Your Guide to Fruit Seeds

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Your Guide to Fruit Seeds

Fruit is a product of nature's bounty that brings joy and health to many. Growing fruit from the seed is a fascinating project for those who love to garden, and it can yield fresh fruit, jams, and more. Understanding the different categories of fruit seeds and what goes into growing them can help growers make the best choice for their needs.

Patio Fruit Seeds

Patio fruit are fruits that can grow well in compact planters, making them ideal choices for city dwellers or those with limited outdoor spaces. Fruit seeds that grow well in patio settings include strawberries and blueberries. Growers can plant strawberry seeds in planters or in hanging baskets to keep them away from slugs and snails. Blueberry seeds can excel in a large pot of moist, lime-free compost. Those interested in patio fruit can also consider tomatoes, as well, though tomato seeds must grow at first in warm, indoor conditions before transferring to outdoor pots as seedlings.

Soft Fruit Seeds

Soft fruit, or stoneless fruit, include a wide variety of berries, such as blackberries, blueberries, and blackcurrants. Soft fruit seeds perform well in a variety of soil types but work best in light, loamy soil. Seeds typically come in packets of 20 or more.


Citrus Fruit Seeds

Citrus fruit seeds are rugged options that germinate quickly within two to four weeks, and oftentimes and can flourish year round. Growers can start citrus seeds, including lemon and orange seeds, indoors in a large pot. Once citrus seeds grow into larger plants and trees, growers can transfer them to larger outdoor pots or into gardens.

Grape Seeds

Growing grapes can provide those with a green thumb with anything from jam to wine in the long term. When selecting grape seeds, growers should consider what they want to do with their grapes. Different seed varieties are more appropriate for eating or making jam, while others work better for wine production. Considering the temperature and conditions in the grower's region is essential, as grapes can be temperamental.


Growing Tips for Fruit Seeds

Growers looking to plant fruit seeds can follow some general guidelines to encourage healthy and productive growth. All fruit, whether indoor or outdoor during germination, need plenty of sunlight. When choosing soil, most fruit excels in soil with moderate acidic levels with a pH around 5.5. Growers should also ensure that a growing fruit seed has access to plenty of drainage, whether in a pot or growing in a garden. It is important to keep in mind that, while smaller fruits are fertilised by their own pollen, other fruits need cross-pollination. Planting more than one variety near one another outdoors encourages this process.

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