Your Guide to Buying an Affordable Wedding Ring Set

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Your Guide to Buying an Affordable Wedding Ring Set

Buying a wedding ring set is a special event in many lives. These rings represent the coming together of two people and are the most recognised symbol of a committed union in our culture. Of course, while anyone may want to go all out in purchasing a wedding ring set, the cost can seem prohibitive, especially on top of the many other expenses that come with planning a wedding. Fortunately there are choices individuals can make during the purchasing process that can greatly reduce the cost of a wedding ring set. Learning how to make informed choices as to the metal used in a set or the type of stones inlaid in a design can make a big difference to a consumer's bottom line. Individuals in the market for an affordable wedding ring set can also benefit from knowing where and how to purchase these items, such as on the online auction site, eBay.

Understanding Metals and Fine Metals in Wedding Ring Sets

The metal or fine metal used in the bands of the rings in a wedding ring set directly relates to the cost of the set. Consumers looking to find affordable options should understand the different metals and fine metals that can be used in a wedding ring set in order to make an informed and cost-efficient decision.

Gold Carats in Wedding Ring Sets

Carats are used to indicate the purity of the gold used in a piece of jewellery. Gold is an extremely soft metal and is often alloyed with other metals to create a stronger medium to use in constructing a piece. A gold band has a hallmark in it which indicates its purity. The purity of a gold ring is related directly to its cost, so consumers wishing to keep costs down need to keep an eye out for gold with a lower carat rating.

The following chart breaks down the different carat ratings for gold jewellery and includes descriptions as to the characteristics and usages for each, as well as the hallmarks associated with that carat.




24 carat

990 - 999.9

Pure gold; too soft to use in jewellery

22 carat


91.7 per cent gold; Very soft, only used in jewellery made in the East

18 carat


75 per cent gold; the highest grade used in jewellery

14 carat


58.3 per cent gold; a durable allow that works well in jewellery

10 carat


41.7 per cent gold; the lowest grade that can be called gold

Consumers who want to balance quality and cost should use this chart as a general reference when shopping for gold bands. It is also important to communicate directly with sellers to confirm the purity of gold bands and make sure that a consumer receives the best quality at his or her required price point.

Leveraging Alloys and Alternate Metals in Wedding Ring Sets

There are a range of alternate metals and gold alloys which can help keep costs down in a wedding ring set. These can mimic the look of gold or the very expensive platinum or can be leveraged for their own unique qualities.

Titanium and Tungsten Rings

Titanium rings are another good alternative for keeping costs down. Titanium rings have become increasingly popular over the last decade and provide individuals with a fashionable yet affordable alternative to many precious metals. Titanium often comes in a brush finish or with brush metal accents, giving rings a modern, even industrial feel. Palladium rings are a good alternative to platinum. They provide a resilient structure and the fine, white tone of this more expensive metal.

Coloured Gold Alloys

Rose gold is an alloy of gold that can be an affordable and attractive option. Rose gold is gold alloyed with copper, giving it a unique pinkish undertone. This shade of gold has become increasingly popular in recent years. Due to the copper included in the alloy, rose gold rings are actually stronger and more resistant to damage than gold rings, making them an investment that can be more reliably guaranteed in the long run.

White gold is gold that has been alloyed with Rhodium, a bright, white metal. This gold has a bold sheen and light colour. White gold gives a ring a look similar to platinum. The only downside of this alloy is that the exterior can fade over time, leaving the ring looking like yellow gold. This can be repaired, but can add additional costs to a ring set in the long run. A ring leveraging multi-tone gold is another good option to consider, as this can add dynamism to a ring and a unique look without making them too out of reach financially.

Affordable Diamond Insets and Accents in Wedding Ring Sets

Many individuals want to add a touch of luxury to a wedding ring set by including diamonds in their design. Diamonds, of course, can quickly ratchet up the price of a set. Fortunately, there are techniques used to include diamonds in a ring that are far less expensive than a large solitaire stone, for example.

Channel-set Diamonds

Channel diamonds are small diamonds which are inlaid in a row along the circle of the band. They are typically very small and under a quarter of a carat in weight. This allows a consumer to get the effect and glamour of diamond accents without incurring a prohibitive cost in a wedding ring set.

Pave Diamonds

Pave is a diamond setting that also utilises smaller diamonds, thereby incurring a lower cost. The pave technique uses small beads to hold very small diamonds in place. This creates a shimmery, overall effect that can add a lot of visual glamour to a ring.

Getting the Size Right with Wedding Ring Sets

One of the best ways to ensure that costs for a wedding ring set stay down is to make sure that the rings fit correctly the first time around. Resizing rings after the fact can cost money and, in certain cases, rings may need to be replaced entirely, since some designs can be difficult to resize.

Rings are sized on a scale of A to Z. The following chart lists each size and the corresponding measurement for that size.

Ring Size

Diameter in mm





















































Consumers who want to ensure that they get the size right the first time might consider purchasing a ring gauge. These affordable and helpful devices give consumers a quick and easy way to determine ring size before making a purchase.

Shopping for Affordable Wedding Ring Sets

Consumers in the market for a wedding ring set at an affordable price point might consider visiting traditional brick-and-mortar shops. The dilemma with these is that they are often burdened by stocking what is on trend and may have a limited array of options. These vendors may also have a very narrow price selection. For consumers who want to access a wide catalogue of choices with a variety of price points, the online auction site is typically a better choice.

Buying Affordable Wedding Ring Sets on eBay

The online auction site, eBay, aggregates vendors to create an enormous catalogue of options when it comes to wedding ring sets. Everything from Tungsten bands in brushed steel to traditional yellow gold bands with pave diamonds are available on the site. The site provides you with an easy first step in your purchasing process-- a Search bar, located at the top of any page on the site. Use this bar to enter a keyword term and then begin looking through the listing results to find your wedding ring set.

Getting to Know the Sellers on eBay

An important step in the purchasing process on eBay is taking the time to get to know the vendors with whom you are interested in working. You can do this by looking through a seller's past auctions. This gives you an idea of the range and quality of items offered by a vendor and if that range matches up with your needs. You can also review feedback that other customers have submitted to get a feel for a seller. All of this can be a very crucial step in finalising a choice.


While purchasing a wedding ring set is a dream process for many, it can be intimidating when one begins to consider cost. There are, however, simple choices that can be made during the process that can reduce the cost of a wedding ring set and make it affordable for anyone. Once consumers have familiarised themselves with this information, they can leverage a great shopping resource in the online auction site, eBay. On eBay, shoppers can find a wide array of ring choices from the basic to the ornate at affordable price points, as well as a user-friendly interface that greatly facilitates the search for wedding ring sets. By taking the time to review listings and then getting to know the various vendors associated with those listings, any consumer can use eBay to find an affordable and lovely wedding ring set that adds value to a union today and into tomorrow.

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