Your Guide to Purchasing Salon-Quality Blades on eBay

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Your Guide to Purchasing Salon-Quality Blades on eBay

Although there are many kinds of blades, trimmers and scissors available to the general public, salon-quality items are often a cut above the rest. This is not only due to having to bear frequent use, but also the hairdresser-friendly designs necessary and the sharp, neat cuts expected.

This guide will help buyers find the best salon-quality blades at the ideal price on eBay, the site with the largest online market available.

Types of Salon-Quality Blades

Hairdresser salons use a variety of different cutting tools which all require different blades and levels of care. Identifying the kind of blades needed is the first step to making a purchase, but if the buyer is just starting out they may not know what kind of blades a salon uses. The main types of blades are:

Straight Razor

Also known as a cut-throat razor, these are the simple razors still used by many traditional barbers. These razor blades are readily available at high quality individually or as part of sets.

Hair Clipper

Hair clippers or trimmers are often used by salons not only to trim short hair but also to provide the finishing touches to haircuts. Hair Clippers are available in a variety of sizes and brands, with different blades for different cuts.


Scissors are the leading tool of any hairdresser, and there are many fine salon-quality scissors and scissor blades for sale on eBay at very reasonable prices. Salon scissors can be very costly due to the high quality expected from them, and scissor-sharpening services are available to prolong the life of salon-quality scissors.

Styling Blades

Styling blades are quite similar to scissors; however they are designed to provide a certain kind of cut or effect with hair. Due to their simple design salon-quality styling blades are widely available at very reasonable prices. The main types of styling blades include:

  • Feathering – a technique used to provide very finely layered hair; feathering creates wispy, light hair strands and can be used to thin out hair.
  • Thinning – these scissors are used to thin hair, removing bulk and adding texture.

Replacement Blades

Those buyers who already own scissors, clippers and razors might be considering buying replacement blades rather than investing in a whole new item. Most parts can be replaced on hair dressing items, including:

  • Trimmer Blades – trimmers are often a vital part of a very fine cut, and so suffer a great deal of wear. Spare blades are available, often with more than one blade.
  • Razor Blades – Blade and handle are held together by screws, so it is simple for buyers who already own a whole razor to buy a replacement blade and simply remove the blunted or damaged old one.
  • Styling Blades –unlike regular scissors styling blades cannot be sharpened because of the shape of the blade, so spare styling blades for feathering and thinning are available. These often come in large packs, sometimes including a handle for easy use.

How to Choose the Right Salon-Quality Blades

Choosing the right kind of salon-quality blades can be complex, especially if the buyer is not a trained or experienced hairdresser. Whilst searching, the buyer should keep some basic aspects of use and purpose in mind to make sure they purchase the ideal blades for them.

  • Purpose – the buyer should consider where they will be using the blades, and how often. Professional hairdressers who will be using the blades daily should search for high-quality, durable blades that will resist wear better – thus increasing the lifespan of the blades before sharpening and replacement. However, those who will not be using the blades frequently might do better to opt for the less expensive blades.
  • Quality – high-quality blades will naturally be more expensive, with many salon hairdressers favouring Japanese-made blades for their strength and sharpness. Very high-quality makes will often have extra features to not only increase the quality of the cut, but also attend to the comfort of the user – with such features as a thumb swivel grip and extra holes for fingers.
  • Sharpness – the sharpness of blades is very important, particularly if buying for use in a salon. Buyers should check with the seller the sharpness of the blades, particularly if they are used. Scissors may need to have their blades sharpened to their optimum edge – which can be done through a professional service or with a blade sharpener.
  • Comfort – it is very important that the buyer finds the blades they purchase comfortable, which they may not find with less expensive items. The weight and design of blades and scissors is important to consider in particular, as heavy scissors used for long lengths of time can cause wrist, neck and even back pain.
  • Left-Handed – in the same vein as comfort, there are also left-handed scissors widely available to those who need them. Buying left-handed scissors will not only aid in a more comfortable fit for buyers, but will also help in achieving a better cut.
  • Compatibility – if the buyer is purchasing replacements for already owned items, they should ensure that whatever blade they buy will be compatible with the parts already owned.

Salon-Quality Blades Sets

There are many salon-quality blades on eBay being sold as part of packs or sets. The advantage to the buyer is that they will be able to buy many blades at once, saving them the need to constantly purchase spare blades. The main types of set available are:

  • Straight Razor – rather than offering a straight blade with a strop for sharpening, these sets often offer a full straight razor with spare blades.
  • Trimmer – trimmers can be subject to wear if used frequently, and due to the shape of the blade they cannot be sharpened. Spare blade sets may be costly but prevents buyers from having to buy a full replacement trimmer.
  • Scissors – the ultimate tool of the salon, it is not wonder that sets are widely available and for very reasonable prices. Scissor sets usually include a pair of regular scissors and a pair of trimmers, ranging in price from a generic affordable brand to highly specialised Japanese-made blades.
  • If the buyer is purchasing a set, they should make sure to check:
  • Set – what is the set, and what is included should be clear from the photograph and description provided. However, if the buyer is unsure or has any questions about the items they should make sure to check with the seller.
  • Type – there are as many sets as there are kinds of blade, and when purchasing buyers should ensure that the blades will be compatible any already owned items – such as when buying razor blades.

Purchasing a set is a great way to build up a collection of all the necessary items, from razors to trimmers to scissors and all the small spare items needed to keep going. There are many sets available on eBay that are listed as used – often because of users ‘trading up’ for new blades – and therefore buying a set of blades on eBay can be much more affordable than purchasing blades in a brick and mortar store.

Buying on Salon-Quality Blades on eBay

When the buyer has absorbed the information necessary to make an informed choice about the set of salon-quality blades they would prefer, eBay is the ideal place to start searching – with a huge range of blades and sets available at very affordable prices. When looking for blades on eBay, the buyer should consider:

  • Price – the cost of items is a vital factor of any search, and fortunately the wide varieties of blades available on eBay also come in a variety of prices. Buyers can adjust search results to their budget by using the search preferences. There are many blades available for purchase on both the Auction and Buy It Now buying options, allowing for a great deal of flexibility when purchasing.
  • Type – the type of blades shown during a search – once the buyer has chosen – can be selected through the search preferences and the search bar.
  • Condition – there are many blades available used and new, and prices will change depending on condition. The buyers can use both the search bar and search preferences to indicate their personal choice.
  • Local Sellers – buying blades from local sellers is a great way to keep costs down, particularly if buying large or bulky items such as trimmers.
  • If the buyer needs any advice on searching, they should make sure to consult eBay’s Search Tips page to get even more guidance on how to get the perfect search result. If buyers have any questions about any of the items they see listed, they should make sure to ask the seller for any further details needed.


Blades – whether razors, scissors or trimmers – are the masters of the salon. So it is not surprising that there are many salon-quality blades available at a huge variety of prices to suit the budget of every would-be user. This guide will help buyers not only identify the kind of blade they need, but also find it at the ideal condition and the perfect price.

When searching for blades on eBay, buyers should be aware of the extra security benefits of buying items using PayPal, eBay’s preferred way to purchase with added eBay Buyer Protection.

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