Your Guide to Purchasing the Right Bin Lid

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Your Guide to Purchasing the Right Bin Lid

If you leave it for too long, garbage may start smelling, especially if you have any food items in the bin. A proper bin lid that fits your waste bin not only keeps the foul odours inside, but also prevents flies, pets, or children going into the garbage. You can learn about the different types of bin lids to replace yours if needed.

Swing Lid

The swing lid needs no lifting as it swings between the open and closed positions as you dispose of trash. For disposal, you need to push the garbage through the centre of the lid. It swings back into the closed position as you remove your hand.


Touch Lid

As the name implies, the touch lid opens as you press a button that opens the lid with a spring. In order to close the lid, you need to press it down. If your touch lid breaks, you could also try to repair it instead of buying a new one by simply replacing the catch latches.


Roll-Top Lid

The roll-top lid works in constricted places where a touch or lift-up lid has no space to life up. To open it, you slide it up. Most lids stay in place, allowing you to dispose of your garbage conveniently. When you finish, roll the lid back down.

Lift-Up Lid

The lift-up lid makes use of a simple mechanism. For waste disposal, you only need to lift the lid up. The lid stays up as you dispose of your waste and later you need to close it again. This way you can avoid any messy deposits on the lid while disposing of the waste. Generally, this type of lid, when open, provides you a large opening through which to throw the garbage away and is thus convenient.

Matching the Bin and Lid

Typically, your garbage bin works with a certain type of lid due to its shape and construction. However, you could try other types if you can find a lid that matches the dimensions of your bin, especially if the lid detaches and you can remove it. Replacing a hinged lid may be a bit more complicated when trying to find an exact match. In any case, measure your garbage bin before you start looking for a lid. For the most convenience, pick a lid that locks onto the base and can hold the plastic lining bag in place. In addition, the bins are round, rectangular, or in any other shape, so you should pick the lid accordingly. Remember that some types of lids, such as the touch lid, require lifting mechanisms and you should also ensure that you can attach this kind of mechanism to your bin.

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