Your Guide to Buying the Right Hi-Fi Speakers

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Your Guide to Buying the Right Hi-Fi Speakers

The term Hi-Fi stands for ‘high fidelity’ and usually refers to the precise reproduction of sound with as less noise or distortion as possible. Hi-Fi speakers are essential for those who are looking for ways to enhance the quality of their favourite music. If you are looking for a Hi-Fi system for your home or office, you should choose the right type of speakers to suit your specific needs and preferences.

A quality pair of Hi-Fi speakers is bound to last for years, but the multitude of manufacturers and designs on the market can make the choice a rather difficult one. There are several things that you need to take into account when buying Hi-Fi speakers, including power handling, impedance, design, finish, size, price, and quality of sound. Being well informed about different types of Hi-Fi speakers and their specifications can help you make a wise investment.

What Should You Look for in Hi-Fi Speakers

With the innumerable varieties of Hi-Fi systems available from many manufacturers, consumers may find themselves lost when it comes to choosing the right Hi-Fi speakers. If you want to reduce the time spent looking for the best Hi-Fi speakers for your needs, you should take into account a few essential characteristics of this type of audio systems.

Power Handling of Hi-Fi Speakers

When choosing Hi-Fi speakers, you should remember that power is not the definitive element on which your choice should be made. Hi-Fi speakers are generally intended for playing loud music in a regular size living room, so they do not work well as sound reinforcement speakers. They are simply not designed to be used in very large or open spaces, so for this reason you should go for speakers that are able to handle about twice the amount of power your amplifier can offer. The majority of products feature this information on stickers attached to the back of a speaker and you can also see it in the product description when buying online.

Impedance of Hi-Fi Speakers

The impedance of a pair of Hi-Fi speakers is measured in ohms and it generally has to match the output of the amplifier. There is no need to have a lot of electronics knowledge in order to be able to find a pair of speakers with the right impedance. All you need to do is make sure the speaker has equal or higher impedance than specified on the amplifier. A lower impedance value of the speakers may lead to the overload of the amplifier.

Design of Hi-Fi Speakers

The most common designs for Hi-Fi speakers that you can find on the high-street and online are reflex, transmission line, and acoustic suspension. Each of these designs comes with a range of pros and cons and you should buy the one that works better for you. When choosing the design of Hi-Fi speakers, you should not only take into account the way they look, but also how they integrate in the existent design of your room.

Placement of Hi-Fi Speakers

Even the most high-quality Hi-Fi speakers can be compromised if you do not position them correctly in the room. As a rule of thumb, the speakers should not be placed behind a sofa or too close to ear level. Also, you should not place the speakers too close to the place you are sitting to watch TV or listen to music because you are less likely to get the best should quality out of your new set of Hi-Fi speakers.

Size of Hi-Fi Speakers

When choosing the size of a new Hi-Fi speakers system, you should first decide whether you are looking for bookshelf speakers, stand-mounted speakers, or floor-standing speakers. If you want a pair of small Hi-Fi speakers, you should opt for a bookshelf design. On the other hand, if you want a tall set of speakers, the floor-standing size would be a good option for you.

Finish of Hi-Fi Speakers

Hi-Fi speakers come in a wide variety of colours and finishes and choosing a specific one is a matter of preferences. Some of the most common finishes include high gloss black, real wood veneer, as well as bright colours. If you are looking for an expensive set of Hi-Fi speakers that can last for the years to come, it would be a good idea to choose a classic look that would go well with most decors.

Types of Hi-Fi Speakers

Buyers can opt for various types of Hi-Fi speakers, depending on their needs and the type of music they like listening to. The performance of speakers and the quality of sound they offer are two essential characteristics to consider when choosing the type of Hi-Fi speakers for your home. Some of the most common types include bookshelf speakers, floor-standing tower speakers, surround or 5.1 speakers, outdoor speakers, and in-ceiling speakers.

Bookshelf Hi-Fi Speakers

Bookshelf Hi-Fi speakers bring a good balance between size and sound quality, and they are a perfect choice for various applications. Whether you are looking for a pair of bookshelf Hi-Fi speakers to use on their own or as part of a home cinema setup, they are ideal for smaller rooms. Their compact size allows you to place them on various raised surfaces. Some manufacturers provide separately-enclosed subwoofers for those who miss the deep bass that comes with larger models.

Floor-Standing Tower Hi-Fi Speakers

This type of speakers is ideal for larger listening rooms and most models provide users with additional bass output. If you are looking for high volumes or you like listening to bass-oriented music, floor-standing tower Hi-Fi speakers are a good choice. In addition to the bass, they also offer a wide frequency range as well as a realistic scale of sound.

Surround Hi-Fi Speakers

Surround Hi-Fi systems come in a wide range of models and most of them are more expensive than bookshelf and floor-standing tower speakers. A full-size option is an ideal choice if you are looking for the best audio quality. For a great bass sound and high volumes, 5.1 speakers are an option you should consider. These speaker systems generally feature a subwoofer with a built-in amplifier.

Outdoor Speakers

If you are interested in a set of Hi-Fi speakers to use in the outdoors, there are several options available. Wall-mounted speakers are a good choice for those who wish to enjoy their favourite music in their backyard or garden. Some of these speakers are small and can be rather invisible when mounted on a wall. Alternatively, you may choose a model that can be fit on any flat surface.

In-Ceiling Hi-Fi Speakers

In-ceiling Hi-Fi speakers provide users with a pleasing sound quality. They are very easy to install and are a good choice for boats and caravans, but they can also be mounted in kitchens or other rooms of the house where a bookshelf of floor-standing set of speakers would be inconvenient. Due to the unobtrusive installations, these speakers can easily be mounted in spaces such as cupboards.

How to Find Hi-Fi Speakers on eBay

The wide number of Hi-Fi speakers available on the market in a variety of designs and sizes could make your shopping experience a difficult one, especially if you are on a set budget. Fortunately, eBay offers a good selection of Hi-Fi speakers and a user-friendly search system that can make your job a lot easier. There are two ways in which you can start shopping for Hi-Fi speakers on eBay. You can either browse the selection until you find something that would suit your preferences and budget, or you can search for a specific style or model right away in order to save time.

If you want to start browsing eBay’s entire selection of Hi-Fi speakers, all you need to do is type the words ‘Hi-Fi speakers’ into the search bar of the website. Narrowing down the results you get would be of help and you can do this by applying several criteria, such as form factor, design, colour, power, or price. Alternatively, if you are looking for a specific type of Hi-Fi speakers, you could type the relevant keywords in the search bar, for example ‘floor standing tower Hi-Fi speakers’.

Other things that you may want to take into account when shopping for Hi-Fi speakers on eBay are delivery charges. If you want to save some money, especially when it comes to a large set of speakers, you could choose to buy from a local seller and collect the speakers in person.


Hi-Fi speakers are essential for making the most out of your music collection or to enjoy movies and TV programmes at the fullest. Choosing the right Hi-Fi speakers is a matter of taste and you should go for the set that fits better in your home. Consider the design and colour of speakers as well when shopping for such devices, in order to make sure they go well with the existing design of your room.

There are numerous places where you can shop for Hi-Fi speakers and one of the best choices is eBay, due to the multitude of styles they offer from a variety of sellers. Make sure you read the product descriptions carefully when shopping for Hi-Fi speakers online. Whether you are looking for a small set of in-ceiling Hi-Fi speakers for your kitchen or a 5.1 surround system for the living room, chances are you can find the right style on eBay.

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