Your Guide to Buying a White Gold Diamond Ring

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Your Guide to Buying a White Gold Diamond Ring

No matter what reason one has to buy a diamond ring, it is always a big decision. Even if it is not intended for any special occasion, this type of jewellery is certainly not something we buy everyday on a whim. So a lack of knowledge on the subject is to be a bit expected. What needs to be known, can be separated in three categories. Knowledge about the worth of gold is one key aspect that all buyers need to have. Another is the knowledge in proper diamond selection which involves getting acquainted with all of its different qualities. The third is combing the gold and the diamond into a diamond ring, or in this specific case, a white gold diamond ring.

Both gold and diamonds can cost a great deal of money so the combination of the two can not be cheap. Making a big decision that costs a great deal of money should never be done without acquiring as much information on the subject as one possibly can. It is important to understand the features behind a good white gold diamond ring before jumping in and making a purchase.

White Gold and Design

White gold is an alloy of gold and at least one white metal. Among the most common metals used in these combinations are nickel, manganese and palladium. The worth of gold expressed in carats. The carat number expresses how many units of gold are used in the mix out of the total twenty four units that create the alloy. This way, if for example we are speaking of fourteen carat gold, it means that the alloy is made of fourteen gold units and ten units of another metal. The more gold used in the mix, the pricier it gets.

Picking out a ring is a thing that is strictly up to personal taste, so no one should meddle in those affairs. When doing the selection, always have in mind that different rings might be more suited for different occasions. Some might be very elegant but totally unsuited for everyday use, so if the goal is to find an engagement ring, seek the balance between the two. Design can also largely dictate the price of a ring, as the weight of the ring is dependent on it. Some rings are made hollow in order to make them less expensive while keeping the same design.

The Diamond Itself

The diamond is so much more than just a crystal made of carbon atoms. It is considered a girl's best friend and represents the centrepiece in these types of rings. Many shoppers even sacrifice other aspects of the ring, to get one with a better stone. The quality of the stone is largely dependent on its characteristics, popularly known as the 'four Cs'. Knowledge of these characteristics, gives any buyer better insight into what they might expect of a diamond when they purchase a ring.


The cut of a diamond is what enables the light to pass through it and refract creating the inner glow commonly known as brilliance. Before a diamond has been cut, it is worth a lot less compared to its value after the process. The angles and finish made during the cutting process have a huge influence on its quality. A great deal of math and physics are involved in the cutting of a diamond, but fortunately, knowledge on this subjects is not needed in order to make a good choice.

Cutting Proportions

Proportion play a large role and when rough diamonds are cut, a balance is usually employed between the size and the best cut that can that can be made out of every stone. Cuts are divided in four different categories shown in the chart below.




This type of cut gets the best possible effect one can achieve with a diamond. This type of cut can only be applied to round diamonds.


The premium cut is very close to the ideal, and shows similar quality especially in the category of round diamonds..

Very good

A very good cut still reflects most of the light that passes through it. Only small modifications have been made on the shape during the cutting process in order to make it slightly larger or avoid impurities.

Fair or poor

The diamonds that fall in this category are those that do not reflect most of the light. This happens when the cutter largely redefines the shape to get more carat weight. The result is a big diamond that does not example most of the typical characteristics.

Knowing that the cuts have been sorted by quality does give any buyer the comfort of easily assessing which one is better. Still, the ideal cut is pretty expensive and even very small stones might be unaffordable. To get a good idea on the beauty of a cut, visit a store and see a few example of each.


Most natural diamonds have flaws and they do affect their price. Flawless diamonds are a rarely found and they do hold most value, but the flaws which diamonds might possess makes them different from one another giving them a more personal note. Flaws can be found both on the inside and the outside of the stone. Inside flaws are called inclusions and outside flaws are referred to as blemishes. This terminology always comes in handy when speaking to a salesperson. While it is very difficult to make proper assessment on how an individual flaw affects the price of a diamond, the rule of thumb is that the less flaws a stone has, the more it is worth.


One might think that a diamond is colourless and transparent, but that is not always the case. It is true that most valued are the ones that hold no colour at all, but diamonds can be found in different shades of brownish yellow. The more colour a diamond has, the less light it lets through, so it is common to rate the diamond colourlessness by scale of this type. A commonly known scale is the GIA's professional colour scale which rates stones with the letters from D to Z, where D is most transparent. Examples have been shown in the chart below.






near colourless


faint yellow


very light yellow


light yellow

Colour is not that easy to detect, especially to the untrained eye. All shades rated up to I might seem colourless to many. Also, when combined with yellow gold, shades are harder to detect, but since we are speaking about a diamond combined with white gold, the colour is pretty important.

Carat Weight

When it comes to diamonds, size does matter. The natural process of diamond forming happens in very rare circumstances and larger diamonds are more difficult to come by. That being said, the larger a diamond is, the more expensive it becomes on an exponential scale. The size determines the weight of a diamond and each carat is equal to two hundred milligrams. When a diamond is fitted in a piece of jewellery, it might be less obvious how big it actually is. In these situations using the carat weight can give us a good sense on what we are dealing with.


When shopping for a ring, it is crucial to know the right size. This can prove to be a difficult task if the intended wearer of the ring is not the one doing the shopping or when shopping is done online. There are a few techniques that can be used in determining the right size. Measuring the finger or using ring sizers can get results that are wrong and misleading. The best way is to get a ring that already fits the finger and take it to a shop where they can measure its inside diameter or circumference. Any of those to measurements suffice as they are both within the typical sizing chart. The UK size measurements are letters from A to Z with half sizes in between each letter.

Finding Gold Diamond Rings on eBay

When it comes to jewellery in general, eBay has lots to offer. There is a great selection of rings, and plenty of them are combinations of white gold and diamonds. Locating them is easy, and just typing in 'white gold diamond ring&' in the search bar returns all the results you desire. The number of items fitting this description is quite overwhelming, but not a lot can be done to narrow down the search. There are no specific subcategories of white gold diamond rings, so all that is left to be done is to customise the results so that each one fits your exact needs.

Aside from the price range that poses significant limitations for many, a very similar and useful filter that can be applied when shopping for this type of items is the total carat weight of the stones. This is one of the things that holds most value in a diamond ring, so it might be a better idea that the crude price range. The gold carats can also be filtered too, and they can help in narrowing down the search, even though there are a lot of results that fall under unspecified.

The filters are not the only thing that one needs to consider when purchasing a diamond ring. It is very important that the ring has all the proper certificates. A certificate from any laboratory is a far better and more reassuring of a diamonds worth than any appraisal. Having a certificate is also important of one day you wish to part from the ring and resell it, as it is definitive proof of quality.


This thorough analysis on purchasing a white gold diamond ring, reveals it to be no easy task at all. Probably the best thing to do in this situations is to just pick one you like without concerning yourself too much about the details. Many merits of the gold and the diamond are invisible to the untrained eye, so if personal satisfaction is the only decidable factor, one should not overthink it. The budget represents the greatest limitation of them all, so mainly a buyer should focus on how much he or she is willing to spend on a piece of jewellery of this type.

Remember that the diamond holds the greatest value, and it largely influences the price. Do not seek perfection unless you are willing to pay a hefty sum to acquire it. Lastly, always seek proper certification when buying any diamond jewellery. The certificate is a sure proof of quality and granites a good resell value.

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