Your Guide to Tetra Aquarium Species

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Your Guide to Tetra Aquarium Species

Gentle, peaceful fish perfect for an aquarium setting, tetra come in many types: 700 species, to be exact. The colourful tropical fish have signature rounded fins. When you are choosing a tetra species, pick several of the same species, even if you choose more than one school of different tetra to cohabitate. Pick the best tetra for your needs and buy aquarium supplies on eBay to nurture and display the fish.


Neon Tetra

The most popular type of tetra fish, the neon tetra, requires a 38-litre tank. The beautiful fish have fins of blue and red and seem to shimmer as they swim. The neon tetra fish do best if there are at least six of them which can form a school. When you fill your aquarium with neon tetra, give them spots to burrow and hide, such as plants or rocks. Neons eat high-quality food flakes or brine shrimp. The neon tetra fish are easy to care for, but keep them in a tank with fish of the same size for the best results.


Cardinal Tetra

Another common type of aquarium tetra species is the cardinal tetra. They have bodies that look striped with bold blue and red shades. The eye-catching fish are peaceful, and prefer a 38-litre tank to live in. Put many plants in a tank with cardinal tetra, because they like to swim among the leafy plants. Keep lights low in your tank for the cardinals, and feed them flakes or pellets. The cardinals do not get very big, so mix them with similar sized fish for a gentle aquarium experience.


Rummy Nose Tetra

The rummy nose tetra is easy to spot and makes a stunning addition to your tank. The silver fish with red faces add a striking look to an aquarium, and with black tails, create a beautiful vision swimming in the water. These gorgeous fish are gentle in nature and work well with fish of a similar temperament. Feed them flakes or shrimp, and put driftwood and plants in your tank with the fish.


Bleeding Heart Tetra

The tetra with a red spot on its chest has an interesting name. The bleeding heart tetra is otherwise a light shade of reddish silver, and the fish stand out as one of the sturdiest tetra available. Easy to care for, this tetra is a good option for people who have never had a tank before and are looking for fish that survive with little care. Fill a 76-litre tank with a school of these tetra fish, and pair them with other types of tetra for a colourful display.


Glowlight Tetra

Kids love the glowlight tetra and it is easy to see why. The see-through bodies of the fish seem to glow in the dark when the light reflects off them. They have a neon stripe along their bodies, and thrive when paired with other glowlights in a rock-filled tank.

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