Your Guide to Buying the Best Mens Shorts for Running

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Your Guide to Buying the Best Men's Shorts for Running

Running is a unique sport in that while there are organised competitions such as marathons and shorter races, running is a sport where the individual often competes with himself or herself. Even marathon runners may express more joy in beating their previous record than in beating other people. Running is also an important factor for many people in losing weight as it is an easy way to engage in cardio exercise. Running, like all sports, has specialised equipment designed to enhance performance like running shoes, heart rate monitors and shorts.

Finding the best shorts for running can be difficult for men. There are shorts that are specifically designed to be used for running, however, many men are becoming more comfortable running in an old pair of basketball shorts or something along those lines. Shorts of all kinds are available in clothing stores and sporting good stores, as well on eBay, the online marketplace. When trying to discover the best shorts for running, it is important to investigate the various styles of shorts available, as well as the materials they are made up of. With a proper understanding of what is out there in the world of running shorts, a buyer can make an informed and intelligent decision.

Men’s Running Shorts vs. Women’s Running Shorts

Some men feel that since most running shorts look essentially the same, that there is in fact no real difference between running shorts sold to men and those sold to women. This is not true as there are subtle differences, even with relatively small running shorts that may make a difference in comfort and performance based on the body type of the runner. For this reason, when buying running shorts, it is important to make sure which gender they are designed for, and to buy accordingly.

Types of Men's Running Shorts

For the most part, any shorts that a runner designates as their running shorts can be exercised in. The most important factor to consider when choosing a pair of running shorts, is comfort. If an old pair of denim cut-offs is the most comfortable option for a runner, then they become the best running shorts. Comfort is not just important when the shorts are first put on as many men find that even the most comfortable shorts can cause extremely uncomfortable chafing after a long run. That being said, finding the most comfortable pair of running shorts is much easier when all options are carefully evaluated.

Running shorts are shorts that are specifically designed for runners. They are usually designed to allow for smooth leg movements as well as to minimise any chafing. For this reason, they tend to be short. They range in length, but generally do not hang longer than the top of the thigh and do not extend far past the crotch. For some men, wearing such short shorts can be uncomfortable in public. While running shorts can reduce chafing for many men, those who find that their thighs rub together may find that longer shorts made of a silky material may be a better option.

Split Leg and V-Notch Running Shorts

Split leg and v-notch running shorts are very similar in that they have a split on either leg that allow the runner’s legs to extend as far as possible, which can make a crucial difference in a close race. Many casual runners also enjoy wearing these shorts because of the extra range of motion that they offer up.

Compression Shorts

Compression shorts are shorts that offer a good deal of support and fit very closely to the body. These shorts are most commonly worn by bicyclists, but can be popular with runners as well. Compression shorts keep muscles warm, which is a key factor for many runners, especially those who wish to run in cold weather. These shorts also reduce the effect of potential impact on the muscles, which might possibly result in a deteriorating effect on fabric after a long period of running. Some men may find compression shorts a bit too revealing for running in public or may be sensitive to just how compression shorts might look on a man with more body fat. For this reason, some choose to wear them as underwear beneath a pair of running shorts. If this is the case, it is better to find a pair of running shorts that does not have a liner.

Basketball Shorts

Basketball shorts are very commonly worn for running because they offer a decent range of motion and can prevent chafing for men who have thighs that rub together while running. Basketball shorts are much longer than running shorts and can be a popular option for this reason alone. It should be noted that basketball shorts do not have a liner and that underwear or a jock strap is generally worn while wearing basketball shorts for running.

Additional Features of Men's Running Shorts

After a style is chosen, you now have to consider the additional features you would like to see in your running shorts. Features such as liners, underwear, and pockets are commonly built into many pairs of running shorts. Depending on preference, you can find none, one, or all three of these features in a pair of running shorts.

Liners and Underwear

Many male runners are not aware that some running shorts should, infact, be worn without underwear. These shorts come with a liner that provides enough support while offering less chafing and a greater range of motion. When buying a pair of running shorts, it is important to determine if there is a liner, and if so, whether or not having such a liner is desirable. Some men prefer to wear a jock strap underneath their running shorts, but this is not necessary with a liner present. Liners may vary in terms of length and material. Some are designed to be longer and create the illusion that a man is wearing boxer shorts. Some liners are designed for odour control or to keep moisture away. Liners are designed to not have seams that can cause chafing.


For many men, going for a run can be frustrating when they have to store house keys or car keys somewhere. Most pairs of running shorts either do not have a pocket, or have a pocket that is too small to fit anything of great importance. Many running shorts do have a key pocket, but some men may find that this pocket is too small for all that they may wish to store during a run, such as a credit card or a mobile phone. When buying running shorts, it is important to understand what kind of storage is needed and if a given pair of shorts has this storage.

Running Shorts Materials and Fit

Shorts come in a variety of different materials, but some might be better suited for running than others. As a general rule of thumb, anything that can hold moisture is typically a bad idea for running shorts because damp fabric is one of the main causes of chafing and discomfort. This means that cotton and nylon shorts may not be the best options since they do not allow moisture to evaporate very quickly. Shorts that are made of various polyester blends may provide a better choice because these materials are commonly used during sports and are mainly designed to allow for quick evaporation of sweat. Shorts made of a silkier type of material can also work wonders towards reducing chafing.

Finding the Right Fit for Running Shorts

The material that a pair of shorts is made from may actually affect how they fit. Cotton shorts may shrink after use and after being washed, which can cause them to become quite uncomfortable. Cotton shorts also tend to be less resilient in terms of keeping their shape and may become stretched out of shape.This factor, in combination with washing them, might make this option of shorts uncomfortable during long periods of running.

Buying Men's Running Shorts on eBay

Once a runner has discovered which kind of running shorts they would like to buy while factoring in terms of style, material and size, they are now ready to make a purchase. Many styles of running shorts are available in sporting goods stores, but one alternative option for many kinds of clothing, including running shorts is eBay. There, buyers may find both lower prices and a wider selection for running shorts than they might normally find elsewhere. Finding the right pair of running shorts can be a simple task that merely requires entering the right keywords into the search bar on the eBay home page. A term like "men’s running shorts&" will provide a number of options for the buyer, while using additional keywords can help the buyer narrow down the search even more.


Running shorts are a highly useful piece of athletic clothing in spite of their relative simplicity and small size. The right pair of shorts for running should be comfortable above all, especially if the runner plans to run for long periods of time or on a consistent basis. Uncomfortable shorts can cause chafing or simply make running more difficult than it needs to be. In order to find the best shorts for running, it is important to investigate the different styles and materials available.

There are running shorts made specifically for running. These shorts are quite short, which may make some men uncomfortable, but they allow for a greater range of motion. Other common choices are compression shorts and basketballs shorts, both of which offer their own particular set of advantages. The best running shorts are typically those that do not allow moisture to remain for very long, as this can lead to chafing. When a runner has a strong idea of what they want in a pair of shorts, finding the best pair can be quite easy after all.

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