Your Guide to Buying a Used Wall Mounted Mirror

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Your Guide to Buying a Used Wall Mounted Mirror

No bathroom would be complete without a mirror on the wall. A bathroom mirror is not just a functional item; it can be used creatively to produce different decorative effects depending on the theme, size and shape of the room. A well-chosen mirror enhances a room and creates a feeling of light and space. eBay has a selection of used, wall mounted mirrors available that allow the consumer to find the perfect product to accessorise their personal space.

Benefits of Wall Mounted Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors are often used by interior designers for a variety of reasons.




A mirror is indispensable in a bathroom, as this is likely to be the area in the home where people shave, style hair, or apply makeup. A good mirror is important for personal grooming.


Some mirrors are feature pieces, designed to create a focal point in a room. This type of mirror may have an elaborate frame or may be an unusual shape. A decorative mirror makes a statement and is more than just a functional item; it is a piece of art. Stunning effects can be created by placing several mirrors next to one another to create a pattern on the wall. This technique is commonly used in hotels, restaurants, and stately homes.


Mirrors can create an illusion of light and space. A small room with a well-placed mirror can appear larger. Mirrors reflect light from windows and make rooms brighter and more welcoming. Mirrors can also be used to reflect a picturesque view from a window, bringing the “outside” into the room. Simply place a large mirror opposite a window. Some designers use concave and convex mirrors to produce special effects in a room as these create broken, distorted reflections. A long mirror placed in a dark corner of a room brings light into the room and instantly brightens the area.

Feng Shui

Mirrors may be used in Feng Shui to create harmony within a living area. Many believe that the use of mirrors can aid the flow of energy in a room and bring a sense of calm to a space. Mirrors are said to bring the energy of the water element, because looking in a mirror is similar to gazing at one’s reflection in a pool of water.

Hiding Blemishes

A wall mirror is also an excellent way to hide imperfections, cracks, or blemishes on interior walls. It is a quick and easy way to give a room a makeover.

Types of Wall Mounted Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors come in all shapes, designs, sizes, and styles.




A vintage, wall mounted mirror is a good choice for a themed bathroom or traditional bathroom. Styles of vintage mirror vary depending on the era, but popular types include Art Deco style mirrors, brass framed mirrors, and wooden cabinet mirrors with ornate panelling.


Novelty bathroom mirrors are cut into fun shapes to create certain effects. This type of mirror may be popular with families who have young children. Typical designs usually have a nautical theme and may include water splashes, fish, boats, mermaids, or lighthouses. They are usually easy to mount and position as they are self-adhesive in most cases. This type of mirror is usually made from acrylic and is shatterproof, making it a safer choice than a traditional glass mirror.


A shelf or cabinet mirror adds added functionality in a bathroom. In a small bathroom, the added storage space offered by this type of mirror is especially valuable. Cabinets can be chosen to match the decor of the bathroom and could be made from metal, wood, or plastic. Mirrored shelving can brighten up a dull wall by adding light and interest to a dark space. Some people like to place plants on mirrored shelves to create an effect of lush, verdant foliage, as the mirror effectively doubles the appearance of the greenery.


An illuminated mirror is both practical and pretty, creating a sense of glamour in a bathroom. Illuminated mirrors are usually splash proof and moisture-resistant, making them an ideal choice for a bathroom. The soft, flattering lighting creates a relaxing ambience and is a subdued alternative to harsh bathroom lighting.

Extending Arm

A wall mirror with extending arm is especially useful when space is limited in a bathroom. This type of mirror is ideal for use when shaving or applying cosmetics. The mirror attaches to the wall by means of a bracket and the arm allows the mirror to extend and swivel through a variety of positions.

Buying a Used Wall Mounted Mirror on eBay

On the eBay home page, there is a grey menu on the top, left-hand corner. From this menu, select the Home & Garden category. This will bring up a screen with images of various rooms in the home. The Bathroom option is in the centre of the page. Clicking on the bathroom image will bring up a white sub-menu to the right of the image. From this menu, select the Mirrors option. The mirrors are categorised according to type, with the filters listed down the left hand side of the screen. The first filter on the menu is Type and the first category in the menu is Wall Mounted. Selecting this option will display all of the Wall Mounted mirrors available to choose from. Then, scroll down the left hand side of the screen again, this time to the Condition menu. Select the Used option, which will further filter the results. It’s now possible to continue to narrow down the available options by selecting the style, shape, colour, or size of the desired mirror. Some may prefer the alternative option of using the search bar at the top of the page. Search terms such as “Used Wall Mounted Mirrors” or “Used Bathroom Mirrors” will bring up a selection of results that can then be refined further. There are two options when it comes to purchasing a used wall mounted mirror on Ebay. Either buy the item immediately, by means of the “Buy it Now” option, or alternatively, some may wish to place a bid in one of the auctions on the site. When placing a bid, it is important to keep close track of the bidding process in order to secure the desired item. eBay offer a number of delivery options, each with its own advantages. Many eBay customers choose to search for items neat their home, so that they can collect the item direct from the seller. This eliminates delivery costs and allows them to examine the item prior to payment. Opting for home delivery or courier delivery is an ideal choice for those wishing to purchase items from further afield, or from overseas. All items are protected by eBay buyer protection, so consumers can have peace of mind when choosing an item from the eBay site.


Throughout history, mirrors have been a popular way to adorn the walls in homes. A small, dark space can be transformed by clever placement of mirrors. A wall mounted mirror is essential when engaging in personal grooming but may also serve as a decorative item or focal point in a bathroom. A vintage or retro mirror can be a stylish accessory in a traditional bathroom and if well taken care of, can be a family heirloom to be passed down to subsequent generations. On the other end of the spectrum, a novelty acrylic mirror is a fun and easy way to give a dull bathroom a quick makeover and create an appealing, modern family space. The large range of wall mounted bathroom mirrors available on eBay allow the consumer to choose the product that is right for their home and that reflects their personal taste and style.

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