Your Guide to Goat Skin Leather Clothing

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Your Guide to Goat Skin Leather Clothing

Soft and pliable, goatskin leather is ideal for making durable and stylish clothing. Goatskin is thinner and more supple than cowhide or horse leather, and is popular for jackets because of its durability and weather resistance. Learning about the various properties and features to look for in goatskin leather clothing can help you with choosing a beautiful piece that will last for years.


Goatskin Leather vs. Kid Leather

Before buying goatskin leather clothing, consider whether the leather came from an adult goat or a kid goat. Kid goats have thinner, softer skin, excellent for making thin and comfortable leather gloves and very soft clothing. Goat leather is a little thicker than kid goatskin but still considerably softer than cow leather. Generally, manufacturers use goat leather to make jackets, trousers, and skirts.


Goatskin Leather Grade

Goatskin, or Morocco leather, comes in a variety of grades, and you can shop accordingly. The cheapest goat leather, but also the least durable, is bonded leather, which contains goat leather and cardboard. Split grain leather is similar to bonded leather but uses more leather. The most durable goatskin leather is top grain leather, or the outermost section of the hide sanded to remove markings. Full grain leather is the outermost section of the hide with all of the natural markings. Standard goat leather is full grain, and features a pebbled surface, for which the leather is well known. You can choose a leather type based on your personal preference and budget for goatskin leather clothing.


Goatskin Leather Craftsmanship

The best leather in the world does not make a good garment if the craftsmanship is poor. Pay attention to the size, the fit, and the seams to ensure that the clothing fits you well before you make the purchase. Goatskin leather is very thin, and usually easy for leatherworkers to craft into garments, but it is a good idea to look for straight and solid seams and overall quality when you shop for leather clothing. For example, if you are buying a goat leather jacket for use on a motorcycle, the jacket needs to be high quality for it to protect you on the road.

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