Your Guide to Buying a Wall Mounted Mirror for Your Bathroom

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Your Complete Guide to Buying a Wall Mounted Mirror for Your Bathroom

An essential part of any bathroom suite is the mirror, which will be used as part of the daily routine of cleaning in the morning and at night, along with applying makeup and other such everyday activities. Buying a wall mounted bathroom mirror may at first seem a perfectly simple task - after all, in theory, all mirrors will be more or less the same. However, there are a number of considerations that should be taken into account before a buyer commits to purchasing a mirror for the bathroom. One of the more obvious factors which can make all the difference when it comes to choosing a mirror to be used in the bathroom is the size and shape. A bathroom mirror will, by its very nature, have to fit into an allotted space: usually this is above the washbasin, although some people prefer taller mirrors which would need to be located elsewhere. Another factor is aesthetic appeal: if a mirror has a coloured frame, for example, then it may be desirable to pick a colour which matches the overall suite. Similarly, the general layout of the bathroom will dictate whether a rectangular or oval mirror would be best suited.

Choosing a Wall Mounted Bathroom Mirror

Having touched upon the broader distinctions between mirrors, it is worth spending some time discussing the more specific elements that will separate one bathroom mirror from another. If the mirror is intended to be placed above the basin, then measure the basin first; for the most pleasing bathroom layout, it will be advisable for the mirror to be no wider than the basin below. The ideal design of frame will, of course, be dictated by the surrounding bathroom, and it is worth putting thought into exactly which kind of frame would look best in the environment. It may be that no frame is needed at all - bathrooms with very modern designs will often look cleaner and sharper with a plain, square, frameless mirror hanging on the wall. Today, it is not uncommon to find bathroom mirrors which are fitted with LEDs. The main idea behind these LED mirrors, of course, is that they can be easily used even in the dark; some people may not find this feature useful and will prefer to make use of the main bathroom light. Whether or not an LED mirror is desirable will depend on the daily routine and personal tastes of the buyer. Mirrors with more sophisticated wired lighting are available, but these will require professional fitting and so are outside the scope of this guide. Another variety of mirror which a buyer may come across is the adjustable type. These mirrors are usually small, but are fixed to the wall with a metal arm that can be turned and extended into whatever position is needed. Mirrors of this kind can obviously be useful, although not all bathrooms have suitable spaces for them to be mounted. If the mirror is going to be used primarily for applying make-up or for shaving, then it may be worth buying a cosmetic mirror; these are generally fairly small and, as such, cheaper than ordinary bathroom mirrors. Some even attach to the wall using suction cups, thereby preventing the sometimes troublesome process of finding a glue of suitable strength with which to mount the mirror.

Maintaining a Bathroom Mirror

A common problem with bathroom mirrors is the fact that they steam up following a shower or hot bath. A quick way to get past this is by cleaning the mirror using shaving foam; after the foam has been wiped off, not only will the mirror be free of mist, it will not mist up again the next time a hot shower is run. By performing this process on a regular basis, the problem of a steamed-up mirror will be solved. An alternative approach involves using wipes intended for removing fog from car windscreens; they will work just as well on mirrors. For general cleaning, a microfibre cloth is the best choice, although some people use ordinary newspaper doused in water to clean their mirrors. The latter is a cheap and effective way of doing the job without leaving any streaks on the surface. Over time, a bathroom mirror may begin to suffer from dark stains or blotches creeping up from the edges. Although this can be repaired, the process is expensive, and in most cases it would be cheaper to simply buy a new mirror. In some cases, it may be possible to cover any stains or blemishes around the edges with a new mirror frame; however, this too may be costly and finding a frame which fits may prove difficult. It is better to avoid the situation altogether by being careful when cleaning: the darkened stains around the edges of a mirror are generally caused by liquid left over from this process, so avoid leaving anything around the edges while cleaning the mirror. In addition, many cleaning substances are too acidic to be used on mirrors, and so ordinary household vinegar is generally a better choice. However, care should be taken to apply the vinegar gently with either newspaper or a cloth - do not pour or throw the vinegar onto the surface as this can lead to blemishing.

Find Wall Mounted Bathroom Mirrors on eBay

There are various ways to begin the hunt for the perfect mirror on eBay. To begin searching for bathroom mirrors amongst the eBay listings, first visit the site's homepage and click the All Categories tab; next, select Home, Furniture & DIY. Click Bath in the left-hand column, followed by Mirrors. Finally, select Wall Mounted. Along the left hand column there will be a number of options that will allow searches to be refined. These will include methods of narrowing the displayed listings down by the overall style of item - allowing the buyer to choose between traditional and modern mirrors, for example - or by more specific attributes, such as frame colour, size, or shape. It is also possible to search for specific types of mirror within the chosen listings. After the procedure performed above, simply type the relevant terms into the search box and click the button.

Buying a Wall Mounted Mirror on eBay

Once the relevant listings have been located it is time to begin searching for the right mirror amongst those that are currently for sale on eBay. The listings will obviously vary greatly from visit to visit, but generally speaking the majority of mirrors available on eBay at any one time will be up for direct sale, with a much smaller amount up for auction. Bathroom mirrors that are available in auctions will tend to vary far more in terms of price; by refining a search so as to only include auctions, it may be possible to find a few bargains, but this is not a certainty. Always remember to pay attention to shipping costs when buying mirrors on eBay - as is the case with any large item, the shipping is likely to account for a substantial part of the overall price and should therefore be taken into account when choosing a listed item.


While eBay may not be the most obvious choice when it comes to purchasing a bathroom mirror, there are in fact many such items listed on the site on a regular basis; the vast majority of customers will almost certainly be able to find something which suits their tastes after only a few short looks through the site's current listings. By refining eBay searches using the methods outlined above the process can be made even easier, helping to ensure a quick, simple and stress-free experience in buying a wall mounted bathroom mirror.

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