be taken to a mechanic for a closer look. Professional auto mechanics can take things apart to get a closer look. It will cost money to do this, but it is worth it to ensure that the vehicle will not break down later on. If the mechanic does find some minor issues with the truck, shoppers can use this information to bargain with the seller for a lower purchase price. Be sure to find out from the mechanic how much it will cost to get those problems fixed before speaking with the seller about the problems.

How to Shop for a Nissan Navara on eBay

To pull up a list of all the Nissan Navaras on eBay, type "Nissan Navara" into the eBay search bar. The list will be generated right away and you can begin browsing through the selection. In order to stick to your budget, enter in your price range so that the trucks that are too expensive will be removed from the list. Since you will most likely want to go inspect the truck in person, sort the vehicles by the nearest distance first. That way you can look at the closest ones first.

Be sure to ask the seller as many questions as possible about their truck before requesting to see it. It could be a wasted trip if you go there and then discover that you overlooked something. Also verify that the seller has received good feedback from their past customers on eBay. This really only works for dealerships because it is unlikely for a private seller to list more than one vehicle on the site. However, a seller that is honest with the small products he sells on eBay, will most likely be honest with the big ones as well.

The convenient thing about shopping on eBay is the fact that both private sellers and dealerships list their vehicles for sale on the site. This saves you from having to bring up a ton of different websites to look at all the trucks available. Instead, you can find them all one one website.


The Nissan Navara is a solid truck that is built for the city life as well as the rough terrain. Some models can seat up to five people and the long bed is perfect for hauling all kinds of things. With a truck like the Navara,, buyers have the ability to haul trailers or toys, go off the paved roads, and zip down the motorway with no troubles at all. It is no wonder that it continually receives a higher satisfaction rating than all of the other mid-sized trucks in its class. Whether new or used, the Navara is an excellent choice for buyers who want a smaller pickup will last them for years without breaking the bank.

Shopping for a Nissan Navara is as simple as visiting the eBay website to see what's available in the area. With the ability to shop online it is easy to build up a list of trucks to look at from the comfort of home.

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