Your Guide to Rattan Garden Furniture

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Your Guide to Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan furniture has long been a favourite amongst homeowners looking for outdoor furniture. The rattan style offers you very modern and chic outdoor furniture solutions. Getting to know all of the features and options associated with rattan outdoor furniture can help consumers make the right choice for their outdoor spaces.


Synthetic Rattan vs. Natural Rattan

Manufacturers make rattan furniture with either natural or synthetic rattan. Natural-rattan options can be very rare and valuable items, as they consist of various palm species from Asia and parts of Oceania. A significant downside to these pieces, however, is that they require a protective seal to preserve them in the long term, as they show wear quickly. Synthetic rattan, typically made from a resin, is much more durable and can be found in a more affordable price range. Generally speaking, genuine natural rattan furniture has a wooden frame, whereas synthetic rattan has an aluminium core. Colour options range from light beige and tan to the ever popular and very modern black rattan.


The Construction of Rattan Furniture

Manufacturers create rattan furniture frames by weaving the thin rattan fibres into a mesh pattern. This weaving technique affords manufacturers many creative possibilities, allowing them to easily create curvilinear shapes and squared-off, modern angles. Rattan stands up well to the environment and does not tend to warp or bend over time. Most rattan furniture chairs and other seating solutions utilise padded cushions on the seat, and in certain designs, as back supports.


Rattan Garden Dining and Table Sets

Furniture manufacturers often use rattan to create outdoor dining sets. Typically, the table base is rattan with a glass top. A small, round, cafe-style design to the table is common, as are cube sets, and sets often come with four chairs. There are also larger scale rattan dining sets available that mimic the size and layout of indoor dining room sets. These options might feature rattan ottomans as well as rattan dining chairs to create an eclectic and inviting look for an outdoor setting.


Rattan Garden Furniture Sofa Sets

As an alternative to creating an outdoor dining room or eating area, you can leverage rattan sofa sets to create an outdoor living room of sorts. Rattan outdoor seating can run the gamut from individual arm chairs to a large, L-shaped corner rattan sofa. There are also rattan coffee tables and side tables to consider, with glass-top constructions similar to rattan dining and cafe tables. A popular piece that appears in many sets or can serve as a standalone item is a rattan lounger, which can provide a great spot to relax in the sun on weekends. These loungers often feature a sun-friendly design similar to a pool lounging chair.

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