Your Guide to Buying a White Gold Wedding Ring

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Your Guide to Buying a White Gold Wedding Ring

Purchasing a wedding ring or an engagement ring is a momentous occasion. With such importance placed on a single purchase, it is no wonder that so many shoppers can become overwhelmed at the thought of purchasing a white gold wedding ring. Quite a few white gold wedding ring options exist, and this allows individuals to find a ring that fits design tastes and function needs as well. Those interested in buying a white gold wedding ring, can make the shopping experience easier by first educating themselves on a bit of the terminology that goes along with such rings.

Elements such as gold carat, colour, and shape, all factor into what type of ring should be purchased. Instead of having to ask for a specific ring in person, consider using online resources such as eBay to search through a variety of rings. Understanding the importance of sizing, the difference between carat levels, and the types of band shapes available, are all things to consider when purchasing a white gold wedding ring.

Wedding Ring Size

Making a purchase that matches aesthetic desire, but not ring size, is often an issue with wedding ring purchases. If at all possible, try to find out the ring size of the individual the ring is intended for, prior to making any purchases. Even more importantly, ring sizes can vary depending on weight, finger swelling, as well as the environment of the wearer. Since most buyers may be unaware of ring size when purchasing a white gold wedding ring, look to select a size that can be resised more easily. A larger ring is much easier to resise than a ring that is too small. Jewellers must simply cut off a section of the shank in order to make a ring smaller. Making a ring larger, however, is much more expensive procedure that can be potentially damaging to the overall stability of the ring.

White Gold Wedding Ring Quality

Searching for a white gold wedding ring should be considering a wide range of quality criteria. Make sure to find a band that has not been sized for a previous wearer. Also, considering purchasing different carat levels of gold should factor into the buying decision as well. Even the setting offered by the ring should be considered as a top priority when shopping for a white gold wedding ring.

Used Rings

Used white gold wedding rings are products that allow individuals to save money without sacrificing quality on an item that is often quite expensive. When shopping for a used wedding ring, individuals must be aware of several factors before committing to a purchase. If the ring has been sized, bent, or deeply scratched, repairs might cost more than the money that can potentially be saved by purchasing a used option.

Previously Sized Rings

Any work that has been performed on a gold ring, typically compromises the overall stability of such a ring. A ring that has been sized up, has had gold not originally in the ring added to it already. Such sizing can lead to minor discolouration and blemishes. A ring that was sized down, is likely to also show a bit of a blemish if not completed by a professional. Simply ask the seller in question whether or not the ring has ever been resised, before finalising your purchase.

Bent and Damaged Rings

Although repairable, a white gold wedding ring that shows clear damage, such as dents and scratches, should be avoided. Repairs on a ring with deep scratches can cost quite a bit of money. It is helpful to look for a ring that offers limited blemishes, scratches, and dents. If the price is quite low due to such issues, consider purchasing the ring and taking it to a professional jeweller for repair before presenting it to the recipient.

Carat Options

When buying a gold ring of any type, considering different carat options is a common concern. In relation to gold, carat refers to the purity of the gold within the ring. The highest quality gold ring is labelled as 24 carats, or 99.0 per cent gold. Lower quality gold rings include 9 carat ring options, which tend to be quite inexpensive. When carat refers to diamonds, the term actually refers to the overall size of the diamond rather than its clarity or purity. Having a reference guide to help select a gold carat level, is a useful tool when trying to choose the right white gold wedding ring.

Carat Number

Percentage Purity


Area of the World

24 carat rings

Minimum 99.0 per cent

Very rare

Far East, China

22 carat rings

91.6 per cent

Somewhat rare

Most areas of world

21 carat rings

87.5 per cent


Most areas, often in Arabic countries

19.2 carat rings

80.0 per cent


Southern Europe, Portugal

10 to 18 carat rings

41.7 to 75 per cent

Very Common

United States

9 to 22 carat rings

37.5 to 91.6 per cent

Most Common

United Kingdom

Usually, wedding rings are purchased with middle of the road carat quality when it comes to gold. 16 and 18 carat options tend to be quite popular amongst wedding ring manufacturers.


When buying a white gold wedding ring that contains gemstones and diamonds, selecting a quality setting is important. An insecure setting causes individuals to lose the expensive centrepieces of the ring due to age and abuse. Select a setting with four prongs on a single stone for a more secure setting option. Setting quality and reliability are key elements to note, but your choice of setting should ultimately come down to taste. The settings on a ring make all the difference between an attractive, perfect fit, and a ring that simply does not match what you had in mind.

Band Shape

Each white gold wedding ring manufactured, is designed with a certain aesthetic in mind. Setting type, gold colour, and band shape are all elements of a unique and attractive design. Some bands offer a thinner shape, thus using less gold than other options. Those who are searching for a solitaire diamond option should consider a thinner band shape that is ultimately less obtrusive than a thicker band. Another benefit to a thinner band, is the amount of money an individual can save by purchasing one.

Thicker Bands for Men

A thicker band that covers more of the finger, is usually more suited to a ring that offers a larger setting and larger gemstones. Thicker white gold wedding rings, can range to 9 mm in width. A good rule of thumb, is to search for a ring that fits the finger securely. Common widths include rings of about 5 mm or 6 mm in width. Many men's wedding bands, however, are designed with an 8 mm or higher thickness. Search for a wedding band shape that matches both taste and budget constraints.

How to Buy a White Gold Wedding Ring on eBay

With the online marketplace eBay, consumers are able to browse through a multitude of white gold wedding ring options. White gold wedding bands for men, white gold wedding rings for women, and a variety of other gold options, are available through the sellers located on eBay. In order to begin a search, shoppers must simply visit the eBay home page. From here, buyers can search by a few different methods. You can perform a broader search by browsing categories or you can narrow down your search by using eBay's advanced search functionality.

Utilising Advanced Search on eBay

Once at the eBay home page, consumers must enter in a search term such as 'white gold wedding ring' into the searchbar. Next, individuals are able to hit the search button and turn up hundreds of purchasing options. In order to make category options more concise, consider using eBay's advanced search feature. This feature allows individual shoppers to select search criteria before ever having to browse through options. For a more convenient way to shop, consider using eBay.


Purchasing a white gold wedding ring is a momentous occasion that should be a pleasant experience. With just a little bit of knowledge concerning gold carat and ring shape, consumers are able to select a ring that fits both a budget and design tastes. Even understanding how ring sizing works, helps individuals select a ring that fits the wearer after just a slight adjustment. Understanding the importance of settings and bandwidth, also gives shoppers an edge when searching for a white gold wedding ring.

With online marketplaces such as eBay, individuals are able to narrow down choices to a field of quality options. Make sure to utilise features, such as eBay's advanced search function, to make shopping slightly less time consuming. Advanced search provides potential customers with the satisfaction of knowing that the searches they are performing are direct and to the point. Shop for a wedding ring that is both reasonably priced and that meets the style tastes of the individual by first absorbing the necessary knowledge.

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