Your Guide to Buying a Swimming Costume

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Your Guide to Buying a Swimming Costume

Looking fabulous for the summer season means purchasing a stunning designer women's swimsuit, but this is something many women dread. First of all, designer swimming costumes tend to be expensive, and many women do not want to spend that kind of money on an item they will only wear seasonally. There are two options here. Either you can visit a local department store and pay a premium price for a swimsuit, or you can find a great deal on eBay. One of the wonderful things about eBay is it allows buyers to shop for used swimming costumes. While this may seem like a risky proposition to some, buying a used designer swimsuit in great condition not only saves money, it also helps you look great during your summer vacation. By following some helpful suggestions, anyone can purchase a new or used designer swimsuit costume that looks beautiful and fits like a dream.

New Swimming Costume

New swimsuits offered by designers come at a premium price, but in exchange the buyer gets exquisite style and exceptional quality. Perennial favourites, such the Victoria’s Secret swimsuit collection, are designed for women of all different body types. Full-figured or bony, pear or apple shaped, there is always the perfect swimsuit just waiting to be found by the right buyer. When purchasing new swimsuits, always check the fabric and size. Good swimming costumes should have at least 10 to 15 percent Lycra and come in accurate sizes. If you cannot afford a designer swimming and the thought of buying a used one turns you off, then pay attention to the popular designer styles. Chances are you can find a cheaper alternative based off of the designer suit.

Used Swimming Costume

Savvy shoppers already know that eBay is the place to buy high quality used goods, with everything from used wedding dresses to shoes. Gently used swimming costumes allow the buyer to save a bundle of money on their purchase while purchasing a quality fashion piece. In fact, buying a used swimming costume allows a woman to buy an item she may not have been able to purchase while it was brand new. However, not all used swimsuits make for great bargains. Use some of the information below to help you make an appropriate choice.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Swimming Costume

Before making a final purchase, it is important to take the fabric type and other necessary thoughts into consideration. This will help a consumer find the best possible swimming costume that will last an entire season, if not longer.

Check the Fabric

This is probably the most important step to buying a used swimming costume, and one that can get a little tricky. Not all used swimming costumes still have a tag printed on them that tells the fabric makeup of the piece, and not all sellers will list this information. If there isn’t any fabric or material specifications listed in the auction, then ask the seller about the fabric. If the seller does not know, then it is best to stay away from the auction altogether. Swimming costumes are often made out of either nylon, polyester, spandex, and cotton. Usually, they are a blend between these different fabrics found at various percentages.

Try to Avoid Used Pure Fabrics

While it is somewhat rare to find a swimming costume made out 100 percent pure cotton or pure nylon, it does happen. These do not make for compelling used purchases simply because the fabrics don’t last long. Cotton is a staunch, strong fabric, except when it is repeatedly exposed to the chemical chlorine, found in most swimming pools. For this reason, cotton swimming costumes are rarely found. Usually, if a cotton swimming costume is for sale, it is most-likely a cotton blend swimsuit. However, it is always better to ask than try and guess.

Nylon and polyester are the other main fabrics used for swimming costumes. They both have similar stretchable properties, making them quite form fitting, unlike cotton suits. They can also withstand chlorine better than cotton. However, both nylon swimsuits and polyester swimsuits will get stretched out of shape over time until they become very thin. Furthermore, both of these fabrics cannot withstand long exposure to ultraviolet rays, resulting in a faded swimsuit that could possibly start to fray or lose colour.

Focus on Purchasing Swimwear With Blended Fabrics

The best option for used swimming costumes is to purchase a suit made with a spandex blend. Spandex, often marketed as Lycra, is heavily used for professional swimsuits because it is more elastic and form fitting than the many materials. Furthermore, it holds its shape better over time. While swimsuits are rarely sold in 100 percent spandex because the fabric can be slightly itchy, Lycra blend swimsuits are excellent for holding up their shape and quality. The Lycra reinforces the other materials like nylon, polyester, or cotton so that the entire piece lasts longer. This makes them an excellent choice for used swimming costumes, since buyers can expect the same level of comfort with these swimsuits as they had when it was brand new.

