Your Guide to Choosing an RC Helicopter for a Child

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Your Guide to Choosing an RC Helicopter for a Child

An RC helicopter is much more than a simple plaything. Both exciting and challenging, these miniaturised helicopters require skill and dedication to master. Functioning much the same as an actual helicopter, an RC heli demonstrates the capabilities of the pilot through flight patterns and tricks. Encourage your child to learn these skills safely and effectively with an appropriate one for their age and skill level.



The typical size for toy helis for children and beginner pilots—micros—measure between 15 and 30 cm. The battery power is simple and affordable, making them ideal for the youngest children interested in learning about helicopter flight and operating their own tiny helicopter. Slightly larger, mini RC helicopters reach up to 70 cm in length. While still appropriate for children, they are more difficult to fly than micros and have greater capabilities. Sizes reach an incredible 152 cm for the most sizeable large options. Hobbyists should only fly them outdoors. Exceptionally challenging to fly, they are what dedicated children can aspire to.


Build Type

The youngest RC helicopter pilots focus more on flight than the actual helicopter, which makes a ready-to-fly option the most appropriate choice. These toys come fully assembled with a functional motor and a transmitter ready for use. Older children have more interest in the actual helicopter itself and may show interest in handling some of the construction themselves. Choose a kit with one almost ready to fly, meaning a basic structure and many of its parts, but still requires some assembly and purchase of additional parts for customisation. This gives you the opportunity to spend time selecting parts and building the helicopter with your child before the actual flight starts.


Number of Channels

The channels correspond with the skill and control required to fly that model. Indeed, 2- and 3-channel helicopters offer the most control for the earliest pilots. Once your child has a basic mastery and feels more confident in his capabilities, a 4CH RC helicopter has further maneouvrability and speed. Moreover, 6CH RC helicopters represent the pinnacle of model helicopter capabilities appropriate only for those with several years of experience and practice.


Types of Engines

Small RC helicopters are battery powered, making them convenient and affordable. They also do not emit fumes so kids have the option of enjoying some indoor flight. These electric RC helicopters fly for up to 12 minutes. Larger helicopters utilise nitro or glow fuel. These bigger engines offer up to 15 minutes of flight and greater speeds. Larger models require petrol or turbine fuel, requiring outdoor flight due to size, fumes, and increased risk of danger.

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