Your Guide to Buying a Used Lawnmower Blade

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Your Guide to Buying a Used Lawnmower Blade

A lawnmower is a tool that is vital for keeping a lawn in good health and looking great. The blade is an important component in a lawnmower. Blades come in a variety of shapes and sizes and often perform a range of different functions. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully maintained a lawnmower is, occasionally it may be necessary to purchase a new blade, as unseen obstacles such as large stones can chip or even break the blade.

Fortunately, there is a ready supply of used lawnmower blades available that make good replacements. They do provide a cost effective solution, but it is important to understand how to choose a lawn mower blade that can fit a particular machine. Purchasing a blade that does not fit a particular lawnmower can lead to impaired performance. The types and size of blades can vary, so understanding how to choose the correct type of blade for each machine is important when looking to save money by buying a used lawnmower blade. The auction website eBay is a great resource where one can find a used lawnmower blade.

Types of Cutting Blades for Lawnmowers

In general, there are three types of lawn mowers used for cutting grass. Manual cylinder mowers are the old fashioned hand powered machines that require being pushed across the lawn. They have a blade assembly that is mounted at the front and is in a cylinder that holds somewhere between five and 10 blades. The more modern type is called a reel or deck mower and is usually driven by a petrol engine. For larger gardens, ride-on lawn tractors are used and include a deck fitted, and this deck contains one, two, or three rotary blades.

Hover mowers float across the lawn on a cushion of air that is generated underneath a plastic cover. The grass is cut by a blade that is spun in the centre of the plastic cover. Entry models of this type tend to use plastic blades that should be regarded as consumables. Used plastic blades do not appear on the market very often. Larger, more powerful hover mowers use blades that are similar in construction to those used in deck mowers.

The basic choice of a used lawnmower blade is simple, but choosing which particular blade, especially for a deck or hover mower, is important, as the wrong choice of blade can lead to impaired performance.

Cylinder Blades

Cylinder lawnmower blades are used on manual lawnmowers. The blade mechanism is fitted in the front of the lawnmower in a cylinder format that contains between five and 10 helical blades. As the machine is pushed across the lawn, the blades rotate and traps blades of grass against a single blade that is stationary. This then cuts the blade of grass very neatly.As cylindrical blades tend to be unique to the manufacturer and even the model of lawnmower in question, they should only be purchased with a specific model in mind.

Deck Lawnmower Blades

Most lawnmowers that are engine driven feature a deck arrangement underneath the motor that contains a rotary blade or blades. The blade is not sharp, but because it spins rapidly, it slices through the blades of grass as it passes over them.The shape and mounting mechanisms for the blades on a deck mower are individual to the machine they are to be used in, so there are many variations in the used marketplace. Universal blades are available, but they need to be purchased with mounting holes that carefully match the machine they are to be used with.

Lifting Blades

Some top-of-the-range lawnmowers are fitted with lifting blades. Under normal operation, the grass being cut can be flattened by the air pressure that results from the blades spinning so quickly. A lifting blade is designed with a rear edge that turns airflow up towards the top of the cutting deck. This counteracts the effect of the increased air pressure and means grass is not flattened and is cut more effectively.

Mulching Blades

Deck lawn mowers often have mulching blades that reduce grass clippings to a very fine size. Clippings are mulched so that they can be scattered across the lawn for recycling by worms without the risk of clumping. Clumping is to be avoided, because it stops the sun reaching parts of the growing grass which leads to bleaching. A mulching blade is a different shape compared to a conventional lawnmower blade. The mulching blade is wavy in shape and has teeth that direct the cut clippings back to the blade to be cut over and over until they are small enough to be ejected onto the grass.

Lawnmower Blade Replacement

Replacing a damaged lawnmower blade with a used blade can be a cost effective way of maintaining a lawn mower. A variety of blades are available that are generic, manufactured to fit a variety of machines, as well as blades for specific models.When purchasing a generic blade, it is important to know two things about the blade that is to be replaced. First, the blade’s dimensions and second, the number and size of holes that are used to mount the blade into the cutting deck.

