Your Guide to Buying the Right Horse Trailer for Your Needs

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Your Guide to Buying the Right Horse Trailer for Your Needs

There are a lot of horse trailer options out there, so it is easy to get overwhelmed by the many choices that are available. What is even more difficult is that most horse trailers are advertised as being the most flexible and able to perfectly suit the buyer's needs. Of course, this is sometimes true, but prospective buyers should still research the matter before making a final purchasing decision. The final decision is typically guided by what the trailer is going to be used for, how frequently it is to be used, how long it needs to travel, and how many horses may need to be transported.

A horse trailer, very simply is designed to transport horses by attaching the box to the tow hitch of an automobile. There are a few different types of horse trailers, however there are many different sizes. Shoppers who show many animals frequently should consider larger horse trailers with separate rooms for different, and potentially unfriendly animals. There are also small horse trailers, and regardless of the type of horse trailer, the animals comfort must be a priority.


Horse trailers are usually used to move horses for either equestrian events or farm work. In either case, the horses need to arrive in peak physical condition in order to perform to the best of their ability. Horse trailers should always be spacious enough to comfortably accommodate a horse. Comfort becomes even more important if the distance that needs to be travelled is longer. Vents and windows may also help the horse to become more comfortable in the unusual surroundings.

Providing Ample Space

Another consideration is whether more than one animal needs to be transported. Numerous animals require more space, and possibly even enough room to be separated. Different species may not get along with one another. In addition, individuals of the same species may not even get along. Therefore, it is important to accurately evaluate the personalities and temperaments of all the animals so the proper precautions can be put in place. Any amount and type of animal can be transported as long as the operator gives the situation proper forethought.

Other Considerations

Prospective buyers also need to answer some other questions to guide their purchase. If they plan on hauling additional tack, extra storage space may be needed. Horses are also interesting animals with unique personalities. Two horses that have never met before may quickly become best of friends. Conversely, they may also just as quickly become enemies. It is important that shoppers take the time to carefully examine each of these considerations to avoid potential problems during transport.

Types of Horse Trailer

There are a few different types of horse trailers that are available to meet any user's needs. Traditional horse trailers are often simple designs and are the least expensive model. It is also important for shoppers to consider the hitch and the amount of power required to move the horse trailer. If a semi-tractor trailer is required to provide enough power to move the horse trailer, it would be important to know this prior to purchasing one.

Traditional Horse Trailers

Traditional two horse trailers are generally rear loading. Both horses typically stand looking forward and there may or may not be some type of divider between them. These types of horse trailers are usually affordable, easy to use, and widely available. They are practical for any horse owner that needs to transport their horse but does not need anything above and beyond the basic necessities. They often have windows or vents built in to allow fresh air to flow to the horses.

Head to Head Trailers

Head to head trailers are often loaded from the side, and as the name implies, the horses face one another once aboard. Half face forward and half face backward, and there may even be room for smaller animals in the middle. These are typically able to carry between two and six horses. These can be a good option for horse owners who own friendly horses in numbers of two or greater. Some experts also claim that horses are put at ease by being able to see one another while on board.

Slant Loads

Slant load trailers usually provide the most comfort to the animals onboard. Although they are slightly less efficient, and require greater length for less horses, the advantage is that the horses always arrives in top condition due to the position that the horses are put in. A straight load trailer, the same size as a slant load, can often carry more horses. The stalls can be small on a slant load trailer, but there is often additional room for tack and other equipment. Slant loads are especially attractive to equestrian enthusiasts who want their horses to travel comfortably.

Stock Trailers

Stock trailers do not divide the horses at all. Instead, they are divided between two different areas where the animals are provided enough room to move around, in an effort to find a spot most comfortable for them. Stock trailers can be quite large and are often used for moving other livestock, such as cattle. The main disadvantage of a stock trailer is that it does not protect the horses from themselves, and the other horses that may be onboard. With no division between them, horses may injure themselves or other horses around them.

Loading Style

Every style of trailer can be loaded in one of two ways. First is the step up. These sets of steps can help when loading difficult horses. Horses do not usually like hollow sounding ground, and ramps often sound this way. Steps alleviate this problem although their steepness makes accidents more likely. Ramps are safer, although they still need railings to ensure the horses do not fall off the sides while loading.


Hitches come in two main forms. Bumper pull hitches are the most familiar. These can be used with a wide range of vehicles and are great for smaller trailers, assuming the vehicle the trailer is hitched to has enough power to safely operate. Gooseneck hitches are favoured for larger trailers. They also offer additional storage space within the hitching equipment. The main downside of gooseneck hitches is that a powerful vehicle is required to move such a heavy trailer.

Other Developments for Horse Trailers

An increasingly common development is combining numerous types of horse trailers. For example, a greater division of stalls in the same trailer. There may be an area where many horses can travel, and then an area partitioned off for one ill-tempered horse. This offers greater flexibility, and potentially additional storage if the individual stall is unused, therefore extra equipment can be kept there. Combination type trailers should be considered by buyers who have needs that aren't yet clearly defined.

Additional Features

Some trailers have an array of additional features that may be valuable to some buyers. For example, some trailers include tack rooms, and possibly even changing rooms. This makes sense for horses that are shown a lot or if the buyer has a small vehicle. If the vehicle used for towing is not large enough for extra storage, it should be incorporated into the trailer. The result is a longer trailer, but this may be a necessary trade off for the added storage space.

How to Buy a Horse Trailer on eBay

eBay has a wide selection of horse trailers that are sure to suit every buyer's needs. A general keyword search provides shoppers with the most possible options. This a good starting point for any search. Alternatively, if the shopper already knows the size and style they desire, words that reflect this can be included into the search box. Shoppers can also navigate eBay's easy to use categories to get the same results as they would get with a general keyword search.

Once the general search results have been displayed, shoppers can then narrow the search down even further by price, style of horse trailer, and size of horse trailer. This makes it easy for potential buyers to find their ideal horse trailer. One thing that buyers should keep in mind is that shipping may be an issue as horse trailers can be very large. Shoppers can feel confident that eBay is a great place to search for a horse trailer.


There are many different types and sizes of horse trailers. Shoppers should carefully examine a number of things to guide their purchasing decisions. Firstly, buyers should consider how many horses they have and intend to transport. Next, they should determine what the horses, or other livestock, are being transported for. They also need to consider the temperament of their animals to determine if partitions are a necessary part of travel.

Some final things for buyers to consider is whether the vehicle they intend to use to haul the horse trailer is powerful enough. Also, buyers should ensure that they have an appropriate hitching system. Finally, shoppers should consider whether they need extra space in their horse trailer for additional equipment or tack. Buyers should also consider if a hybrid type horse trailer makes sense for them. It is imperative that prospective buyers accurately identify their needs to ensure they make the right purchase to meet their needs.

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