Your Guide to Northern Premier League Tickets

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Your Guide to Northern Premier League Tickets

Fans who love the game of football enjoy relaxing at home, watching games on television. However, from time to time, they prefer watching their favourite teams play in person. For fans of England's Northern Premier League and its teams, tickets to a live game are a truly meaningful gift.

Buyers who want to purchase Northern Premier League football tickets for themselves, for a friend, or for a loved one can obtain them from a number of different venues. However, purchasing the tickets on eBay can be quicker and more affordable. Before buyers purchase tickets, they should review the schedule for their favourite teams to find out when and where they are playing. They should also decide how many tickets they need and ensure that they know the age of the younger members in the group. Understanding what to wear, how to act, and where to sit can make the experience of a Northern Premier League game much more enjoyable.

About the Northern Premier League

The Northern Premier League is a collective of football clubs and teams who compete against each other for promotion within the British football league system. The Northern Premier League, or NPL, includes clubs from the entirety of Northern England and from the northern parts of the Midlands. In the beginning, the Northern Premier League consisted of just one division. A second one was created in 1987, with a split occurring in 2007. Currently, the Northern Premier League is under the overarching Football Conference and contains Division One North and Division One South. It contains 22 teams.

The Northern Premier League is part of the 7-8 tier of England's football leagues. Other leagues on the same level are the Isthmian League and the Southern League. Winners of playoff games move up to the the Conference North or Conference South divisions.

Like all football leagues, the Northern Premier League has had many sponsors. For 16 years, it was the Unibond League. In 2012, with the Unibond deal over, the league made a new deal. Through 2015, it has been billed as the Evo-Stik League.

The Northern Premier League has a history of excellent teams and clubs. It also has a reputation for some openness and flexibility towards clubs from outside England's borders. In the past, clubs from Wales and Scotland were part of the Northern Premier League until they became part of the leagues in their own nations.

History of Wins

Beginning in 2007, Division One was split into Division One North and Division One South. The chart below shows which teams won in the Premier Division between 2007 and 2012.


Premier Division Winner

2007 to 2008

Fleetwood Town

2008 to 2009

Eastwood Town

2009 to 2010


2010 to 2011

FC Halifax Town

2011 to 2012


Throughout the years, the divisions and leagues have been reorganised occasionally as times and teams change. Fans can stay up to date by visiting the websites of favourite teams and clubs and connecting with other fans on Facebook and other social media websites.

Prices for Northern Premier League Tickets

Prices to the games vary depending on the importance of the match and the popularity of the teams. For lower leagues, tickets are generally affordable. However, tickets to games with Premiership clubs are quite a bit more costly. Buyers need to set their personal price limits before they begin shopping for tickets. They should check the average cost of a ticket for the game they want to attend so that they know when a seller is overcharging.

How to Act at a Northern Premier League Game

Before fans attend their first Northern Premier League match, they need to know what to expect. Premier League games are rowdy, loud, intense affairs. Attendees should understand what behaviour is considered acceptable and what is not.

Drinking at Northern Premier League Games

Typically, beer is not allowed in the stands at Premier League games. Fans usually drink before the game beside the stands or under the stands. During halftime, the areas outside the stands are crowded with people pouring down beers. Many fans also congregate at local pubs afterwards to drink and celebrate or commiserate, depending on whether or not their team won.

Team Loyalty and Spirit

Before the game, fans often pump up the crowd's team spirit with chants and songs. Fans who know these chants should feel free to join in. Attendees should be sure to sit in the section reserved for their team. Moving into the opposite team's section is considered an affront and may be met with heckling and possibly a physical altercation.

Team Colours

Northern Premier League matches are an excellent time to show off club-themed memorabilia or apparel. Shirts, caps, hats, scarves, stadium blankets,, and other items allow fans to identify with their favourite teams. Because of the propensity for post-game violence, it is a good idea for a fan to cover up the team colours with a jacket after the game.

Family-Friendly Zones

Games are not always family-friendly. The language often gets strong as fans call out members of the opposing team or vilify the opposing team's fans. People who want to bring their children but do not want to expose them to obscenities should plan to sit in one of the family enclosures. These are typically available at most venues that host Northern Premier League games. If fans sit in a family area, they must remember to restrain themselves from inappropriate language, or they may be kicked out of the enclosure.

What to Wear to a Northern Premier League Game

Many football matches are hosted at outdoor venues. Comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes are a must. Fans should check the weather forecast ahead of time so that they can be prepared for the game. If it is going to be cold, one may consider adding a scarf,gloves, and boots to an outfit. Many fans like to bring a stadium blanket or two for extra comfort and warmth. If the weather is going to be warm, fans can wear layers that they can remove as the sun gets hotter. For hot weather and sunny days, one should use sunscreen on the exposed areas of skin. A bad sunburn can ruin an otherwise perfect game day.

What to Bring to a Northern Premier League Game

Bringing along some cash for concessions to the game is always a good idea. One always needs money for food, drinks, and souvenirs. However, it is not a good idea to carry too much cash along; fans should keep their wallets or handbags close at all times. An empty bottle is also a good idea to bring along so that one can fill it with water as needed.

How to Leave a Northern Premier League Game

After the game, many fans take to the streets and pubs. Attendees to the match who wish to avoid altercations should stick to areas that have security officers. Usually, those who avoid antagonising anyone from the other team can head home without incident, taking only their good memories with them.

Buying Northern Premier League Tickets on eBay

Tickets to Northern Premier League football matches can be found online through eBay.. Start on eBay's main page, and enter the name of the team you want to see in action. Your results page should populate quickly. Applying eBay's search filters can speed up the process. You can check the boxes beside the available options that match your needs, and eBay removes ticket listings that do not match your preferences. This creates a shorter, more tailored list of available tickets. When you cannot find the tickets you may save your search so that eBay can send you a notification email every time a seller posts new Northern Premier League football tickets on the site.

If you are concerned about your tickets' authenticity, make sure that you buy tickets from a Top-rated eBay seller. eBay sellers have high feedback scores from previous buyers and are considered reliable. If you need to contact a seller about the shipping or the arrival date of your tickets, click on "Ask a Question" on the listing page. You can also go to the seller's profile page and click "Contact Member". These links allow you to message the seller privately and securely.


Football fans love the thrill of anticipation as players deftly manoeuvre the ball toward the goal. They like the spirit and raw energy of the crowds and also enjoy the companionship of friends in the pub and at the chippy before and after a great match. To experience all this, fans need tickets to see their favourite Northern Premier League team.

Fortunately, eBay supplies tickets to many different events, including sporting events. With eBay's buyer-friendly features and simple search options, locating the right number of tickets for an upcoming game should be fairly easy. Once buyers have the tickets, they can plan the details such as what to wear and how to manoeuvre through the boisterous crowds after the game. Fans who plan to bring children should check the venue's online seating chart so that they know exactly where to find family-friendly seating. Whether their team wins or loses, buyers should be able to make amazing memories at a Northern Premier League football match.

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