Your Guide to Buying a Peugeot HDi

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More than a dozen different models of Peugeot cars feature PSA HDi engines. HDi, which stands for high pressure direct injection, is a turbo diesel engine with a rail injection system that the PSA Group and Ford developed, essentially making it a standard turbo diesel engine. When choosing a Peugeot with an HDi engine, consider the model, specifications, and age of the car to make a wise investment.

Choose a Peugeot HDi Model

Several different Peugeot models come with HDi engines. Options range from new to used, and vehicles with the HDi designation date back to 1998, when the PSA Group first began manufacturing HDi engines. With that in mind, you can choose from classic coupes and cars such as the Peugeot 407, family cars such as the 306, or a number of other options. Peugeot offers diesel engines on the majority of their vehicles, so there are plenty to choose from. As with any other vehicle purchase, consider the number of seats, cargo and boot space, and of course, amenities.


Choose a Peugeot HDi Engine

Although choosing a car according to its engine is not the ideal way to choose a vehicle, you can look for specific models depending on your needs and preferences. Peugeot labels their HDi engines by litres as well as a D designation. Options include the 1.4 litre DV4; the 1.6 litre DV6; the 2.0 litre DW10, which is available with 8 and 16 valves; and the 2.7 litre V6 24 valve biturbo, or the DT17. Peugeot mostly installed each engine across a couple of vehicles, but some engines, such as the DW10 are common across the entire range. For the average driver, the engine does not matter a great deal. However, anyone who does care can take the time to research which HDi engine is in the Peugeot before purchase.


Consider the Peugeot HDi Age

Should the vehicle you buy be new or used? New Peugeot HDi engines are advantageous in that they offer a warranty, better care, and no one else has used the vehicle. Second-hand Peugeots are typically more affordable. Buyers who choose to purchase a used Peugeot can decide on the exact age by comparing pricing to their budget, checking amenities, and looking at the mileage and the condition of the engine.

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