Your Guide to Family Friendly Holiday Accommodations in Scotland

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Your Guide to Family Friendly Holiday Accommodations in Scotland

Scotland's towering medieval castles, dramatic landscape, and distinct culture make it a great destination for a family friendly holiday. There is a lot to see and do in all of the country's regions throughout the year. Families can enjoy walking in the Highlands, relaxing by a scenic loch, or exploring a vibrant city such as Edinburgh. The country is world-renowned for its golf, and a handful of thrilling ski resorts are available to keep active families engaged.

The options in Scotland are diverse enough that families need to plan in advance to ensure a satisfying holiday. Organising a family friendly trip to Scotland requires a good understanding of where to go and when to visit. Holiday planners should also be familiar with the different types of family friendly holiday accommodations in Scotland. eBay is a good source through which one can arrange accommodations. Combining knowledge of travelling in Scotland with an understanding of how to use the site for booking accommodations helps families ensure memorable Scottish holidays.

Where to Go in Scotland and When to Visit

Before searching for accommodations, families should decide where to go in Scotland and the time of year to visit. Certain regions are better suited to specific types of travel than others, and each travel season has its benefits and disadvantages. Choosing the right region and right time to travel are key to enjoying a Scottish holiday.


Scotland features a number of distinct regions for travellers. Families looking to vacation in Scotland can refer to the table below to decide which regions to visit.




The mountainous area in the northwest; beautiful scenery; many opportunities for walking and trekking; home to Loch Ness and city of Inverness

North East

Rugged coastline and mountainous interior; features coastal cities of Aberdeen and Dundee; Grampian Mountains ideal for walking and trekking

Central Belt

Urban region of Scotland; home to Glasgow and Edinburgh; better suited for city stays than nature holidays


Area bordering England; hilly, scenic countryside; features the Border Abbeys; hosts numerous summer festivals; overlooked tourist region

South West

Main attractions are scenic Solway Coast, Robert Burns National Heritage Park, and Isle of Arran; golfing families can play numerous renowned courses


Scenic islands off the northwest coast; Sky, Mull, and Islay islands popular for visitors; culturally similar to Highlands


Archipelago north of Scottish mainland; main attractions are Neolithic structures, which have UNESCO World Heritage status


Archipelago north Orkney Islands; 15 out of 100 islands inhabited; great wildlife viewing that includes puffins; culture distinct from that on Scottish mainland

Families looking for a mix of city culture and access to scenic nature should consider a holiday in the North East of Scotland. Most other regions feature either impressive nature or interesting cities, but not both. Every region in Scotland provides cultural experiences for visiting families.

Choosing a Holiday Period

The other important aspect of planning a family friendly holiday in Scotland is choosing when to go. No other season has as pleasant weather as summer. Accommodation rates rise at this time of year, but it is usually worth paying extra to holiday when the sun shines for walking in the mountains, playing a round of golf, and relaxing along the coast. Autumn is also a good time to visit, and the kids may appreciate a couple of days off from school for a holiday. The weather is not as consistently pleasant as in summer, but there are plenty of sunny days in early autumn. Accommodations often lower their rates during this time of year as well. Those looking for a family ski holiday in Scotland should obviously travel when the snow flies, and the sun begins to shine stronger once again in late spring.

Types of Family Friendly Holiday Accommodations in Scotland

One can avail of numerous types of family friendly holiday accommodations in Scotland. Choosing the right accommodation depends on what a family wants. Some families require amenities such as a kitchen, while others prefer to have as many services as possible available while on holiday. Learning more about the different types of family friendly holiday accommodations in Scotland helps families choose the ones that are right for them.

