Your Guide to Buying the Ultimate DJ Mixer

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Your Guide to Buying the Ultimate DJ Mixer

A type of audio mixing console that is used by disc jockeys (DJs) is known as a DJ mixer. There are several other types of audio mixing consoles, as well, but what makes a DJ mixer unique is its ability to redirect or cue a non-playing source to headphones and the presence of a crossfader on the DJ mixer. A crossfader is similar to two faders that are connected sideways and in the opposite direction.

DJ mixes are created using DJ mixers. A DJ mix, or DJ mixset, is a continuous track that is made up of different audio tracks that are mixed together. The mixing is done in such a way that it appears to be one continuous track. When this DJ mix is recorded onto a recording medium, it is called a mix tape. Sound editing software can also be used to create a DJ mix, but it is usually created using a DJ mixer, along with some other sound equipment, such as CD players or turntables.

Basic level knowledge of the history, functioning, types, features, and benefits of a DJ mixer is necessary if you want to make the right decision about what kind of mixer to buy. Moreover, buying tips should be kept in mind in order to avoid buying regrets. Electronics and music stores, along with online sites like eBay, feature a large variety of DJ mixers and other sound equipment that are suitable for novices and professionals.

Brief History of DJ Mixers

Mixing technology and the use of DJ mixers can be traced back to the 1960s. A few notable audio electronics experts of the decade created several types of equipment that laid the foundation for the developments that led to the DJ mixers of today. In the 1970s, several DJs started ‘beatmixing’ to attract an audience. This essentially involved the overlapping of sound tracks in a way that there was no gap between any two tracks.

Types of DJ Mixers

As mentioned above, the basic function of a DJ mixer is to mix together and play multiple audio tracks at the same time. While one track is fading out, the DJ can fade in another track that overlaps with the first track.

Several types of DJ mixers are available at brick-and-mortar electronics stores and online. If you do not intend to use a DJ mixer for professional work, then a basic DJ mixer should be more than enough for the job. On the contrary, if you do intend to use a mixer for professional work, then buying a branded mixer with all the bells and whistles is the better option.

Scratch mixers are named thus because of the scratching noise that is produced by a DJ when he or she produces the actual tracks. Crossfading is strongly used with a scratch mixer. These mixers are also known as battle mixers. General mixers can be used for both scratching and mixing tracks.

Features of a DJ Mixer

DJ mixers are often available with a lot of features, and choosing which features you want often depends on your own personal preferences and how much you are willing to spend. The most affordable mixers are the basic DJ mixers, which usually include the most basic features, such as an input for a microphone and a few channels for fading and crossfading. General mixers typically have three channels.

As you increase your spending limit, you can purchase more advanced mixers with features like digital effects, equalisers, and sampling capabilities. A few select mixers provide features like sound filtering and precision equalisers for every channel. A buyer should, therefore, determine his or her ‘need’, first of all, before shopping for a mixer so that choosing among the various available options becomes easy.

Benefits of a DJ Mixer

The quite obvious benefit of having a DJ mixer is that you can become a DJ, even if you only DJ your own parties and do not plan to pursue it as a career. The knowledge of how to mix and fade audio tracks comes in handy for many fun purposes, including impressing your friends. Possible financial benefits might include using this knowledge for teaching purposes to earn a living or working as a real commercial DJ.

Tips for Buying the Ultimate DJ Mixer

The best quality at the lowest price is what everyone is looking for when buying virtually anything, but accomplishing this goal usually requires some scouting around. You can talk to DJs online, surf through various websites that provide useful information about DJ mixers, ask your friends, and compare prices and available options on eBay or other commercial sites to learn the ins and outs of DJ mixers.

First, it is important to determine what you really need. If you are not planning to pursue a career as a DJ, then you should look for very basic DJ mixers that consist of a turntable, an amplifier, a mixer, and speakers. Peripheral devices, such as RCA cables, headphones, et cetera, are always required and should not affect the buying decision one way or the other.

Read product reviews on respectable websites and in international magazines online. Talk to DJs, whether local or online, about the various types of DJ mixers and what might be the best option for you, and then do some comparison shopping online. Be smart in your buying approach and look for overstock sales, seasonal clearances, and other opportunities to snag great deals.

It is often possible to find second hand DJ mixers online, and this can be an extremely affordable option for beginners. Extreme care should be taken when purchasing second hand equipment, however, because used mixers do not come with warranties or service plans. Consider the amount of the discount being offered on a used mixer before deciding to purchase. If the discount on a used item is not significant, it may be better to stick to purchasing a new product. You can also look for tremendous bargains on damaged equipment. Damaged equipment often only has a minor issue that can be easily repaired by a local electronics repairman. If the savings on the purchase is very substantial, it is sometimes well worth the cost of the repair.

When shopping for new or used DJ mixers, it is a good idea to make a list on a spreadsheet or paper. This helps you easily track the information you find when comparison shopping. Always read the return policy before completing a purchase, as it changes from retailer to retailer. Electronics equipment is sensitive and prone to damage, and, therefore, typically has a strict and specific return policy. It is extremely important that you understand all the details of the policy.

As part of your research, be sure to search the Internet for details about any DJ mixers that make it onto your shortlist of potential buys. Once you have specific product details, you can easily search by model number to find the most relevant information. This also helps with comparison shopping for the best price. Remember to only buy from secure websites with a reputable history as an Internet retailer in order to avoid scams. If you are uncertain about a retailer’s reputation, you can search the Internet for information and reviews about the retailer, as well.

How to Buy a DJ Mixer on eBay

You can find DJ mixers at various brick-and-mortar retail outlets, but if you prefer to shop online, you cannot go wrong on eBay. The auction site has a diverse collection of DJ mixers to suit a number of needs. The site features different brands of mixers in various price ranges in either new or used condition. You can begin your search by entering a search query like ‘DJ mixers’ into the search bar on the eBay homepage to see a full list of available options. Simply review the listings to select the product you want to purchase based on your needs and the previous buying tips.

If you would like to use eBay to find the best deal but still purchase locally, enter your postcode in the ‘Distance’ filter on the results page to review local listings. Once you find the right DJ mixer for your needs, you can place a bid.

Be sure to review feedback comments and ratings of different sellers before bidding. If you have a choice of sellers, it is always a good idea to go with the seller who has the best rating and eBay history. As soon as the transaction is complete, you should remember to leave your own feedback for the seller in order to help future buyers.


A DJ mixer is a type of audio mixing console that is used by both professional and amateur DJs. The distinguishing features of a DJ mixer as compared to other audio consoles are its ability to redirect a non-playing audio source to headphones and the inclusion of a crossfader. The technique of mixing together different audio tracks in such a way that it produces a continuous track creates a unique piece of music called a DJ mix. A DJ mixer is commonly used to produce a DJ mix, although it can be created using other sound editing software, as well.

Along with keeping in mind the tips for buying an ultimate DJ mixer, a buyer should also understand how a DJ mixer functions and the different types, features, and benefits of various DJ mixers. eBay and numerous brick-and-mortar music and electronics retailers boast a large variety of DJ mixers and accessories to meet the requirements of a diverse clientele.

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