Your Guide to Family Holiday Homes in Norfolk

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Your Guide to Family Holiday Homes in Norfolk

Holiday homes are a great option for those who would like privacy and comfort while travelling. A number of homes are available in Norfolk, and visitors to the area can find accommodation to suit their family's needs. There are several things to bear in mind while searching for a suitable holiday home, including its location. Decide whether to stay in a city, on the edge of a town, or in a rural setting. Several standalone buildings are available, including cottages and caravans, and flats can also be booked. Refine the options available by considering the size of the holiday home and the number of rooms. Other factors to consider include whether pets are allowed.

Holiday homes in Norfolk can be booked through travel agents and private owners. Many of these services can be found online at marketplaces like eBay. Browsing eBay can be a quick and easy way to find a great location that matches the interests of the family.

Locations in Norfolk

The first thing to decide when choosing a family holiday home is its location. There are several popular places in Norfolk, ranging from densely populated cities to small seaside villages. Some homes are located in and around Norwich and provide visitors with access to a large number of events and shopping opportunities. Those looking for a more relaxed environment can consider places like Cromer along the coast. There are also many homes in rural areas of the county.

Norfolk Broads

The Norfolk Broads are a large number of areas of wetland in the east of Norfolk, just west of Great Yarmouth. They offer visitors the chance to enjoy sailing and other activities on the water. Hiking trails and paths for casual walks also stretch through the Broads, and visitors can experience wildlife in its natural habitat. Birdwatching is particularly popular in the area.

North Norfolk

North Norfolk has some of the most attractive coastline in the UK, including beaches like Wells, Holkham, and Brancaster. Further inland, visitors can enjoy salt marshes, mudflats, and pine forests. North Norfolk is home to several small market towns, as well as the popular holiday destination Cromer.

Cromer rests along the North Norfolk coast. It is known for its beautiful beach and the landscaped cliff gardens that run alongside it. The town is home to a wide selection of restaurants and shops, making it an excellent destination for families who would like to enjoy an experience of a town with close access to natural scenery.


Norwich is an excellent family holiday destination for those looking to experience art and culture. The city is home to numerous art galleries, theatres, and live music performances. It has many well preserved medieval buildings, as well as museums with objects from the same period. A large variety of restaurants and shopping centres are located in the city.

Types of Holiday Home in Norfolk

Families can choose between standalone units and flats when selecting a holiday home in Norfolk. Buildings like cottages and caravans are great for creating a home away from home, but they may be further away from attractions. Most flats offer closeness to the heart of a town, but they also may be close to neighbours, which is often not the best option for families with boisterous children.


Caravans are the simplest option. They typically consist of a single living space with a bedroom and bathroom near the rear, but larger caravans are available that can be comfortable for families. Although most caravans do not have any amenities outside the unit, some are designed with a full patio, walkway, and even a garden.


Cottages are the true home away from home. They can vary in size from a single bedroom unit with a living space, which may suit a couple with a baby, to large houses that can accommodate extended family groups of 12 people or more. Most cottages are furnished with sofas, cooking appliances, and electronics. Cottages can be found both near cities and in rural areas.


Many flats are located near popular attractions and shopping destinations in cities. They provide convenience and opportunities to see the sights easily. It is also easy to return to the accommodation throughout the day, if necessary, to rest either the very young or older members of the family between sightseeing trips.

Size of Family Holiday Homes in Norfolk

A holiday home that is too small for the family can make the trip less enjoyable, so it is important that there is enough space for the entire family to feel at home and relaxed. When looking at listings of holiday homes, the size can be indicated in several ways. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms are usually given, although it is not uncommon to see homes listed by the number of people that can be accommodated. Floor space is sometimes shown, as well.

Number of Bedrooms

Many listings for holiday homes provide the number of bedrooms. However, it is worth investigating to determine the size of each room; in some cases, a home may have an additional bedroom that has been converted from a storage area or other space. These rooms may be small and include only a single bed. Understand the size and type of each bedroom in a holiday home before committing to booking it.

Number of Bathrooms

Investigate the number and type of bathrooms in a holiday home, especially if travelling with a large family group. Determine if a bath or shower is present. If a listing does not say how many bathrooms are included in the home, it is often safe to assume that there is only one.

Amenities for Family Holiday Homes in Norfolk

The amenities included in a holiday home vary, so it is worth taking the time to check them. The following table includes examples of amenities that can be found in many holiday homes, with a brief description.



24 hour maintenance

Ensures assistance is available in the event of a leak or appliance breakdown

Central heating

Provides warmth for all rooms in the holiday home


Preserves food in self-catering holiday homes


May be gas or electric


May be in place of an oven

Wood burning stove

Great for cold evenings inside with the family

Local maps

Helps tourists to navigate the area


Ensures close access to the building

Many forms of entertainment may also be provided in the holiday home. Check to see if board games, a TV, DVD players, audio systems, and gaming consoles are available.

Pets in Family Holiday Homes in Norfolk

Family holidays can be great for pets too. A holiday home can provide furry friends with opportunities to explore and enjoy large outdoor areas. However, not all holiday homes allow pets, so it is worth checking for this option beforehand. In some cases, holiday home owners or agents may only allow certain types of animals or breeds.

How to Book Family Holiday Homes in Norfolk on eBay

Holiday homes throughout Norfolk can be booked via eBay. Listings can be found by entering search terms into the field on the home page. For example, enter "holiday Norfolk" into the field to see all listings tagged with those terms. You may refine listings by adding new terms on the search results page. eBay also has category links that can be used to refine a search.

Review Listings

Take the time to review listings before finalising your booking. Read the description provided by the holiday home owner or agent and compare it with available photographs. Understand the full conditions of the booking, including the owner's policy on pets. Most listings include a detailed description of the property with a list of amenities. They may also describe local attractions.


Holiday homes are an excellent option for travellers who enjoy freedom during their breaks. A number of good quality holiday homes can be found throughout Norfolk. There are several things to keep in mind while looking for the right place. Decide on the type of holiday home that would best suit the family. Standalone units, such as cottages and caravans, offer privacy, but may be further away from attractions. Flats can be found in the heart of cities like Norwich. However, holidaymakers must be more careful about noise levels. Before making a booking, check the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the total floor space, when applicable.

Also, check for the amenities included in the holiday home. Most places offer standard appliances like a fridge and oven, although some also offer wood stoves. Entertainment such as board games, DVD players, and gaming consoles may also be available. Pets are not allowed in all holiday homes; in some cases, property owners or agents may only allow certain types of pets or even particular breeds.

eBay has listings for a range of holiday homes. Check the reputation of the property owner to feel comfortable with the booking, and enjoy a family holiday in Norfolk.

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