Your Guide to Purchasing a Short-Sleeved Bicycle Jersey

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Your Guide to Purchasing a Short-Sleeved Bicycle Jersey

Cycling enthusiasts will know the importance of a bicycle jersey when it comes to competitive cycling. They are specifically designed for comfort and convenience when cycling, whilst also minimising wind resistance. There are plenty to choose from, whether it’s being purchased for a competitive purpose or simply as a replica of famous teams or events. There are even differences when it comes to the type of cycling – downhill short-sleeved jerseys will differ from time trial or cross country ones, with each being carefully crafted to maximise performance.

eBay offers plenty of choices when it comes to short-sleeved bicycle jerseys, as well as a plethora of other sporting goods. This guide aims to outline some of the key features associated with cycling jerseys, as well as how the features of eBay’s site make purchasing one easy.

Features of Short-Sleeved Bicycle Jerseys

When purchasing a bicycle jersey for practical use, there are a few key features to be aware of. Buying one that is incorrect may hamper performance, or at least restrain the user from reaching their full potential. It is not only the jersey that needs to be considered either, as the whole cycling outfit needs to be up to scratch. Here are some key features to look out for:


Buying the correct size jersey is essential. Too small and it may restrict movement and be uncomfortable, but too large and it may increase the wind resistance the cyclist encounters. Both will contribute to slowing the rider down. Often replica jerseys will be a one size fits all affair, but these are mostly for display or to show support for a favoured team. Standard jerseys tend to range from small (sizes 8-10) to X Large and larger. Sizes will differ slightly between genders, but the key factors are chest and waist size. Below is a table showing some of the different sizes available:


Chest (inches)

Waist (inches)













Although the above table is a rough guide, different manufacturers may have slightly different sizing, so it’s important to check this. When it comes to finding a jersey that is the right fit, it should be snug to the body whilst leaving enough room to comfortably move.


There are plenty of brands available, and a certain amount of the process will be determined by personal preference. However different brands may have different sizing and production values, so it’s worth researching which best suits your needs. Some popular brands include:

  • Altura
  • Castelli
  • Fox
  • Pearl Izumi
  • Polaris
  • Scott
  • Troy Lee

Different brands may specialise in different types of cycling jerseys. Troy Lee, for example, tends to produce a lot of mountain biking and free riding jerseys, whilst Altura favour the road racing variety. It is worth checking out the ranges that the major manufacturers offer to see how they differ.


Most long-sleeved jerseys tend to be zip up, but for short-sleeved ones there are those that zip and those that don’t. Again this comes down to personal taste and comfort – some prefer to be able to adjust the zipper whilst riding, whilst for others it’s a hindrance. If unsure, try a couple on for size to see which works best.


Whilst it may seem like a superficial aspect, the colour of the jersey can matter. Personal taste plays a certain part, whether vibrant or muted colours are preferred, but if competing in a race or tournament, specific colour schemes may be required. It is important to check this and then dress accordingly.


The density of the material will also affect the purchase. Lighter garments are perfect for summer cycling, as they are breathable and cooling, whilst in the winter a thicker fabric will be required. It is possible to search for either, but it is advisable to research which is best for any given situation.

Additional Garments

Once a jersey has been sorted, other items of attire may be necessary. Cycling shorts will likely be required and it is possible to purchase these as a set with the jersey. Depending on the weather, an outdoor jacket will also be required, and these tend to be lightweight and waterproof. Socks & Warmers will again be necessary depending on the season, whilst high visibility or reflective equipment is always a prudent choice. The important thing is to assess the conditions that you will be cycling in and ensure that the correct attire is worn. All of the additional items mentioned can be found on eBay, along with plenty of other cycling gear.


This guide has shown some of the key features to look out for when purchasing short-sleeved bicycle jerseys. There are plenty of options to choose from and it really comes down to the type of cycling that is going to be done as to what size, material and additional equipment will be needed. Shopping on eBay is easy and intuitive, and with their buyer protection policyit possible to feel secure when using the site to make purchases.

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