Your Guide to Buying the Best Mens Running Socks

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Your Guide to Buying the Best Men's Running Socks

Runners know that in order to perform at maximum efficiency they need to gear themselves with the best running equipment, and that includes not only trainers suited to their feet pronation and running clothes that Olympians would approve of, but it also includes high quality running socks. Yes, socks. Men’s running socks are a different beast in terms of a runner’s full gear.

Running clothes keep you warm and flexible, and trainers improve speed and protect feet. But what do running socks do for a runner? They wick away sweat and keep feet dry, prevent irksome blisters caused by friction, improve blood circulation in the feet, and prevent injury. Running socks are designed to give the protection and dryness that regular socks alone cannot do. There are many brands of running socks, and it can get a little overwhelming when choosing the best pair. This guide helps you identify the different types of men’s running socks, as well as the considerations for fabric, size, cushioning, and caring for running socks.

Types of Men’s Running Socks

Having the right running socks is important to get the best out of running. Although there are many socks on the market, they can be classified as four general types: anti-blister socks, compression socks, socklets, and toe socks.

Anti-Blister Socks

This type of socks is very popular among marathon runners. Men’s anti-blister running socks have double layers of specialized fabric to prevent friction between the feet and trainers. The air space between the two layers of fabric insulates the foot from cold and heat.

Compression Socks

Men’s compression socks are either ankle-length or knee-length socks that have graduated compression to speed up blood circulation, increase lymphatic drainage to flush toxins from the body, and assist in a speedy recovery from injury. Since these socks reach up to the knees, they give the feet more warmth and comfort.


These running socks provide the no-sock look since they only reach up to the ankle. The common problem with wearing socklets is that they can slip off easily, so it is wise to choose socklets that have pads or paint on the mound and heel to prevent them from slipping off your feet.

Toe Socks

Men’s toe socks are a unique item in the line of men’s running socks because they are like gloves for your feet. This buying guide includes this type of socks in the list because it is the only type of running socks recommended if you are sporting the five-toed trainers Vibrams, which is very popular these days. Vibrams are marketed as socks because they are lightweight, but the material and actual look make them fall under the trainers category.

Summary of Running Socks

The table below compares the four types of men’s running socks according to their features. The summary provides a quick reference when deciding how a type of running socks differ the other.

Running Socks


Anti-Blister Socks

Has two layers of special fabrics to protect runners from blisters

Compression Socks

Ankle-high or knee-high socks that facilitate graduated compression to increase blood circulation, aids muscle recovery, and reduces toxins


No-sock look; usually have Achilles pads so the socks do not slip off

Toe Socks

Sock encases each toe of the feet; only type of socks to wear if using five-toed trainers.

When browsing for running socks, you are going to find that the four types mentioned above are recognized by manufacturers as distinct from each other. So it is easier to refine your search on eBay if you include the type of socks in your keywords.


When running, well-cushioned socks are needed to lessen the impact on the feet as they make contact with the ground. Thick running socks for men provide optimal cushioning. There are makers of men’s running socks that give emphasis to optimal cushioning, and create socks that have thick fabric, especially in the mound and heel area. Thick socks are also very comfortable to wear, especially in winter, because they provide warmth to the feet.

Although thick socks provide more cushioning, there are men who find them too constraining. Also, thick running socks are uncomfortable to wear on a hot day. For these reasons, there are thin and lightweight running socks that still have two layers to prevent blisters and wick away sweat. Your cushioning preference for running socks depends on your tolerance for heat. Some men are perfectly fine with wearing thick running socks all year long, while others prefer to wrap their feet with thin socks.


Cotton and wool are the most common types of fabric used in socks. However, when it comes to men’s running socks, synthetic fabrics prove to be more effective because they wick away moisture better than cotton and wool. Synthetic fabrics like polyester and acrylic are becoming the ideal fabric for running socks, and most brands advertise them as fast-absorbing socks that runners should buy. There is truth in that because if a sock is 100 percent made of cotton, it absorbs sweat but does not wick it away from the feet. There are men’s running socks that are part cotton and part polyester to allow maximum absorption and wicking away of sweat. Other fabric blends like wool-nylon and cotton-acrylic are available, and there are runners who find these socks comfortable to wear and effective in wicking away sweat.


Style preferences for running socks vary from one runner to another. You can go for knee-length socks, ankle-length socks, or even toe socks. A pair of socks that are a little higher than the collar of the trainers make you less susceptible to blisters, but if you choose to wear socklets, be sure to wear trainers that have inside cushioning up to the collar. It is better to choose a style based on function. Men’s compression socks that reach up to the knees may look atrocious but do help muscle recovery. In any case, you can wear tracksuit bottoms to cover the elongated socks.


Choosing the size for running socks is the same as choosing for regular socks. You do not want them too loose because they may slip off, and worse, create friction problems that often lead to blisters. You do not want the socks to be too tight because they constrict your feet and slow the blood circulation as well as restrict your feet’s movement. Men’s running socks should properly fit because their wicking and anti-blistering properties are only effective if the socks fit well.

Sizing Chart for Men’s Running Socks

The table below shows the sizes of men’s running socks based on shoe sizes, which makes finding the right fit easier. The ranges of shoe sizes are all expressed in centimetres.

Shoe Size


230 -240


245 - 270


275 - 310


The typical sizes for shoe socks are small, medium, and large. These sizes apply to the four men’s running socks mentioned in this guide.

Proper Care

Running socks are more expensive than regular socks, so caring for them requires more attention to ensure that they last longer. Use running socks only when running to minimize wear and tear. When washing your socks, it is better to adhere to the manufacturer’s care instructions that come with the package. Use bleach sparingly, or better yet, use it only if the socks are really soiled. Fabric softeners are friends of running socks because they help retain the socks’ tightness and maintain their wicking properties. There will come a time when you need to replace your running socks no matter how meticulous you are in caring for them, but you are going to thank yourself for being careful if you are able to put off buying another pair a little longer by extending the life of the ones you already own.

Buying the Best Men’s Running Socks on eBay

Since the fitness industry is doing well and athletic wear companies are springing up everywhere, it is not hard to find men’s running socks. The best place to buy running socks is online because shopping online is a quick and easy process, and it can be done while lounging comfortably around the house.

eBay has tons of men’s running socks, and they vary in colour, size, style, fabric, and brand. Whatever your preference in running socks, eBay has it. You can even buy used running socks if desired. To start shopping for running socks on eBay, type the keywords “men’s running socks” or “men’s athletic socks” in the search bar and then add in the brand, size, or colour into the search keywords for more refined search results. Lastly, for your own protection, always remember to deal with sellers that have high user ratings and a clear return policy.


Men’s running socks provide more protection to the feet with their wicking and anti-blistering properties; they aid in recovery after injuries and improve the overall performance of runners. When choosing the best men’s running socks, you should take into the fabric, cushioning, and size into consideration. “Socks that fit perform better” should be your battle cry when looking for running socks. Your grandmother might insist that cotton or wool socks are still the best choice, but a well-informed runner knows that fabric blends are way better in terms of wicking away sweat.

Men’s running socks are relatively expensive, so proper caring is a must. Also, if you can, use them only when running. Despite their slightly hefty price tag, the benefits you get from running socks make the extra pounds a good investment. Regular socks do not cut it anymore for serious runners. Men who want to conquer miles and miles of road should fully equip themselves by adding the best men’s running socks to their buying list, and it is wise to do so too if you do not want to fall behind.

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