Don’t Buy Items in Questionable Condition

This should sound obvious, but sometimes with swimming costumes it is hard to tell how good of a condition they are in. When selling a used swimming costume the seller always needs to have a picture of the actual item, not a stock photo. Stock photos are those found in catalogues or websites and show the condition the item was in when it was brand new. They are suitable for comparing the state the item is in now, but the seller must always disclose a picture of the actual item prior to the sale. If a picture is not available, ask the seller for one. Ideally, there should be several pictures of the item, including a close up shot.

Assessing the Condition

Since condition can be hard to assess, do a little bit of research to find a decent stock photo of how the swimming looked when it was new. If the colours or patterns seem to be faded, this is a clear sign that the material has received too much UV exposure. Buying a swimming costume with a significant amount of wear would be unwise, considering the fact that the fabric may have been worn out to the point of deterioration. Clearly the best swimsuits are those whose colours are still bright. Sometimes a buyer might even get lucky and find a swimming costume from a brand name such as Trina Turk that still has its original tags because it has never been worn.

Cleaning a Swimming Costume

Once the item arrives, make sure to wash the swimming costume before wearing it. Do not trust that the seller has already done so. This step is critical for sanitary reasons, and truly should be done with every piece of used clothing purchased, including shoes. Clothing can carry germs and stains from their previous owners, but these problems can easily be eradicated by a washing machine and a dryer. Use warm water and a colour-safe bleach during the washing process to ensure that the swimsuit is completely clean. There is no need to take it to a dry cleaners, since cotton, nylon, and polyester can all be safely washed at home. After cleaning, it is perfectly safe and sanitary to wear the swimming costume. Contrary to some expectations, a cleaned used swimsuit is no dirtier than a cleaned used shirt.

Sizing a Swimming Costume

The accuracy of a swimming costume size is directly related to its condition and fabric. New swimsuits have accurate sizes since they have never been worn. A well-used swimming costume made of a nylon or spandex blend is going to be stretched out, so even though it is being sold as a size 10 it would likely fit a size 12. On the other hand, cotton blend swimsuits can actually shrink after repeated used, so a size 10 cotton suit can likely fit a size 8. This can be a bit of a guessing game, and is one of the reasons why some sellers will often label used swimming costumes as being between sizes such as Small/Medium or 12/14. The size problem is another convincing reason why shoppers should not purchase used swimsuits in questionable condition. By sticking to an item that was rarely worn, or one that is still in superb condition, customers can trust that the sizing system is still accurate.

How to Buy a Swimming Costume on eBay

eBay is the best place online to find new or used swimming costumes simply due to its vast selection and great deals. It is the world’s digital garage sale, and sellers from all different backgrounds will congregate on this website to sell their wares. This can include the owners of second hand stores and swim shops, as well as buyers who no longer like the style of their swimsuit and want to sell it for something else. So many different vendors makes great news for a buyer since he or she can find all types of swimsuits. The selection ranges from brand new to pre-owned new with tags (NWT) designer swimsuits to well-worn swimsuits. By precisely searching the entire website, buyers can find the best swimming costumes that meet their needs.

Getting the Right Swimsuit on eBay

There are several ways to go about finding a swimsuit on eBay. For buyers who want to browse the selection that eBay has available, use the search engine and type in the terms you are searching for. If you are shopping for a particular item and they already known the brand name and style, enter this into the search engine for narrowed results. For example, if you want a new Victoria’s Secret bikini, then type in "Victoria’s Secret bikini&". If you want to browse the selection of used swimsuits to see if anything fits your fancy, then simply enter "used swimsuit&" or "pre-owned swimsuit". This will pull up all auctions for used swimsuits, and you can start narrowing them down based on your personal preferences. By changing, narrowing, and expanding the search terms, a potential buyer can find plenty of used swimming costumes on eBay.


Purchasing a swimming costume online is far easier than fighting with the crowds at the department store. Buyers can purchase new swimming costumes for less money than they would spend at the store, or they can save piles of cash by buying used swimsuits. Designer swimsuits that typically sell for top dollar when brand new one can easily be found in used condition for a fraction of its original cost. However, there are several things to keep in mind when looking at used swimsuits, especially online. Always carefully inspect the item’s condition and make sure there is an accurate picture on the listing. Make sure that the fabric content is known. Try to avoid buying a swimming costume that doesn’t have a picture or has insufficient information about the fabric used to make the swimsuit since this could lead to purchasing a low-quality swimsuit. Use eBay to find the largest collection of new or used designer swimsuit costumes on the Internet and earn a terrific deal on a high-end item.

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