Cottages, Houses, and Bungalows

Cottages, houses, and bungalows generally provide plenty of space for a whole family to be comfortable on holiday. Most of these accommodations have multiple bedrooms, letting family members sleep under the same roof. They can also feel like home because other people may have lived in them before deciding to rent them out to travellers. Cottages, houses, and bungalows usually feature a kitchen, so families can prepare dinner and eat together in their accommodations. They are often self-catering, so there are fewer services than in a hotel. However, many families may appreciate being independent while on holiday. Cottages, houses, and bungalows are accommodations more typical of the countryside, but families may also find them in the city.


A timeshare is when multiple people share ownership of a holiday property. Ownership rights are usually divided by week, with a property having as many as 52 different owners. Timeshares are usually condominiums at resorts. They blend many services that guests usually find at hotels with amenities, such as a kitchen, that are typical of holiday homes or cottages. It is possible to rent a timeshare in Scotland from the owner. Families are usually committed to renting the timeshare for an entire week. Children may appreciate having resort amenities such as a swimming pool, while parents may enjoy being able to cook meals in the timeshare.


Renting a flat is a good solution for families who do not require a great deal of space for their holidays. Flats are typical accommodations for cities, where space is at a premium, but it is possible to find flats in the countryside as well. Flats typically have less space than cottages and houses, but families who plan to spend most of their time outside of their accommodations often do not mind. Flats also have kitchens, enabling families to cook for themselves while on holiday.

Those looking to holiday in a Scottish city such as Edinburgh may find that staying in a flat is more economical than reserving a couple of hotel rooms. Holiday flats can often sleep multiple people, making them well-suited for families looking for good value in accommodation.


Those looking to holiday in the outdoors should consider renting a caravan for their stay. Caravans are mobile homes, though many available for holiday renting are static caravans. This means that they are in a fixed location. Although caravans tend to be smaller accommodations, they often make efficient use of space. They can be capable of sleeping numerous people comfortably, and they feature amenities such as a kitchen and a lounge area. Caravans tend to be located in rural areas, and many are in caravan parks that provide services to guests. This type of accommodation is ideal for families looking for a rural holiday, but with more comfort than camping provides.


A hotel is a good choice for a family that wants full-service accommodations. Many parents prefer to take a break from preparing meals for their children, and they therefore do not need a kitchen available while on holiday. Hotels also clean rooms and turn down beds, and these are two more things that parents do not have to worry about while away from home. Many hotels also have amenities that children enjoy, such as a swimming pool. Those staying in an unfamiliar city may use concierge recommendations for finding and booking entertainment.

How to Use eBay to Arrange Family Friendly Accommodations in Scotland

It is possible to use various accommodation-booking websites to arrange family friendly accommodations in Scotland. You can also book directly with the accommodation provider. eBay is another option for arranging your family friendly accommodations in Scotland. It is easy to search the site to find the accommodation you are looking for, and you can evaluate sellers to ensure that your accommodations are as you expect them to be.

You can search for family friendly accommodations in Scotland from any eBay page with the search bar. You can use a search term specific to a locale or a general term such as "Scotland accommodation". When you receive the results, choose the category related to your search term. Other filtering options allow you to select the type of accommodation and the time of year for your vacation.

You can evaluate the listing accommodations to ensure that your accommodations are as described in listings. By clicking on a seller's username on a listing, you can see the seller's feedback. This collection of comments and ratings that other buyers have left for the seller can help you determine whether or not you should go ahead with the transaction.


Scotland has a wealth of attractions that excite families who travel in the country. Planning a family friendly itinerary for Scotland requires families to know where to go and when to travel. The different regions of Scotland have different features, and being familiar with these features helps families decide where to travel. Families should also be aware of how holidays in Scotland change through the seasons. Summer is often a good choice, but other seasons may be preferable, depending upon what is important to the family. There are also a range of different accommodation types throughout the country. Every family's tastes are different, so it is important to consider how the benefits and disadvantages of certain types of accommodations fit with the family's preferences.

eBay is a good source for booking family friendly holiday accommodations in Scotland. By learning how to use the site to find the right accommodations, you can plan a holiday in Scotland that your whole family is sure to enjoy.

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