Lawnmower Blade Measurements

The measurements of a lawnmower blade include three different dimensions: width, thickness, and length.

Blade Width

Blade width is a straightforward measurement that is easy to take. It measures the distance from the front to the back of the blade, measured where there are no teeth or additional shapings. The width is usually somewhere between 3.8 cm to 10.8 cm in width.

Blade Thickness

Blade thickness measures the thickness of the metal the blade is made from. The more complicated blades such as mulching or lifting blades may have variable thicknesses, in which case the blade should be measured at its thickest point. Expect the thickness to measure anywhere between 0.25 cm and 0.8 cm.

Blade Length

Blade length is easy to measure but, coincidentally, it is also easy to get wrong. It must be measured across the diagonal, like a TV set. It is the measurement that is most frequently quoted in a used lawnmower blade’s description. Blade lengths are usually between 15 cm and 81 cm.

Hole Details on a Used Lawnmower Blade

When purchasing a used lawnmower blade, it is important to look at the number of holes on the blade. Information about the shape, number, location, and size of the holes is also required to purchase a blade that fits correctly, as they are specific to each manufacturer’s machines. Armed with the correct information regarding the holes on a cutting blade, it is possible to buy a used lawnmower blade that fits without knowing the manufacturer of the blade.

The mounting hub is the middle section of a lawnmower blade, and the manufacturers create their own arrangement of bolts that mount the blade on the underside of the cutting deck. Recognising the differences in these holes and understanding how to take the important measurements can make purchasing a used lawnmower blade easier. A blade has one or three holes. In the case of a blade with three holes, the outer holes are circular. The central hole can be square, star shaped, or circular. Each type or hole arrangement requires different measurements in order to select a used lawnmower blade that fits accurately.

Mounting Hub holes

Measurements Required

One circular

Diameter of hole

Three circular

Diameter of two outer holes
Distance centre-to-centre between two outer holes

Diameter of centre hole

Two outer circular and one centre, star, or square shaped

Diameter of two outer holes

Distance centre-to-centre between two outer holes

Distance side-to-side at the narrowest point of centre hole

If taken accurately, as detailed in the above table, the measurements can provide enough information to select a blade that has the correct fittings for a specific machine.

Buying a Used Lawnmower Blade on eBay

Buying a used lawnmower blade on eBay is a simple process. Starting on the eBay homepage, you simply type in the search phrase "used lawnmower blade" to get a list of items for sale. If the listing does not contain the item you are searching for, you can turn to eBay for help. The website offers suggestions for a series of other terms that are related to the product category you have listed. These terms frequently cover lawnmowers from a specific manufacturer, as with the search suggestion "Honda lawnmower blade".

eBay also offers online shoppers other useful search tools. By clicking on the advanced search button, you may narrow down the search for an item by entering parameters such as price range, location, and type of sellers, among others. No matter which route you choose, be sure to familiarise yourself with the seller before placing an order, so that you may rest assured that you are dealing with someone with a good track record.


A replacement blade is a way of extending the working life of a lawnmower. Finding the right used lawnmower blade is not difficult if a little research is undertaken beforehand. Some knowledge about the types of blades used in lawnmowers as well as measurements of the existing blade is necessary to ensure a smart purchase. This enables the identification of generic blades that have the same physical attributes as the one that requires replacing. This can also translate into a money saving purchase. For an ideal match, eBay can also be used to find blades manufactured by the original maker of the lawnmower.

eBay is a great place to purchase goods of this nature because of the number of individuals looking to sell these types of items. If the item is not to be found today, simply check back later to see what new items have been listed. Lawnmower blades often need replacing; they are part of very hard-wearing machines. With a constantly changing list of items to choose from, eBay is a great source for replacements when the need arises.

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