Your Guide to Microfibre Car Seat Covers

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Your Guide to Microfibre Car Seat Covers

Microfibre is a high-quality synthetic yarn weave with minute threads that create a tightly woven surface. In car seat covers, microfibre can mimic the look and feel of synthetic leather, as well as plush covers, but offers more durability, stain resistance, and bacteria resistance than either of the original fabric options. While many types of microfibre car seats are available on eBay, you can choose a set by paying attention to the specifications of your vehicle and shopping accordingly.


Measuring Your Car Seats for Microfibre Covers

The first thing to consider when you buy your microfibre car seat covers is that car seats come in all shapes and sizes. You have to measure your seats in order to find options that offer the best fit. This is important whether you are buying universal or custom covers. Measure the height from the seat to the top of the back, the width of the back at the top, middle, and bottom, and then the height, width, and length of the seat itself. You should write these measurements down and then compare them to the maximum and minimum measurements on the car seat covers you consider.


Considering the Type of Car Seat

Another thing to keep in mind is that car seat covers are for specific types of seats. For example, front seats include bucket seats and bench seats. Rear seats include bucket, bench, and divided bench. There are many different styles of seat covers and you have to pick one that matches your type of seats. Some seat covers are also made specifically for the driver's seat or passenger's seat, so you have to pay attention to location as well. A car seat cover kit should include basic seat covers for all of your seats.


Choosing a Type of Microfibre Car Seat Cover

There are also a couple of different types of microfibre car seat covers. A partial seat cover goes over the top or bottom of the seat, while a full seat cover covers the entire seat. Fitted seat covers are usually the best option as they fit to the seat and are less likely to move.


Choosing a Style for Your Microfibre Car Seat Covers

Microfibre is a versatile material, available in a number of prints, styles, and textures, so you should not have a problem finding something that you like. Great options to consider include leather-look microfibre covers, different colour patterns, the same shade as your original seats, or a bright colour to add contrast to your car.

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