Your Guide to Family Caravan Holidays

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Your Guide to Family Caravan Holidays

Caravan holidays are very popular in the UK because they are inexpensive and very convenient when compared with other options. Whether the holidaymaker chooses to hire a static caravan, tow a portable caravan, or use a motorhome, a caravan holiday with the whole family is simple and relaxing. There is no need to worry about keeping a hotel room reasonably clean and tidy, an unsettled baby annoying others, or older children making too much noise. Family caravan holidays offer a home away from home and the choice of destinations vast.

The ultimate decision on where to travel to should be based on the interests of the whole family and what they want to get out of the holiday. There are numerous websites where you can book caravan holidays online. For the most convenient option and for great deals, you can hire a caravan on eBay,, or for a long-term investment, buy a touring caravan or motorhome.

Types of Caravan

There are three main caravan options for a family holiday. Static caravans are stationary units on a holiday park. There is also the option of hiring or buying a touring caravan that you tow behind your car. Alternatively, you can consider holidaying in a motorhome, which is essentially a caravan with a driving cab at the front. There are pros and cons to each option as well as several factors to consider.

Static Caravan

A static caravan is generally stationed on a holiday park. These caravans are spacious, ranging from two berths up to eight. They typically have a large lounge, kitchen, and dining area, with separate bathrooms and bedrooms. Holiday parks offer a variety of amenities. Some provide only the basics of gas and electricity, while others provide satellite television and Wi-Fi. It is possible to hire a static caravan or to buy one. Purchasing a static caravan means that you are subject to additional site fees on a yearly basis and there may not be access to the caravan all year round because some sites close for a few months during the winter.

Static caravans offer all of the comforts of home, and unlike other options, there is no need to worry about fuel expenses and finding somewhere to park. However, you are then limited to exploring a smaller area during your trip because you have to return to base every night.

Touring Caravan

A touring caravan is attached securely to the tow bar of your car and you simply pull it along. You can choose to purchase your own touring caravan, which is a great long term investment if you plan to use it regularly, or you can choose to hire one for a short period of time. Touring caravans are smaller and more compact than static caravans, often with fewer amenities. However, touring caravans do allow you more freedom during your holiday, as your home during the trip is pulled behind the car. This allows for exploring at a greater distance. Touring caravans are not suited to everyone, as the car must have a tow bar and the driver must be confident. Towing a touring caravan uses more fuel, so this expense should be factored into the holiday budget.

There are many sites around the UK to park a caravan for a nightly fee, much like pitching a tent in a campsite. Some caravan sites have electricity, gas, and water hook-ups. Before deciding on a touring caravan holiday, plan the route in advance and ensure that there are sites available to park for at least a night or two.


Motorhomes are large vehicles that combine the luxury of a caravan with the convenience of a car. They have a cab at the front and the living quarters at the back. Some have separate bedrooms, while others combine the entire living area in one space, with foldaway beds, a table, and a kitchenette. In these models the bathroom and toilet are behind closed doors. To allow more space in the living quarters, some motorhomes have additional storage at the top, accessed by a stationary ladder fixed to the back or side of the vehicle. Many also have cycle racks attached so that the family can include a biking trip in the caravan holiday.

Holidaymakers that are not confident with towing a touring caravan may be better suited to driving a motorhome, although the driver must still be comfortable operating a vehicle that is considerably larger than the average car. Motorhomes do consume a considerable amount of fuel because of their size. However, depending on how far the family travels on holiday, it is still a relatively inexpensive choice. When planning a motorhome trip, it is essential to contact the caravan sites on the route, as some do not accept these vehicles.

Summary of Types of Caravan

Below is a table summarising the advantages and disadvantages of each type of caravan. This allows you to make a confident and informed decision regarding which type of holiday accommodation is best for the family.

Type of Caravan








No driving involved

Separate living and sleeping quarters

No additional power hook-ups required

More expensive in peak season

Less cost effective accommodation overall

Restricted to a smaller number of locations


Can explore a larger area




Can be parked on secure sites

Requires a confident driver

Must be towed

Smaller living quarters

Requires gas or electricity hook-ups

Fewer amenities



Allows greater travel


Extra storage

No towing required

Heavy fuel consumption

Requires confident driving

More compact than static types

Requires power hook-ups

Some sites do not allow this type

Those looking for an inexpensive family holiday can use the table above to decide which caravan option best fits their budget and needs. Successfully choosing between a static caravan, touring caravan, and motorhome is one of the most important aspects of a family caravan holiday.

Popular Family Caravan Holiday Destinations

There are a number of popular caravan holiday destinations in the UK. Although a family can have a great caravan holiday almost anywhere, there are a number of places that are particularly good that include a range of fun and exciting activities and attractions.

The Norfolk Coast

A holiday along the Norfolk coast is incredibly popular, with static caravans available to rent from Great Yarmouth to Hunstanton. The beauty of the coast means that touring caravans and motorhome holidays are also very popular in this location. Holidaymakers can travel from one seaside town to the next over the course of a week or two. If the family get bored of the seaside or the beauty of the Norfolk Broads, there are amusement arcades and wildlife parks, such as Banham Zoo.

Dorset and the Jurassic Coast

Family caravan holidays in Dorset and along the Jurassic coast are also popular options. The natural beauty is astounding, and there are plenty of activities to entertain the entire family. Take the opportunity to visit Monkey World, which delights adults and children alike.

The North of England

Caravan holidays in the Lake District or Yorkshire are great options for active family holidays. There are plenty of static parks and pitch rental sites, with exquisite scenery and the option for bike rides, hiking, and family adventure activities.

Searching for Family Caravan Holidays on eBay

On eBay, holidaymakers can book family caravan holidays or buy a caravan. The process is easy; buyers can simply conduct a search from the eBay home page and filter the results using the category features. To find a touring caravan or motorhome enter the desired search term, such as "Norfolk static caravan&" or "Swift caravan&" to get a wealth of accurate search results. When purchasing a long term investment, such as a motorhome or a touring caravan, you can choose to buy brand new or used. Buying a used model in good condition is an excellent option for those on a budget.

When booking a family caravan holiday, it is usually possible to choose the duration of your stay. Many agents and private owners provide the available dates so that the buyer can choose. If the dates are not listed, then you can find out easily by using the eBay messaging system.

To be confident of your booking or purchase, check the feedback score of the agent or private owner. This ensures that you choose a well respected vendor with an abundance of positive feedback..


A family caravan holiday is a fabulous way to explore all that the UK has to offer without breaking the bank. Families can choose from activity and adventure holidays in a static caravan based in the Lake District to fun and frolics along the Norfolk coast with a touring caravan or a motorhome. Static caravans are very convenient because they offer a range of amenities and are spacious compared to touring models and motorhomes. They do, however, restrict how far the family can travel.

If there is a confident driver in the family, towing a caravan or driving a motorhome provides a greater opportunity to travel and explore. It should be noted that these options require a suitable location to park each night, as well as water and power hook-ups. Holiday caravan rentals, as well as caravans, motorhomes, and static models for purchase, can be found on eBay.

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