Your Guide to Scooter Parts for Vespa Piaggio and Mopeds on eBay

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Your Definitive Guide to Buying Scooter Parts for Vespa and Piaggio Mopeds on eBay

Not many people are aware that Vespa and Piaggio mopeds are made by the same manufacturer, Piaggio. The Vespa brand, however, is limited to making scooters and mopeds. Their mopeds, often looked upon as low-powered motorbikes, fall under the 50cc bracket, and come with complex parts, quite like motorbikes. As is the case with motorbikes and scooters, mopeds require periodical maintenance as well, which can involve replacing a part or more. In addition, some people look for new parts to customise their mopeds.

Finding replacement parts for mopeds, especially older models, was not very easy until some time ago, before the Internet changed how people shop. Now, with websites like eBay in place, looking for the same is quite easy, and a buyer can expect to find scooter parts for models like the LX 50 2T, the NRG 5, the Piaggio Ciao, and more. When purchasing scooter parts for their mopeds, buyers need to identify which parts they need and whether they are for the engine, the braking system, or even just accessories.

Engine Parts for Vespa and Piaggio Mopeds

Most moped models employ a drive chain system, in which the rear wheel of the moped is propelled by a connection to its source of power: the engine. The engine is made up of parts like crankshafts, pistons and piston rings,, cylinders and cylinder heads, fuel systems comprising of fuel and oil pumps, spark plugs, valves, carburetors, clutches, gears, and other transmission parts, most of which can be found through eBay. Before you go looking for any engine part, though, it is important that you identify just what you need in accordance with the problem your moped is facing.

What Could Be Wrong?

Mopeds are machines, and like all machines, irrespective of how well they are maintained, they require parts to be replaced from time to time. Among the most common problems linked with mopeds include spark plugs that do not work, dirty carburetors, and ignition point problems.

Spark Plugs

If your moped does not start, you should check if the spark plug is working, which can be done quite easily. The first thing you have to do is remove the spark plug from its slot and hold it against the cylinder's head. The next step is to pedal or kick whilst checking if you can see a spark between the spark plug and the cylinder head. If there is no spark, you should start by cleaning the spark plug, and if it still does not work, you may need a new spark plug, which is quite easily available on eBay. If the new spark plug fails to produce a spark, there may be a problem with the ignition system. Keeping a spare spark plug is always suggested, as this can help save considerable time during the diagnostic process.


A dirty or blocked carburetor can stop the flow of fuel to the engine, and checking the same can be done by removing the fuel lines that run in and out of the carburetor. First, undo the line going into the carburetor, and check if fuel is flowing. If there is no flow of fuel, the petcock may need cleaning or replacement. If fuel is flowing into the carburetor, but not out of it, the carburetor needs to be cleaned using a carburetor cleaner, and if it still does not work, buying a new one through eBay should do the trick.

Ignition Systems

Older Vespa and Piaggio moped models come with breaker points, which get dirty and wear with time. If your moped comes with breaker points, you can find them by looking through the flywheel's holes. Newer models come with Capacitor Discharge Ignition units, or CDI units,, and while these electronic ignition systems require little in the form of maintenance, they can malfunction and require replacement.

Other Problems

Some mopeds suffer on account of wiring problems, and in addition to broken, disconnected, and incorrectly connected wires, worn out wires can be a problem as well, in which case, you should think about replacing your moped's wiring system. Other problems that can require you to look for new parts on eBay include: a worn out or damaged muffler,, exhaust pipe, exhaust port, head gasket, air filter,, piston rings, and more.

Brakes for Vespa and Piaggio Mopeds

Both Vespa and Piaggio mopeds rely on using drum brakes, as well as disc brakes. The front wheel usually comes with disc brakes, and the rear wheel comes with drum brakes. With older versions, though, both wheels come with drum brakes.

Disc Brakes

Most modern mopeds have disc brakes,, at least for the front wheel, as is the case with Vespa and Piaggio mopeds. These brakes work by using brake pads to press the brake disc, or rotor, against the wheel in order to create friction, resulting in the wheel's slowing down or stopping.

Drum Brakes

Commonly used with the rear wheels of mopeds, drum brakes are typically larger than, and not as effective as, disc brakes, although they do serve their purpose when used with mopeds, given that these are relatively low-powered vehicles that do not reach high speeds. Drum brakes, it has been noticed, need to be replaced more often, and this is one of the primary reasons that disc brakes are preferred by a number of people.

Batteries for Vespa and Piaggio Mopeds

When it comes to moped batteries,, you have three basic types from which to choose, and the table below should serve as some indication when it comes to buying one through eBay.

Battery Type


Wet-cell or lead acid batteries

Least expensive

Require maintenance

Not sealed

Possibility of leakage

Absorbed glass mat or AGM batteries

More expensive

Require little maintenance

No possibility of leakage

Minimal self-discharge

Gel-cell batteries


No maintenance required

No spillage

Vespa and Piaggio moped batteries differ greatly in terms of their characteristics and price. Consider your budget and which features you require of a battery for your moped before purchasing.

Accessories for Vespa and Piaggio Mopeds

Although not quite a moped accessory, a number of moped owners tend to look for rust-proofing solutions, which are to protect parts like the cylinder, exhaust pipe, petcock, and even the spark plug from rust. Rear view mirrors are also commonly sought by moped owners on eBay, and these, in addition to serving a very basic purpose, also help riders customise their mopeds to some extent. A variety of horns are available to be used with most Vespa and Piaggio mopeds, which is something that can help personalise your moped as well. A variety of locking mechanisms are also made available for mopeds, and range from thin wires to thick chains, from simple lock and key variants, to those that have combination locks. Some other commonly sought accessories by moped riders include: helmets, gloves, goggles or sunglasses, cargo boxes, and moped covers..

Buying Scooter Parts for Vespa and Piaggio Mopeds on eBay

The good thing about shopping for scooter parts on eBay is that you receive a wide array of alternatives to browse through, primarily because eBay is home to a large number of sellers. As a result, you could be sitting in one corner of the UK and still have the option to search through offerings from sellers across the country.

When it comes to parts for Vespa and Piaggio mopeds, you can expect to find just about anything for which you are looking, which includes brake discs, brake pads,, transmission parts, fuel injection systems, piston kits and piston rings, starter motors, horns, lights, switches, CDI units, lights and indicators,, and more. A definite advantage is the fact that eBay gives you the ability to look for used Vespa and Piaggio parts. In addition to leading to some savings, this can also help you find parts for older models that are no longer made.

One aspect that requires your attention when shopping on eBay is the postage and packaging cost charged by different sellers, as this is known to vary. If you can find a local seller who offers free pickup or delivery, there is nothing like it.


Vespa and Piaggio mopeds have found takers since the time they were launched, and newer models like the LX 50 2T, Fly 50, and Liberty 50 still continue to sell at reasonable numbers. How well a moped is maintained, as with any other vehicle, determines how well it performs, although even if you look after your moped with great care, it can still require a replacement part now and again. Replacements could come in the form of new tyres, engine components, brakes, ignition points, lights, and so on.

Since there are scores of options to search through on eBay, coming by the part that you are looking for should not be difficult, although you should know which to choose and which to pass by. For example, if you are looking at replacing your moped's t y res and tubes,, it is best that you look for new ones and not those that have been used, and on the other hand, if you are looking for framework parts or fairings,, used ones can present some affordable alternatives.

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