Your Guide to Buying a Tuxedo Shirt

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Your Guide to Buying a Tuxedo Shirt

There is hardly any man who does not look elegant in a tuxedo, and that’s why a tuxedo is usually a must-have in a man’s wardrobe, especially if one has to regularly attend formal events. One of the key components of a tuxedo is the tuxedo shirt, also known as a dinner shirt, which is worn under the jacket and the waistcoat. When buying tuxedo shirts,, the most important thing to remember is that there are different types of shirts used for white tie and black tie events. Therefore, buying the appropriate shirt is important to adhere to the dress code for each type of event.

In this buying guide, you can learn about the different features of a tuxedo shirt and the style of tuxedo shirts required for black tie and white tie events. Moreover, this guide discusses how to choose a tuxedo shirt appropriate for any event and how to buy a tuxedo shirt on eBay..

Features of a Tuxedo Shirt

A tuxedo shirt has several features that set it apart from regular dress shirts. These include a standard colour, which is white or off-white; a pleated or marcella front, which may be soft (unstarched) or starched; and a stiff, high wing collar or a turndown collar, both which are usually detachable. In addition, it has single, heavily starched cuffs or double cuffs, also know as French cuffs, and accessories such as shirt studs and cufflinks..

A white tie tuxedo shirt is more formal than a black tie tuxedo shirt, and thus more variation may be seen among black tie tuxedo shirts. The following section presents in more detail the features of white tie tuxedo shirts and black tie tuxedo shirts.

White Tie and Black Tie Tuxedo Shirts

A white tie event is the most formal type of event in Western culture and has a much more rigid dress code than a black tie event. Examples of events that may call for a white tie dress code include official government dinners, extremely formal balls, and some high society evening weddings. Black tie events are the next most formal type of event; they have a more relaxed dress code though there are still strict general guidelines on how to dress for these events. Examples of black tie events include weddings, proms, formal dinners, gala nights, and operas.

White Tie Tuxedo Shirt Features

The tuxedo shirt for a white tie event is standardised. The shirt that is worn is white and has a plain, stiff front. The shirt is usually made of plain cotton, plain linen, or cotton marcella, and the fronts are closed with studs. White tie tuxedo shirts have cuffs which are stiff as their fronts, and detachable wing collars which are also stiff. The cufflinks and studs that are used for white tie events are usually made of silver or gold, and have facings made of mother-of-pearls and other types of semi-precious stones. It is a requirement that the cufflinks and studs, as well as the waistcoat buttons on the waistcoat of the dinner suit, come in a matching set.

Black Tie Tuxedo Shirt Features

Black tie events have a less-strict dress code than white tie events, but often the tuxedo shirt worn is very similar to white tie tuxedo shirts, although sometimes without the stiff front. Black tie tuxedo shirts have double cuffs (also known as French cuffs) and are worn with fold-over or winged standing collars which are nowadays attached to the shirt, compared to previous decades where they were often detachable. Black tie tuxedo shirts have the same accessories as white tie shirts, namely cufflinks and shirt studs.

When dressing for white tie events, you should keep in mind that all components of your tuxedo or dinner suit, not just the shirt, should be in line with the dress code. Being underdressed can be a big embarrassment and this is certainly not something anyone would want to face. However, for black tie events, it is also worth noting that not all of such events are strict black tie. There are also times where black tie is optional, and when ‘alternate’ or ‘creative’ black tie is the dress code.

How to Choose the Right Tuxedo Shirt

How you choose your tuxedo shirt depends upon several factors. First of all, it depends on the type of event you will be attending. It also depends on the style of shirt that you prefer.

Type of Event

The main decision factor is the dress code required by the event. If it is a white tie event, you should buy a shirt with all the features mentioned in the previous section. A white tie event has the strictest of dress codes and this should not be deviated from. As for black tie event, you should check whether it is a strict black tie or a less formal black tie event. For strict black tie events, you should buy the exact proper type of shirt, while for less formal ones, you may take some liberty. For less formal black ties, you can stray towards more modern and laidback styles, as will be mentioned in the following section.

Preferred Style

For less formal black tie events, you can choose from several styles for different components of the tuxedo shirt. For example, instead of a winged standing collar, you can opt for a mandarin collar or a fold-over collar. Also, you may choose to buy shirts with regular plain cuffs instead of French cuffs. For these kinds of shirts, you do not need to buy cufflinks, and you can choose decorative buttons instead. You also have the choice of buying pleated shirts instead of non-pleated ones. For some very laidback black tie events, it may also be possible to wear coloured tuxedo shirts. Before going for the coloured tuxedo look, however, you need to ensure that the dress code for the event allows it.

Additional Tips for Buying Tuxedo Shirts

The following tips will further help you purchase a suitable tuxedo shirt. First, find a shirt with a good fit. A shirt that is too tight or too loose can throw off the look of the tuxedo or dinner suit. When buying online, measuring your chest, arm length, shoulders, waist, and neck beforehand will help you decide if the shirt being sold fits you correctly.

Second, ensure that the material of the tuxedo shirt is breathable and comfortable. For this purpose, cotton is often the best choice, as it absorbs sweat effectively. While other options such as polyester and other synthetic materials are available, it would be wise to choose cotton over these to ensure comfort.

Third, purchasing the tuxedo shirt in a set with dinner jacket and pants would be ideal as this will ensure the overall look will be good. Tuxedo suits can be purchased from men’s formalwear shops, online retailers, or general online shops like eBay.. They can also be custom made by an experienced tailor.

Buying Tuxedo Shirts on eBay

Searching for tuxedo shirts on eBay is straightforward. Go to the eBay home page and use the search bar to look up the type of shirt you would like to buy. Try to be more specific with your search term so that you will get better results. For example, ‘cotton tuxedo shirt&’ will generate more relevant results than just ‘tuxedo shirt&’ if you are looking for cotton shirts. You can also narrow down your search results by using the relevant panel on the search results page. Look through the results and see if you like any of the shirts that are for sale.

To get more information about a shirt that is listed, just click on the item and go to the product’ page. That page contains relevant information about the shirt, including the seller’s details, the condition of the shirt, the features of the shirt, and so on. Be sure to clarify with the seller if there is any extra information that you need to be sure that the tuxedo shirt is right for you. If you are happy with a particular shirt and think that it is the right fit for your needs, go ahead and purchase it or bid on it, if it is up for auction.


The tuxedo shirt is an important component of a tuxedo, also known as a dinner suit. It has several distinguishing features from regular shirts such its standard white colour, its stiff high wing collar, and so on. These features have further variations according to the type of event that the buyer is wearing it for.

In this buying guide, you have learnt the general features of tuxedo shirts, the specific features required for strict white tie as well as black tie events, and things you should consider when choosing a suitable tuxedo shirt. Before buying a tuxedo shirt, you should take into account the dress code of the event that you will attend as well as the style that you prefer. Besides that, additional tips on buying tuxedo shirts were given, as well as some information on how to buy them on eBay. With all this information on hand, you will be able to make an educated decision when buying the perfect tuxedo shirt that you need.

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