Your Guide to Buying a Used DJ Bag

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Your Guide to Buying a Used DJ Bag

A DJ or a disc jockey is a person who plays recorded music for an audience. Many DJs perform in club or concert settings or at parties and other events. The DJs who travel from venue to venue rather than performing in the same location night after night need to be able to safely and easily transport their equipment back and forth. DJ bags are designed as a stylish and effective way to transport all of the equipment easily. DJs who don't have a lot of money to spend on a bag may look for a used bag. These are often still in great condition and available for much lower than retail price. When shopping for a used DJ bag, there are some special considerations that must be made, but for the most part it is no different than shopping for a new one. Shoppers should identify the style of bag they want and make sure that it provides ample storage for all of their equipment before investing in a used DJ bag. Shoppers can find a large selection of used DJ bags at great prices on eBay.

What Are DJ Bags Used For?

DJs use a lot of equipment when they are performing. Not only that, but they have to haul around several records and CDs with music that they play or perform at their shows. DJ bags are a convenient way to organise and carry all of these items. While larger items like speakers, amps, and mixers often have their own specialised bags, music CDs, records, and small accessories can be packed away in a single bag. The bags make it easier for the DJs to get all of their belongings to and from shows with minimal effort and with less risk of misplacing something.

DJ Bag Styles

There are several DJ bag styles, and the right one for a DJ depends on how much equipment and music he has to carry. DJ bags can come in all colours and can be made from many different materials. Typically DJ bags are made from vinyl, nylon, or polyester, but they can also be hard cases made from steel or aluminium for added protection. Regardless of colour or material used to make the DJ bag, there are three main styles to choose from: over the shoulder, backpack, and trolley.

Over the Shoulder

An over the shoulder or carry DJ bag is usually smaller in size and has a long strap that hangs over the DJ's shoulder. Alternately, it can be carried cross-body for added support. Because there is only one strap and all of the weight is supported on a single shoulder, these bags aren't ideal for carrying heavy loads or for extended wear. They can usually hold a laptop and a few records, but not a lot of extra equipment. When shopping for a used over the shoulder DJ bag, it is important that the strap does not show signs of heavy wear or damage. The integrity of the strap must not be compromised or it could break while the bag is being carried.


Just as the name suggests, a backpack DJ bag has a backpack style. There is a strap for each shoulder for even weight distribution on both shoulders. Backpack styles can often carry more vinyl records and DJs can carry heavier loads for longer periods of time. Backpacks are often divided into several compartments to organise 50 vinyl records and over 100 CDs. Other pockets can hold laptops, headphones, cables, and other small accessories. Because these types of backpacks are meant to hold heavy loads, they come with more padding on the shoulder straps and lumbar region than regular backpacks do. When shopping for a used DJ backpack, shoppers should inspect the bag to make sure that the shoulder straps are intact and do not show signs of heavy wear.


DJs that have hundreds of CDs, records, and other equipment are likely not able to carry them on their shoulders without being weighed down and getting tired easily. Trolley DJ bags are equipped with a handle and wheels so that all music and equipment can be pulled behind as the DJ walks. These types of DJ bags come in all sizes. Some are small enough to carry with a shoulder strap if the load is light. Others can stack several bags securely on top of each other to pull on the trolley. These bags are ideal for DJs who have a lot of equipment to carry or who can't carry heavy loads on their shoulders. When shopping for a used trolley DJ bag, shoppers should check the wheels to make sure that the are all in working order and roll freely.

DJ Bag Essentials

Having a bag that can fit all of the DJ's equipment in it is essential. Bags should have several compartments with padding or lining between each for added protection. If the bag doesn't provide ample space and protection, the items inside then become disorganised and possible damaged. Scratched discs and records are a problem since they won't play as they are supposed to. When shopping for a DJ bag, it is important to inspect the bag to make sure that it provides the essential storage space.

Vinyl Record Storage

Scratch DJs especially are known for using vinyl records when they perform. The large compartment needs to be big enough to hold several 12-inch vinyl records. Padding or a hard cover/case should enclose this compartment to protect the records from being broken while they are being stored or transported in the DJ bag.

CD Storage

CD storage is important for all DJs because most of the music they play is found in CD format. DJs are known to carry hundreds of CDs at a time to ensure that they have music to accommodate any special requests. CD storage often comes in the form of several plastic sleeves that carry four CDs at a time. These sleeves make it easy to locate a specific disc and protect the CDs from smudges and scratches. A removable book or compartment for CD storage is ideal because it makes them easier to access.

Laptop Compartment

Many DJs use their laptops to play tracks, mix sounds, or control their entire DJ setup. A padded laptop compartment is absolutely necessary. There should be heavy padding on both sides of the compartment, and the laptop should fit securely in the case for minimal movement. Shoppers should be sure that the dimensions of the laptop compartment match the dimensions of the laptop. A case that accommodates larger laptops is ideal because it ensures that the laptop fits. It is better to have one that is too big than too small.

Accessory Pockets

Wires, headphones, and other accessories need places to go as well. To better organise equipment and accessories, shoppers should look for DJ bags that have several zipper or velcro pockets and pouches of all sizes. Ideally all pouches, pockets, and compartments should have padding to ensure that nothing is damaged. Even cables can break while if not handled properly during transit.

Specialised DJ Bags

Other specialised DJ bags are made to carry specific equipment. These types of bags come in several shapes and sizes depending on the type of equipment that is being transported. Some are small enough to fit inside other bags and others are so large they need to be carried on their own. Shoppers can find DJ bags to transport their speakers, lighting equipment, headphones, mixers, and more. When shopping for specialised bags, it is important the the dimensions are inspected closely. While records and CDs have a standard size, speakers and light fixtures come in many sizes, so a one size fits all bag is likely not available. When shopping for a specialised DJ bag that is used, shoppers may be able to find someone who has the same equipment. This ensures the bag is the right size.

How to Buy a DJ Bag on eBay

Used DJ bags, amongst other DJ equipment, are readily available on eBay. You can find DJ bags in all sizes, colours, and for just about any purpose. Because private sellers make up the marketplace on eBay, you are going to find a large selection of used DJ bags that you wouldn't find anywhere else. Also, you can find and negotiate lower prices since you are working with private sellers rather than buying the bag at retail. In order to find the best deals on eBay, you have to know how to search and refine results effectively.

Search for DJ Bags

Use the search bar to type keywords to describe the bag that you're looking for. A general search for 'dj bag' searches the entire site for listings that contain those keywords. To reduce the number of irrelevant listings that are returned, select a section of eBay to search in. Additionally, you are able to refine the search results based on several options such as the type, brand, colour, material, and more. Lastly, specify a price range and sort by price so that only DJ bags that fit within your budget are shown.


DJs, like other musical performers, must travel to different venues in order to perform for their audiences. Because they have so much equipment, it can be hard to transport all of it without the proper bags. DJ bags are specially designed to organise and protect DJ equipment for easier travel. Bags come in all sizes to accommodate the DJ's needs whether he needs something small to carry a laptop and some CDs or something much larger for hauling hundreds of vinyl records, speakers, and more. As with any other DJ equipment, these bags can be expensive depending on the size and the quality. In order to bring some of the cost down and save a bit of money, shoppers may look for used DJ bags. Used bags usually still have a lot of life left in them but are much less expensive. When shopping for a used DJ bag, shoppers should make sure that it provides ample storage space and does not show excessive signs of wear and tear. For a large selection and easy comparison of DJ bags, shoppers can shop online at eBay.

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